Among Us but it's EarthBound

Red Mist

Red Mist

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    The Impostor Attacks!
    Thanks For Watching :)
    Undertale Among Us:
    IT Among Us:
    Text Box Generator:
    Onett Theme:
    Vs. Starman Junior:
    A Bad Dream:
    Battle Swirl:
    Battle Background:
    Among Us Kill:
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    1. Red Mist

      Out of all my memes I never expected this one to reach 1 Million views but I'm glad it did. Thank You Guys :) Ps: I think imma make an undertale among us so stay tuned👀 Edit: No idea how or why this has 2 million views but ty❤️ Also I made the Undertale Among Us and it's on my channel rn. Check it out :) Edit 2: 5 Mill😳😳😳If you're reading this and aren't subbed what are you doing Instagram: @redmist.mp4

      1. Тим Бойко

        Ьвлклулуш??? Лплпоклул!!! Алдкокдковт😲

      2. Тим Бойко


      3. Nawfal Imran

        Henry stickmin?

      4. Jane Jenks

        Oh my god 🙏🤣😮 regards for Sri up s Jsjsi

      5. Jane Jenks

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    2. Silvana Assis

      Adora vou dar 1000mil reais

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    5. Brandon Messina

      Soo s sad

    6. Treasonous Pigeon Peckers

      Good memories

    7. Elia Morelos

      Among us but its "mother"

    8. Paula


    9. Sixten_k2

      ???? What's this? An actually well made and funny among us meme? In the youtube stories? Is that even allowed?

    10. Rey Vasquez

      this this is gud

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    13. Zinc Ion boi

      what’s the song where the person is choosing to attack

    14. Elia Lotfi

      داداش چطوری درست کردی اینو

    15. Cervee


    16. Тим Бойко


    17. Тим Бойко


    18. Treklife53

      That was cool if you ask me

    19. Garaga Gaming

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      Amei amei ,Nice,nice

    22. Cashman Drummer

      Jesus loves you!!

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    24. Jane Jenks

      Flew know what you think 🙂 jdnxkxjzn

    25. Jane Jenks

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    26. Jane Jenks

      Who sjz the best

    27. Jane Jenks

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    28. bombomos

      OMFG I never realized the animations for the walk are similar ahhaha

    29. Cora sloth!

      Wow this is amazing-

    30. กอบชัย โพธิ์ไชย


    31. Nur Haziqah


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    33. Adek Kopex

      Lol henry stickmin, lmao

    34. Nintend_Fan64

      Should have saved up on those Burgers

    35. SonicTC

      Hope you get 100k in this year.

      1. Red Mist

        Thanks man. I hope I do too :D

    36. Mellysa Anne


    37. Ellie Baby

      I thought i was the only one who knew this game lol

    38. Fishy4low

      Where’s Lucas. They both live in the same world.

    39. Enigma GTFY

      Did u get ur yt name from kick-ass?

      1. Red Mist

        nah i got it from a spongebob creepy pasta

    40. Bomb Om 10EZ

      Your head was handed to you except he doesn’t have a head

      1. Jane Jenks


    41. lilith 671

      Lol it's so funny

    42. Marla Rhodes

      Let me play to

    43. SamPlaysGames

      “Got hurt and collapsed” I think I would define it as *“Chopped in half”*

    44. ACE Mesa

      This might change the whole game

    45. That crazy Fox

      Well at least your not stuck on the temple guardian

    46. Alph.s

      looking back at the comments in this video, majority of people that commented here said it looks like undertale or pokemon, this shows how undertale is obscuring earthbound's existence, fair enough for a cult classic but you're almost had it, it feels like you're opening a path from turning it from a cult classic into a well known game, you just need to show more of earthbound, i know this was a parody of Among Us but if more people like you knowing it, it will grow in popularity

    47. Shredded Cringe

      I like it

    48. Norma Lezama

      Eso que tiene de chiste SOS voz cara de culi

    49. Little Potat :D

      ......... for some reason I’m getting Undertale vibes.....

    50. Cosmic Times

      Its only cause you had 15 pp

    51. احمد ر


    52. Xbox Nolio

      I’m twisty

    53. CrAzE Volt

      Among Us for the game boy

    54. Ventas Porcelana Jeis Iriarte

      W F T no entendi🤔🤔🤔

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    56. Cristy Barker


    57. Ren'sGamingStudio

      I like it's kinda similar to undertale

      1. Alph.s

        it's inspired by earthbound

    58. Philippine ball

      Nobody: Lit nobody: Me:*why am I hearing sculpture noises and cracks?* Me:*ded*

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    60. Mary Oliveira


    61. MarrSooSlick

      Ness can be red. Ness can be blue.

    62. Samantha Arroyo


    63. john Tamer

      This is amazing 🤩

    64. Jordan Smith

      What that music

      1. Red Mist

        music in description

    65. Sandra Arredondo

      Omg I hate it

    66. Marco Lara

      I love earthbound

    67. Febrina kd

      Biru si impostor

    68. PJ blind bags

      I love this sm I can’t stop watching 🤭

    69. Fernando Del Rosario

      Is sad🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😭😭💔💔💔💔💔😭💔💔😭💔😭💔💔💔😭💔💔💔😭😭💔💔😭💔