Aleister Black vs. Cesaro: SmackDown LIVE, July 16, 2019



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    The Swiss Cyborg crashed SmackDown LIVE and demanded a rematch with Aleister Black. Who emerged victorious from this hard-hitting battle?
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    1. DaForgottenGentleman

      Cesaro being toyed with is a big reason i have stopped watching wrestling... I mean look i understand how the business has turned promos sell(i guess)... But i mean his in ring performances has got to mean something

    2. Dakota Ortiz

      Aleister Black is so fine 😭😍😍

    3. Armani Porter

      Cesaro should of won 😒

    4. Rajeshwaran Paramasivam

      I guess Aleister black is the best opponent for Brock Lesnar😊

    5. JakeThe Gamer19

      I realized all of the superstars from my childhood are either gone or forced to job to new talent to get them over

    6. Daniel Ajith

      Future is black

    7. laith 4115

      Can We talk about the ref reaction when he did the black mass 😂😂😂

    8. Honest Fella

      alister black such a ninja guy⚔😂

    9. Harry

      They better push cesaro or black for a championship then create this rivalry again

    10. Bryson Sabun

      Cesaro picked a wrong Wrestler

    11. Bryson Sabun

      😂 😂 😂

    12. Jamar Williams

      Make them has a tag team

    13. Payton Wright

      I like how his mouthpiece flies out of his mouth and it says The Bar even tho Sheamus is nowhere to be found😂 btw where is Sheamus

    14. Rohit Rana


    15. Alfredo Marchetti

      Black is a monster

    16. CRY Bäby

      Look at people's faces *Shocked*

    17. GTS- MEGHNI

      Both are great wrestlers


      cesaro is one of the toughest athletes but he is not a world or universal championship material he can be a tag player though


      the bar dos'nt exist anymore so why is he wearing bracle of bar ???

    20. Klaas Huntelaar

      black mass is the coolest finish of all time

      1. Aleister Black

        and the most dangerous

    21. ManlyPelican

      Black Mass is a beautiful move however WWE's Camera work ruins it.

    22. Heart92a

      At least this is not going the "you get a win I get a win" path.

    23. Heart92a

      LMAO you can see Secaro removing his mouth piece before the hit.

    24. rickie

      When are they going to push Cesaro? And I saw that mouth piece coming out in advance lol. Still a good match

    25. Alex Hazenbiller

      If they would've given Cesaro a world title by now, I would be more happy about this victory.

    26. Kentray The Real Deal Brown

      I hope they give Aleister Black the Intercontinental Championship in the future.

    27. disturbed Nikki


    28. Sagnik Roy

      just imagine aliester rising to the top demolishing people over smackdown..highlighting him vs nakamura.. nd bray rising as well sweeping off raw superstars.. highlighting a feud with the demon fin ballor and just like gimmicks like the sting and the undertaker black and fiend finally meet for a feud ..

    29. Rashawn Fuller

      Poor Antonio

    30. Eternal Nytmare

      Both of them are amazing

    31. The Official Iceman

      These two put on a clinic!

    32. iiam CÀŁƏB

      We need new champions like Shemus, Cecero & black!

    33. Allan Bayasbas

      Aleister Black vs mustafa ali vs nakamura triple treat intercontenental championship @ summerslam

    34. Raphael Nahon

      yee yee.

    35. Gonzalo Toloza

      Awesome fight 🤘

    36. Ring thapa

      Wonderful alester kick

    37. Jeremy Steeves

      😂😄😂😀 his stupid face and eyes 1:28

    38. Joseph Joseph

      Alaister black should fight with pepo like brock lesner coz he's very danger

    39. Coolsauce

      Just give aleister the title already 😂

    40. Abi Arumugam

      aaaaaannnd please make this happen- Lashley vs Lesnar!!!! PLsssssss... and for god sake.. give the win to Lashley...

    41. Abi Arumugam

      Come on WWE.. Cesaro deserves a huge push.. he is a natural born main event charisma.. He can be as big as Kofi given the chance.. his in ring ability is beyond any other superstars.. and his promo skills has improved a lot.. give the man the chance he deserves.. and thank you for not breaking the New Day.. and i'm seeing the "we Champion" angle taking place with the tag team championship in their hands.. Awesome work..

    42. AmirZ

      Cesaro is so under rated

    43. Karen Cooper

      Anyone else think they have Cesaro dirty because he has amazing abilitys and very powerfulll

    44. Asaju Nnamani

      For some reason I think this Black is going to be a superstar that gets thing handed to him and other deserving talent will be burried in the process o I’m sorry that is WWE all together 🤬

    45. Steven Hermiston

      Here we go jobber Cesaro....AGAIN Thanks Vince. He needs to leave and go somewhere where his talent will be utilised better. 7 years in wwe and they have wasted most of his run there. Apart from his team with Sheamus.

    46. Abang Adek

      Cesaro is a such superstar. He rude with fans Dont you ever think you gonna take selfie with him. He such a poor guy

    47. Micah Bishop

      They should be top guys. Not kofi or brock... ppl like them Andrade Joe Balor drew but instead we get....kofi and brock... no one cares about them anymore and I never did at all. Kofi went from being a lower mid card to tag team champs. Then suddenly he is unbeatable and the champ.... so believable.

    48. b aqe

      cesaro should be at least a 3 time wwe champion by now 🤯🤬

    49. Ally Brooke FanBoy

      Black 🔥🔥🔥

    50. ChrisTheLazyGod


    51. βιβη Π.

      black is awesome

    52. J G


    53. V For Vagina

      Cesaro is such a wasted talent. I admit that Aleister is a good wrestler too, but come on.. Cesaro keep losing his matches, he's not even using those moves he used. He tried to pin after a basic big-boot kick. WTF? Only jobbers do that.

    54. Area51 Secret Agent

      Nice Finish 👍

    55. June Campbell

      I could watch this match all day

    56. dazzaburger

      If Cesaro went to AEW he would be a megastar why is he still here

    57. Aidan Weston

      Cesaro needs to bring out a slightly more vicious style of wrest or something to show that he’s world championship material to Vince/Bischoff. Maybe showing up in better clothing, attacking heel opponents, etc.

      1. K M

        They still wouldn't push him

    58. Daniel Oviatt

      End the wild card rule.


      Black​ Vs Wyatt

    60. Alex Valdez

      Lol he clearly spits out the mouth piece. But nice selling job by Cesaro.

    61. Les Carpio

      I love Cesaro. He doesn't get enough credit - he's a great wrestler!

    62. Biswaz official

      Randy Orton VS Aleistar Black for WWE championship. It would be match of the year Believe that👊👊

    63. Jahrhome Rimaha

      Aliester black kicks a bit too hard..

    64. Vibhuti Sharma

      I think now they are Pushing Cesaro His matches are getting better and better fingers crossed 🤐🤞

    65. Fred Gamer

      Damn, What a Match!!! 🔥🔥

    66. Dean Richards

      I'll gladly watch these two fight forever

    67. Ej Supersaiyan

      Bring back the team of ricochet and this man

    68. Duy Phan

      Remember the time Cesaro pinning Randy Orton when the latter was WWE World Heavyweight Champion? That was a time Cesaro was one mean baddass player. Now......😔😔😔🙁🙁🙁


      Those 2 got good chemistry

    70. Sami Bangash

      Wonderful match..💞❤