Among Us Science - When Does Lying Go Too Far? ft. TheAmaazing

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Life Noggin

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    Gaslighting in Among Us? Probably okay. Gaslighting in a real relationship. Not so much!
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    Written by Ashleen Knutsen


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    1. Life Noggin

      Thank you to Maaz for helping me out with this video and not murdering all of the crewmates! Really cool of him! Check out his channel:

      1. Nanda Dhimal

        3:28 *Blocko was Not The Impostor*

      2. أنفاسُ الوَرد

        Good blocko

      3. Gabriella Murillo

        I do not want to answer your question at the end of the video believe me I lied very often

      4. YEEST

        Help I lie to much

    2. Diamond Gamer

      What I'm saying is a lie

    3. Carson Edwards

      I never lied (that’s a lie)

    4. Hamtrak_p42dc Amtrak

      Blue a bit sus

    5. Enforcer14

      Blocko do be kinda sus ngl

    6. BlueMemeZ

      triangle bob sus

    7. Sans

      Guys it blue. He killed right in front of me. Trust me it’s blue

    8. Dustin Spradlin

      Little cringe but it's okay to lie in among us if your imposter to to not get caught

    9. darkest one

      I have manipulated many ppl in among us

    10. Legendary Rabbit

      i don’t lie at all! in fact, i don’t think i’ve even lied once. definitely not!

    11. Roberto Garcia

      Imposters are aliens

    12. endy game's

      #life noggin

    13. local weeb

      "How many times have you lied?" *Yes*

    14. Illuminos


    15. Zharkhan Tulawie

      *How often do you lie?* *Every time.* *Thats a lie.* *Yes.*

    16. Spy Tank

      Among us

    17. Elijah - Gamings & More

      Stop saying this sus joke! I hate it

    18. Spook Skeley

      I only lie in among us ;) im totally NOT lying i dont know wut u mean

    19. Gail Mattey

      Me:loves math me again:IS A PRO AT AMOUNG USSS

    20. Mazin Arshin


    21. The Storm BC

      Guys what is twisted shark becouse it was random and had 10 million likes on that vid and 100 million views and I don't know why I didn't know them. Well and there's another video that has 10 million likes and 300 million views AGAIN RIGHT NEXT TO THAT CRISK THING AND ANOTHER VIDEO THAT HAS 100 MILLION AND LIKES LIKE MY RECOMMENDATION IS INSANE! BLOCKO HELP ME!!!! AND THERE'S ANOTHER VIDEO WHICH IS CALLED SANS VS FRISK AND THAT HAS *40 million views* and that was the only video that wasn't insane in my recommendation so if you see my recommendation, call yourself lucky!

    22. Joe Rosario

      I dont lie as much as I used to when I was younger I will mostly lie when need to not hurt other feelings or make them mad at me .-.

    23. Meurikis Chatman

      May I ask as to if I am the only individual who was reminded of and hoping for some reference to the "Why You Always Lying?" Vine?

    24. Noah LeBlanc

      I lied three days ago

    25. Glitched Amiayah

      I’m A Really Really Really Really Really Good Lyer

    26. Lily Hopkinson

      I mean.. I think I lie maybe twice a week or maybe 3 times in a couple days. .,.

    27. Wee Woo

      Believe me I’m always lieing

    28. Corbin Dethloff

      I dont lie in real life bit in amonge


      I do not know how much i lie because i lie to myself too so i do not slip up on it so i do no know

    30. Mr Woofles

      Everybody has made an among us video by now...

    31. Alexandria Knudtson

      Yay it’s Maz!

    32. Yisenia Martinez

      I haven't watched you vids in million,s of years

    33. symeon pe

      The best victory to accomplish in among us in my opinion is: Being the Impostor and winning without lying a single time

    34. kpopkrack head7

      As a person who has been gas lighted in a relationship/friendship, don’t do it to someone because it truly does mess up a person mind

    35. Michaih Ricketts

      Lying is also a sin

      1. Michaih Ricketts

        God commands us not to lie (In the 10 commandments

    36. Michaih Ricketts

      Lying is also a sin

    37. Elias Reed

      We got a liar Among Us

    38. Fortress Destroyer


    39. New Justice

      Bro i dont know man Maaz is kinda sus

    40. SanderWong

      Among Us has made me so good at lying that I'm starting to get worried about myself

    41. Luigi Wong

      End of video... Blocko:Consider subscribing Me:Whaa?I can’t hear you there’s no sound spreading source :P Btw I subscribed

    42. Meme Channel

      Blocko was the imposter 1 imposter remains

    43. Elemu

      90% of what i say is a lie... or was that a lie? I don't know, or do I...

    44. Logan Gilley

      Blacko was maybe the imposter

    45. Amanda Hitt

      No no orange sus

    46. Amanda Hitt

      Red sus

    47. jay R Kos

      Oh hi maaz

    48. Gray Forscher

      I know I am one month late but I don't lie if I know I don't gain anything from it

    49. Gluskyl

      My friend bomber001 says I lie all the time and my tricks on him are pathetic lol

    50. Daffa The Creamyx

      among maaz

    51. XxLazyChocolatexX -.-

      How come every among us video the first comment is now this person sus-

    52. Pogs tots

      this was posted on my birthday

    53. Rhonda Patrick

      #dearblocko What if Algodoo was a multiplayer game?

    54. Abhinav Singhwal


    55. Adrian tegenfeldt

      I had a ''friend'' that lied to me way too much, so i hate him.

    56. Dorin 2011

      Ngl blue kinda sus.

    57. The Goodguy

      among us

    58. destiny shadow

      Im sooo good at among us!

    59. Wigi

      yeah I lie a lot...

    60. Sally Henderson

      Among us I I’m op real life one lie all my life

    61. MatthewPlays_YT


    62. Maxxy T

      when does undertale not show real life? AT THE START A TALKING FLOWER

    63. The nighmare rabbit Fonzo

      I saw blue kill red and I saw bloko scan

    64. lillinguini74


    65. lillinguini74

      Blue sus

    66. Oof Ya

      Kinda sus dude

    67. Player!

      Life Noggin Kinda Sus

    68. Zeph Kean Montero

      Great space suit

    69. Zeph Kean Montero

      Mass is sus he acting sus tho