ALL ABOUT BROOKE: “The Brooke You Know Is Changing” - Dance Moms (Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime



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    Rewatch Brooke's journey into teenager-hood within the ALDC (as well as her other interests) in this Dance Moms flashback compilation. #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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    1. Lifetime

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      1. Unicorn702 Princess

        I don't like it its just that I feel bad all of them girls and boys

      2. z0mbiekillrr 69

        norrismingoo rude norris nuts fan would not do that so your are mean take that NOOB !

      3. Joyful Jade 💖🔒

        Pls make some more Dance mom stuff I have been binging it 🤣😂🤣😂

      4. シPeachy

        WHY ME 😂😭

      5. Richard Ficarrotta

        shrimpy the praw

    2. M C


    3. Raising Grandpa

      they are all so physically close to each other

    4. Clxudy Teddy

      Brooke:~cries ~. Abby : she acts like a 6 year old! Also Abby : cries when Maddie doesn’t place 1st

    5. Wahida Asadi

      I love Melissa for trying to turn the speaker off at 9:19 so Brooke and Paige wouldn’t hear what Abby was about to say to them

    6. Trinity's FashionTips

      Everyone knows what teenagers r like and i honestly dont think Brooke's doing anything wrong bc everyone needs a break once in a while, even though she devoted her life to dance

    7. Paisley Collett

      Aww when kinze kisses her was so cute

    8. Dulce Maria

      Brooke is iconic 💅🏼

    9. Jenniffer Quiroz

      It’s kinda emotional how Kelly said “the Brooke you know is now a teenager and is changing”

    10. Fire X

      Paige third-wheeling is me, my twin sister, and my best friend 0-0 it’s awkward

    11. Macaroni Noodles

      okay but brandon was shooting his shot and im here for it..

    12. Lily Vest

      When Mackenzie kisses Brooke awe

    13. Kalob playz

      I swear I'm a die if Brandon flirts with Brooke again lol

    14. Rat Bloxianz


    15. Rose Neziraj

      brooke is 22 years old today😱😱

    16. bad girl

      Brooke - "She's just to happy"

    17. Olivia Roberts

      Lol we just see Brooke in the back when someone is crying😂

    18. XxXxstrawberryii

      Brooke was playing hard to get 😌😂🤣

    19. •Arieilla x•

      Abby thinks that changing into teenager is bad. Every kid that turns into a teenager changes a bit. So Abby needs to calm down.

    20. LemonyLemonade

      ABBY JUST CALLED BROOKE LAZY BECAUSE HER BACK WAS HURTING! She works her BUTT OFF FOR ABBY, and she gets called LAZY?! She stays at dance for like 9 hours each day, and she’s “lazy”?🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

      1. r0blox

        this was filmed in like 2012 and 2011. honestly i miss these days

    21. HSN kids

      Brooke: hurts back really bad Abby: 😠 Kalani: back hurts Abby: yeah you shouldn't do the dance. Health is more important

    22. Manisha kc

      Brooke is my favourite one

    23. •Laylathegarbage• TnT

      Paige Paige WhAts yOur KIDS nAme

    24. •Laylathegarbage• TnT

      "are you sad that your no coming with us😭😟"nah I'm in a football gang😎"

    25. MrSquishyBitsUwU

      Welp Brandon = SIMP

    26. Man at the horse Club

      Did u all know that Kevin is actually younger than brooke. I thought he was like 2 years older than her... turns out he is one year younger than her...

    27. Kajsa Jahanshahi

      Abby through out the whole video playing match maker for Brooke 🙄

    28. Kajsa Jahanshahi

      Seriously Brandon was just quietly rejected by a quiet funny teen.

    29. Anna Casavant

      Kelly: I’m proud of her UNDER SURCUM STANDS

    30. GachaAnimeChibi FANyal

      Years later abbugets cancer and sees the pain she caused to the kids she can't breath without feeling pain and you expect her to do a solo with s perfect smile and elegant moves but I am glad that Abby's better and back on her feet teaching

    31. Anthony Mobley

      Abbey you need to be nice and you 👩🏻‍💻🖕🏻

    32. Glitterymess XOXO

      I’m confused about when Brooke answered the door and Paige was with them. Maybe I missed something if I did please tell me

    33. Rain Haytham

      Paige:I’m always there Me:So she’s basically the third wheel😂

    34. Laje Benjamin

      Abby swears nobody’s physical pain is important and still makes them she’s in a wheelchair...

    35. Laje Benjamin

      Abby was the worst in the beginning seasons...

    36. Laje Benjamin

      Brooke is a holly Stan!!☺️

    37. Eryka Knight

      am i like the only one that died from cuteness when mackenzie kissed brooke on the cheek

    38. Kate Weesh

      Brooke is one of my favorites and the edits of her is so funny like Ryxn and laughcable and dancemomsxoxo they’re really good too but they are a smaller channel than Ryxn and laughcable but they are really funny you guys should go watch them dancemomsxoxo funny dance moms edits 😂😂

    39. Aaminah Chhadat

      Abby is so fat

    40. Gracie Jones

      Abby is very mean when Brooke’s back started hurting she didn’t care and was mad

    41. lifeofturkey

      why we never got to meet the senior squad 😭 ?

    42. Grace Kilcoyne

      Brooke is not really famous or like well known eny more but they still use her in like loads off vids

    43. Nadege-Lys Kirana

      Man: how is dancing with your sister? Brooke: it’s rather annoying Man: really Me: duh

    44. Avion Hay

      brooke should've been moved to the teenager permanently. that was the best i seen her dance. When somethings more challenging its more fun

    45. a f z a l

      -she gets rather annoying- 👁👄👁

    46. Leonie Hickman

      Abby you are one thing in the back literally you hate hate Page

    47. Lucy Vanbuskirk

      I feel like Brooke was always so misunderstood, they always just show her as a grumpy teenager but it seemed like all she wants to do is have fun and be a normal kid

    48. Teagan Mozleyÿ

      0:18 Paige sitting there like she’s being hypnotized to quite dance...

    49. Juulle Lucrew08

      Brooke: No i‘m going to a football game Mackenzie:🧿👄🧿

    50. Keira K

      It’s mad to think that Kenzie is now 16

    51. Sem4ø

      11:49 13yo on a date with what 17-19yo what a joke what a joke

    52. J F

      Why didn’t Brooke stay with the seniors ?

      1. yunnoitwas shorty

        Bc she was uncomfortable and kelly wanted her to be with her original team point blank period

    53. Karin Quinones

      The end was the best!

    54. Cassy C Brown

      I'm sorry but cholera brook and Paige could be sisters

    55. anabelleb99

      Sounds like to me Brooke just whated to be a normal teenager cheerleading hanging out with friends the mall and she was older than all the other girls so she had a dance with pretty young kids I feel bad for her

    56. Menna El Zawahry

      The face melissa did when abby said that she doesn't want brooke and pagie shows that she is real person but somehow they edit so it makes her bad

    57. happy.edits2

      tbh anyone who gets to go on a date with brooke is lucky af

    58. Mxtch • laxney

      Brooke is like the oldest out of the group, that’s y she drinks alot

    59. iiCloudyocean

      Literally when Brooke said her sister gets rather annoying in dance... XD I get it my sister sometimes gets annoying but it was funny lol

    60. -leafy_elfgreens-

      I thought this was a tv show about Brooke =^=

    61. Tinny Can

      If she doesn't want to do dance she doesn't have too.(I know this was a while ago but still it's her choice not her mom's or abby's choice

    62. The UnBoxed Channel

      I don’t like brooke

    63. Abbie Bedford


    64. Langli

      when Brooke said I don't wanna go it sounded like Kelly awww

    65. The dark Gamer girl

      Brook is a good dancer I think she should just dance like Paige does :3

    66. Sitics

      I love when brook had a i’ll pop in her mouth when she had to go to the competition

    67. astrid frempong

      u guys look all nice :)

    68. aluxaax

      Paige: “im always there.”

    69. Megan Welsh


    70. NIamh Smith

      Paige and chloe hugging: Brooke: *spinny*