Akon - Can't Say No (Official Video)



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    Official music video for Can't Say No performed by Akon
    Available now: fanlink.to/akonCantSayNo
    Copyright (C) 2019 AKONIK Label Group, LLC.
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    1. Lewis Muange

      Any quarentine folks here😖🙋👍

    2. Asmahane Der

      في سبابو akonعشقت لكحالش وتمنيت نتزوج بكحلوش بصح زوجت روجي وعينيه خضر ابيض خلاص بصح مزال نعشق الوان الشيكولا لكحاليش عشق لا ينتهي akon love you😍😍😍😍😍

    3. Wanderson de Sena ᨆ

      Akon é foda e ninguém pode dizer não :) 2020 alguém??

    4. Kulane 252

      Welcome back Akon, after 10 years we still hearing music.

    5. Leek Gatdiet

      My first favor artist from my childhood to adulthood thank you man

    6. Marcos Silva

      Grande Akon !!! The best! !

    7. smoothie clips

      de-news.net/online/video-FYb_dVk9bS4.html 🎶

    8. Hussein A

      This song reminds me of 2006 akon

    9. LorenzoM

      Why was this song taken off spotify?

    10. Ramesh Kole

      Realy cool AKON SIR 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    11. André Pontes

      I really like is the SMACK THAT. Guys old times, never forgotten.

    12. Tibchy91

      Did this just dissapear from Spotify? And WHY!? We want it back!

    13. Wallisson Viana

      Alguém na quarentena ouvindo esse som massa!? 🇧🇷

    14. Carlos Lourenço

      akon e demais,so musica da hora,kd vc mano

    15. Dj Flexx ke


    16. Nassrin Abbas

      Love this song akon my favourite singer

    17. Garang Nhial


    18. Lex S.

      I really want him and Don Toliver to collab

    19. francis sekiziyivu


    20. Aleksandra_ D

      Damn the vibe of this Song is so 2010

    21. ZAMI7R

      Akon - forever banging tunes, forever young 🔥

    22. Micah Powers

      Hopefully this leads to him making new stuff. Really miss his music. Too bad his newest CD is a Spanish one lol.

    23. Alassane Deh

      Oui vraimen c'est trés contente il et très beau

    24. Roberth Oliveira

      Depois da pandemia venha fazer show no Brasil

    25. SahanW949

      came from DDE vlog!

    26. Gh0stPreM

      who is from the beginning of 90's?

    27. Joseph Stephens

      I like the shirt akon wearing its 🔥

    28. mc wilbinho

      like para mano muito top akon muito legal a musica

    29. zayah Yodotomo

      It reminds me of the Legendary 🇯🇲 Wayne Wonder

    30. saleem mumo

      This guy made my childhood better by giving us FIRE tunes back in the days.....It's time I give you your flowers brother

    31. Real View

      How am I just hearing about this . Akon you are a legend of music, brings me back memories of listening to Lonely as a kid in 04 (not from the US). His new songs with Anuel AA and Becky G and Eminem are some of the best songs I've heard in the last 2 years. FIREEEEE

    32. Brian Plotts

      Damn he sampled wayne wonder

    33. Brad Philip Swain

      What a living legend!

    34. Santo 77

      Algum brasileiro de 2020

    35. Avinash Shetty

      U are my ten years tripping friend Akon I love you very much,😋

    36. LILTETO PGc Gang


    37. Southpaw 319

      Nice song, but that Wayne Wonder song no letting go was legit classic

    38. caique souza

      🇧🇷🇧🇷 amamos vc Akon ❤️

    39. Bodi Sparc

      He remembered his DE-news pass y'all now we got da Akon Flow!!!

    40. Anna Aleksandrovna

      Обычные коментарии :Akon легенда Остальные коментарии под всеми клипами Akona :он наконец-то вспомнил пароль от своего ютуб канала😁 Спасибо что хоть где то мне пригодился английский 😁

    41. Digitaki Kacibalavu

      de-news.net/online/video-h2k3msuZ3NI.html WHY AKON WHY?! 🤦🏽‍♂️

    42. Sammy Hamawi

      Akon ft daft punk

    43. srt v8 or 10

      Excellent keep up the good work I know I'm going to download this to my MP3

    44. Ramon Ferreira

      Algum brasileiro

    45. Ken_ Tafari

      Thats how you make a COMEBACK! 1 Love Akon for repping Africa!!!

    46. Talha Habib

      Love u senegali bro ❤

    47. Talha Habib

      But one thing i must say i also wanna listen him.reading or reciting naaaat too

    48. Talha Habib

      Im listening him since 2003 and i Hes my faborite singer.as i know he also.made many singers. He is so kind. I always dreamed to.meet him.but i guess i cant in this.life. i.always pray for him

    49. Talha Habib

      Nah akon not too much cux i always liked ur every si gle song im from.pakistan ur songs should be like u had . That suits u ❤ like dont mattr like sexy bitch .party animal.so blue. I wanna love u .etc

    50. The Shaolin Six

      this beat is like legendary in every genre

    51. kristian strycko

      we need old akon..(locked up)

    52. Shaniki Smith


    53. Trevaughn Johnson

      Akon can you please help me to promote my youtube channel because i am home not working and i need to pay my bills and feed my family. de-news.net/online/video-CxFmSjHfRtM.html

    54. Tu Pac

    55. claudine ishmael


    56. Préscilia Angone

      Le est cool

    57. Mark World

      This should be a hit!

    58. Subhajit Das

      Can't say no to my girl

    59. Vinicius Rodrigues dos Santos Santos

      Akon volto com tudo

    60. Dannylo Santos

      Melhor ❤️

    61. Umair Malik

      akon ❤️ whos listening in bed before sleep 😏

    62. MESS MASTI

      If you get caught do like this😂😅😆

    63. prabs j

      how happy can I be akon is back😊

    64. Ali Official UK

      Akon Is back with banger 🔥🔥🔥

    65. Brandon Hannans

      This some 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    66. Demms brown Bah Balde


    67. Subhajit Das

      Akon Dope 🎤🎶🎶

    68. Alisson Bruno

      Akon canta muito quem concorda deixa o link ❤✌💣

    69. hilda bugat

      Wow.. Nice song

    70. Schubert Dacosta

      Akon...... Feels like melody and nostalgic