Ali congratulates Shinsuke Nakamura: SmackDown LIVE, July 16, 2019



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    While the new Intercontinental Champion readies himself to rain chaos on the whole universe, Ali arrives with good tidings for The King of Strong Style.
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    1. Joel Shashikumar

      Sorry I dont buy into Ali. But I wanna see Nakamura join the Club with AJ Styles and the Good Brothers. Now that will be a dominant faction that will rule both brands.

    2. bastiisalive

      Nakamura's old move was called "Boma Ye" now it is "Kinshasa" the word "Boma Ye" was coined in Kinshasa, Congo Muhammad Ali, was cheered "Ali Boma Ye" during his fight with George Foreman Nakamura is fighting Mustafa Ali HOW COME THERE IS NO *"ALI BOMA YE"* CHANT EVERYTIME NAKAMURA AND MUSTAFA FACE EACH OTHER???????

    3. soruty mata

      first clash in smackville!

    4. Jason Bing

      Lol all the smarks jerking off at the chaos line

    5. Shura Valentine

      suddenly there's a lot of googler here trying to find the meaning of chaos . copying and pasting it.

    6. Aldrin Fabon

      Why's mustafa congratulating Nakamura? He's a heel ain't he?

    7. Kyle Bayona

      Why Ali looks like prince ali oh I mean Aladdin

    8. Berto Murillo


    9. Mongolian kto

      Sami Zyan deserve to be the next IC Champion. Please make it happen.

    10. LmCT

      This is gonna be the same as his US championship run. Uneventful. He’s never on TV.

    11. Kari Gun

      Nakamura looks great with the IC title. I can imagine a GREAT match between him and Ali at Summerslam !

    12. βιβη Π.

      a match between ali and nakamura will be awesome

    13. John & Kai eliser

      Shinsuke you suck you suck

    14. keshav Ahuja

      Wwe has completely ruined this superstar😭😭😭

    15. S7S

      Ali 😍😉

    16. Moha GamesQ8

      0:01 when I hear my girlfriend talks to me about her friends

    17. Moha GamesQ8

      0:01 inner shinsuke: is someone eating Japan Sushi!?

    18. Moha GamesQ8

      0:01 when I try to cheat from my friend but the teacher is behind me

    19. Moha GamesQ8

      0:01 when I hear someone farts in the class

    20. mordz

      Kinshasa to Ali and he gets injured again put him back on 205

    21. HaBeFaStro

      Imagine... Nakamura has his own CHAOS faction in the WWE! Like Los Ingobernables de Japon, it would be NAKAMERICA CHAOS! Any suggestions for who would \should join this Faction?

    22. Shani King

      Ali grat

    23. EmpireBálor

      ”im free to rain down CHAOS on the whole universe Me: 😱😱😱Will it happen?!

    24. Noah Talley

      The second ever to hold the IWGP and WWE intercontinental belts. Next to Chris Jericho.

    25. F J X

      If they use nakamura to get Ali over I’d be really disappointed. Get Nakamura over first for god sake.

    26. OBIOHA BOY

      7,000th liker

    27. Saad Ahmedrj

      Ali vs nakamura I chosss ali wins and the new ic champion

    28. Hối Ủy Quyền

      Yes bring on the CHAOS into this company.

    29. Zuhair Safwan

      this match should not be on kickoff of summer slam

    30. Eternal Nytmare

      The Light vs Strongstyle

    31. Raphael Nahon

      Actually would be cool to see Ali team with face Bryan, but still with planet gimmick. One fighting against racism, one fighting against climate change.

    32. Tush Ar

      Ali vs Alexander IC title match in future 4 star match

    33. teddysphotos

      A Match Between These Two Could Steal The Show If Booked Right.

    34. Muhammad Salman

      Hit lik if you also think Shinsuke gestured as gay

    35. IzzytheKid712

      People keep mentioning CHAOS and the potential rivalry with Ali, but lets get to the realest of questions. Could Nakamura main event Wrestlemania with the intercontinental belt?

    36. Khabib UFC

      Ali 🔥🔥♥️

    37. Connor Love

      Summerslam Card Brock Lesnar VS Seth Rollins Becky Lynch VS Natalya Bayley VS Ember Moon Shinsuke Nakamura VS Ali Bray Wyatt VS Finn Bálor “Fiend VS Demon” The Undertaker VS Drew McIntyre The Iiconics VS Kabuki Warriors Kevin Owens VS Shane McMahon Drew Gulak VS ???

    38. IvanGames101

      I want Aj Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura fued.

    39. ginger fox

      Whats your issue with finn keeping a title for more than five seconds

    40. ysphanie womack

      My favorite wrestler is Shinsuke Nakamura 👍

    41. Faheem Ishaque

      Ali win


      I am waiting for Mustafa Ali new fight

    43. Wallayebilaye

      Rain chaos omg... Vince McMahon knows Okada

    44. el catrin

      The resurgence of Nakamura.

    45. Arsal Tv Arsal

      Your new next intercontinental champion Mustafa Ali 🙊🙊

    46. ShadowTweakz


    47. Laxdam YT

      Why is he high 24/7

    48. Kathy G

      Ali! The man IS a champion. Bring on this feud!

    49. BlackBerserkgasme

      Pretty weak pop for Ali, I thought he was super over?

    50. terminater raza

      You suck

    51. Aasif patthan

      Ali new ic champ coming 🔜

    52. MrTeanotCoffee

      clank gang

    53. D W

      Ali 💙

    54. misaki alone

      Finn is a better champion than Shinsuke i think 😭❤

    55. Sanan khanofficial

      mustafa ali ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    56. Tariq Hussain

      Proud to be pakistani

    57. Chillin Vibes

      Please put Nakamura vs Ali in SummerSlam card but not in kickoff PLEASSSEEEE.

    58. Abbas Abbas g

      Niac Ali

    59. The Guy Who Knows

      Nakamura's broken English is the best heel weapon in his arsenal

    60. C.Money 1976

      A new CHAOS faction?!! 😱😱😱

    61. KsThrowBackGoGo


    62. Josephine Flores

      Ali for a win shinsuke loses and leave wwe for good

    63. Alan Woller


    64. R Vasquez

      Nakamura always looks and seems drunk😂😂😂😂

    65. Hedgehog 47

      Ail Vs Nakamura For the IC title? I'm in who's also in?

    66. Ricardo Junior

      C H A O S

    67. Billy JC

      Nakamura, plz go back to New Japan. They need to let him speak more & without script. HE didnt SAY it, WWE SCRIPTED it. There is no new CHAOS coming. Vince wont allow that to happen assuming Heyman & Bischoff were infact hired to run the shows, & Im pretty sure it was just a fasad to spike ratings for awhile. KO vs Shane isnt Bischoff's work, that obviously Vince McMahons doing. He can think of anything origional, period. Spoiler alert: XFL 2.0 will fail...again. Vince will find a way to fk it up...again. LoL. RAW isnt extreme or hardcore at all in the most remote since. Bischoff has shown his face in WWE, but he COULD still be running things on SD, but severly limited. Same could go for Heyman on Raw. I think this scripted line abt CHAOS is nothing more but a tease & nothing will ever come from it, but hopefully a new CHAOS is formed in the WWE soon to become the new WWE version of a nWo 2.0. Hopefully The Bullet Club is reunited in WWE too. Hopefully that leads to a real brandsplit with CHAOS on SD & The Club on RAW or vise versa, & hopefully that leads to all out civil war in WWE, meaning that WWE "is back, & its btr then ever." I would then love to see a showdown between CHAOS & The Bullet Club at 'Mania, leading to an NXT invasion of the main roster either in the following wks of at the next PPV when NXT Takeover & The main roster PPV are in the same city & just days apt again. Having NXT invade ExtremeRules 2020 or 2021 would be ideal as it would gv fans the feel that the civil war in WWE is over & that the dust has begun to settle, with CHAOS & The Bullet Club war being over as Bullet Club begins to crumble & CHAOS is looking for new oppertunity. Too bad Im not running the show.

    68. ART 19

      I am on to it. Ali vs Nakamura

    69. zaid shaikh

      Ali is next champion

    70. Anwar Razali

      Sound like more joker