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    Official music video for Can't Say No performed by Akon
    Available now: fanlink.to/akonCantSayNo
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    1. Octane Reaper

      I don't know what it is about Akon, I despise most R&B and Hip Hop music, but I've always loved his stuff. I never cared for the lyrics or the celebrity attachment with the genre. However, with Akon, I've always liked his music, even if his lyrics are similar to the majority of the spectrum, he has a nice and classic sound.

    2. Daniel de Jesús Peña ramirez

      Nice song/ old school uff 🔥🇩🇴👍

    3. Beautifull

      All these years Akon was building an even Bigger Empire , Came Back like I Never Left 😂💗💙💜🙏🏼💯💯

    4. gift tina

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    5. Benz Swag


    6. Malkit Dd

      He's back nigga 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    7. Zueira Da noite


    8. Apshan Habib

      Long Time dude.... !!!!

    9. Deilson Marques

      ele está de volta AKON

    10. keil festin

      Love Akon best artist listening since 2004

    11. EaT5HitT

      Akon has returned lol!

    12. becky beckison

      Can't say no i like it

    13. Yolynda Augustin


    14. anonymous De sp

      *_AKON IS BACK !_* ❤❤❤

    15. Delusive


    16. Morr Morr

      Welcome back legend 🤟

    17. siwane nlisi

      Big up to whoever reminded you that you have an account wit You Tube!! My all time legend!

    18. Fernanda Mascarenhas

      Esse cara canta muito mesmo até depois de mui tô tempo continua arrebemtando

    19. Zech Yule Wa GreenApple


    20. Shasha La

      What a dream come true : Akon in 2019 😍

    21. Rahat Zhumagaly

      Тоже ищешь русский коментарий

    22. la para papeleta

      Quien me apolla no Cuesta nada escucha esto de-news.net/online/video-haR0GOTlvo4.html

    23. That.gaull

      My song foo🤤🤤

    24. Jael fernando Coutinho madruga

      Akon eo cara sou do Brasil seu fan abraço meu brother

    25. Jennifer Allport

      Love this song my favorite song ever love this song akon by favorite forever he rock

    26. Souleymane Camara

      I fill this song

    27. wael apozhraa


    28. Kia Ash


    29. Moshood Abiola

      #1 in Africa as we speak. nice1 BRO

    30. asif shaikh

      Akon - IGHT I'MMA HEAD IN

    31. Dee Always

      Akon I know u looking....respond to me😁

    32. adam armbruster

      What color is his shirt?

    33. Lx s

      Tá a cara do MC Marcinho KK Canta demais

    34. Mc Joãozinho Gt

      Lenda 🇧🇷🌏

    35. DJ Blur

      has 100 unreleased songs Releases one sampling wayne wonder

    36. Jumge Pobdi

      Akon fan's hit a like


      The legend...ngoma kali sana

    38. Kamran Imrani

      👍😉 very good

    39. shaik karimulla

      akon is back

    40. Abo Ows - ramzi abusway

      Akon for ever

    41. Juliana Placido

      Depois de anos você voltou a cantar, esperei tanto por isso crl te amoooo meu negão 🙌♥️🤭

    42. Aderito Dos Anjos

      man Kon stil got it even on old school beat,i was waiting on him.

    43. TrevonASF YouTube

      Wow, this guy made my childhood musical

    44. Said Mohammed

      Akon watch u from na na na until here

    45. Ifeanyi Jerry

      I love you Akon √√√√√√√√

    46. Shawn Venum

      Big up yuhself Akon!!! Wicked sample from the Diwali riddim

    47. Ghulam Mustafa


    48. Fillomina Contesa

      Finally! Legend comeback

    49. Desmond Coleman

      Straight trash. Garage 🗑

    50. José Da Silva

      Mas esse E Africano ou e Americano?mas pela cor e sutaque de Ingles deve ser Africano. Eu Tambem sou Africano

    51. CaHen

      o Rei voltou br aqui ze

    52. chris tekoh

      this is our legend in Africa.... cant stop loving Akon....his dream in lightening Africa will one day be a reality that will safe the plannet AFRICA


      best of all akon !!!!1

    54. Frozen

      I just had sex

    55. Ahimana Adolphe

      Very nice song

    56. Kenna Tayeng

      I don't think 🤔 im the only one here . 👇 👇

    57. Josema Ramos

      Akon has returned to its origins. So yes, Akon. I love!

    58. Oumar ndiaye

      fière de vous notre très cher 👑👑

    59. Vayu Supersad

      U suck..nigga😠😠😠

    60. maha dick

      Akon is back bitch

    61. Mosa Abo Mayar

      I love you ♥️

    62. Alby Wamandalinho


    63. Shyam Suman

      Konvet returns

    64. Koly Koita

      C'est meilleur 💪💪

    65. Rj goated

      Bro this man a legend

    66. sumit kumar

      My one of the childhood favourite singer you are legend I love your voice and every song god bless you broo....😊😊🥰🥰

    67. Tim Del Negro

      Str8 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Hoping the album is like this too

    68. EAN-Fitness&Motivation

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    69. Liveguy

      I know he out saving parts of Africa but where's that new album!!? Lol

    70. Hamse Hamse

      Who listening October 2019