Akira Tozawa vs. Samir Singh: WWE 205 Live, July 16, 2019



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    With The Brian Kendrick supporting him at ringside, Akira Tozawa faces Samir Singh - accompanied by his brother Sunil - in singles competition.
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    1. FisT Fatal

      This is super underrated

    2. Noah

      Nice opener; I sense another tag match playas.

    3. baby Maharaja

      I will always support the Singh Bros 👳‍♂️

    4. Gagan SiNgH Chhatwal

      Atleast these people are getting some match more than the modern day Maharaja

    5. LoLizam _Channel

      singh should deserve some punches...hell ya tozawa

    6. Altin Gaxherri

      WWE 205 Live 💜

    7. Ümit Yatan

      Singh Brothers is batter than mike kanellis

    8. عالم كره القدم ممتزجا بنا

      I am DE-newsR I offer sports and entertaining content. I invite you to subscribe to the channel and may God reward you with good😄😄

    9. さとりーぬ

      最近ばかたれスライディングキック使ってるから 最高やな

    10. King 2202

      Hideo Itami got tired of being irrelevant.....now he's in New Japan competing in the G1 Climax.....I'm sure if you hurry they'll save a spot for you too Akira.....just sayin'.

      1. King 2202

        Jaune D'œuf how ever you wanna spin it, lol. He's better off without them.

      2. Jaune D'œuf

        Or WWE got tired of him being always injured

    11. Amin M

      I really think that 205 should be canceled and all the roster needs to go to either SD or RAW

      1. Alan Becerra

        They should go to NXT.

      2. Andrew Raynes

        If they went to main roster the ONLY thing they would be doing is blindly chasing after R Truth and his title. And we have plenty of wasted talent doing that already

      3. minda lim

        and be buried? Hell nah

    12. Wolfie

      The Singh brothers gimmick is a disgrace to India

      1. revaholic

        They are Indo Canadians and they want to have fun, what’s the problem with that?

      2. baby Maharaja

        Doesn't matter how you feel. Are they comfortable portraying themselves as what you call a "disgrace"? Yes, so that's all that matters. They and Jinder are very entertaining to watch and wrestling gimmicks focused on nationalism are always going to trigger people.


        Jp Kibbler it's a long story Just Forget it


      Samir and Sunil Singh batter than jinder mahal

      1. baby Maharaja

        they would be nothing without the Maharaja. Do not disrespect the beast master. 👳‍♂️

    14. Vintage_ Vontae

      Follow me Vintage_vontae

    15. Vintage_ Vontae

      Where jinder

    16. Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

      Put Akira Tozawa back in the title picture. The HA chant>>>The Yes chant. Akira has that advantage over Daniel Bryan but not only that but he's also more entertaining than Bryan. Because he's more dimensional. He can be both funny and serious.

      1. Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

        @Emiliano Carbajal Well to each his own. Akira is more to my liking.

      2. Emiliano Carbajal

        Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 well Daniel Bryan isn’t supposed to be funny.Thats not his character.

      3. Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

        @Emiliano Carbajal I find myself more entertained in Akira's matches than Bryan's matches. Akira can make you laugh in the ring and tell a story in the ring. Bryan can tell a story. But he's not funny.

      4. Emiliano Carbajal

        Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 Akira is great and all but the yes chant is way better than his chant and Daniel Bryan is wayyy more entertaining

    17. Randy Orton

      I want to see Kushida vs Tozawa

    18. Jaime Garcia

      205 live never disappoints

    19. Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub

      They usually upload all the vids from Smackdown first but okay lol. Good to see Samir featured more often on 205 Live.

    20. Max

      Samir Singh:Irish Whips Akira Tozawa AKIRA Tozawa:I'ma bout to end this man's whole career

    21. Sunil Rathod

      Wrestling me india ka naam kharab mat karo re salo

    22. MuRK D’s Gameplay

      What happened to Jinder?

      1. BastardAL


      2. Rooney TV

        He had surgery on his knee.

    23. GHOST T.V.

      Patrick Star Vs Spongebob Squarepants In A One On One Match Who Y’all Got? 👇🏽

      1. mr. stealyobitch

        I dont see a Daniel Bryan vs Rowan match lol

      2. Timothy Torres


      3. Ghost Thief Funeral


    24. Igor180

      He wasn't able to hold Samir up😂🤣

    25. The Miz

      205 Live is AWESOME!

      1. KING JULIAN

        Too bad is gonna be canceled

    26. Kuartangle

      wtf!!! only 1 minutes for 205 live. it should at least 3 minutes and show the end of the match. damn wwe is going to kill 205 live.

      1. Gamer PB

        And the shows are 1 hour also

    27. Jada T

      This is a stupid match

    28. Cosmolore

      Kendrick needs to go back to SDL tbh or at least get back in a title run

    29. TECH BS

      Who is the best? Apollo Crews = like Andrade = comment Fast

      1. C4CTY

        Andrade a little bit better

      2. YEAH IGHT

        Apollo but why in the hell is this comment under a 205 video?😂

      3. Giuliano Galina Freitas

        Andrade is course

      4. Álvaro David

        El Idolo!!!

      5. CamperPlays


    30. Cosmic Jamari

      Good follow my ig Cosmic_jamari

    31. pippa and sissy


    32. ImNotToxicLol

      Anyone else hate the sighn bros?

      1. LoLizam _Channel


    33. Sanu Khan

      Apna India

    34. Nicholas the Dancer

      Woow I am first