Among Us Speedrun World Record



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    This is the greatest among us speedrun of All Time

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    1. Rocket Jumper

      i wish i had friends to play among us with :)

    2. Hand Soap

      Noooo charlie has a line across his forehead, they cut him open like a jack o' lantern!!! 14:01

    3. Esma Akyuz

      you should play with the callmekevin guy, you are missing the real fun

    4. Kamrul Ahsan


    5. John Smith

      Bro first game corpse fucking went in admin and disappeared how did you not notice that

    6. John Doe

      This guy is so sad inside it's painful to watch

    7. Zinx Builds

      I’ve once started a game and nobody moves yet and we won so I think I hold the world recordd

    8. Venr Vals

      Pewds and Roomie were being quite the dumbasses believing Dave was innocent xD I can’t believe when shit like that happens.

    9. Venr Vals

      I was si excited to see Charlie and Corpse impostoring together, I can’t believe the server crashed on them.

    10. i like to get R whooshed

      Hm, an Among us Speedrun sounds interesting..

    11. Frank the Tank

      Felix forgot to vote so hard that he obliterated everyone's mics

    12. anthonypapai

      If charlie and pewdiepie met 5 years ago there would be so many collabs, probs would have started a yt "house"

    13. dang 2543

      Nogla and Pewds have 1 thing in common: they both love making random accusations

    14. Johnk Sluvv

      That’s huge

    15. Zack Bobby

      You need to be worried about anybody who is THIS good at Imposter...

    16. Michael Lawrence

      Wow, I didn't realize Charlie played with such big DE-newsrs. No offense just didn't realize.

    17. OOF

      I'm surprised he didn't notice corpse just disappear from admin

    18. Kolonel Yellow Sock

      Sean: ""THATS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!" **revs engine**

    19. Hugo

      corpse : "logic and facts" hehe... they playin up like toxic men hehe.. alpharad is a bit of an assertive dick while playing this.. hehe lol

    20. Zach Grason

      Men cried when roomie broke the tryangle of trust

    21. Ԃαɾƙʋҽყ ƙαιʂҽɾ

      𝙷𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚎𝚛𝚜: ?? 𝚂𝚙𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚛𝚞𝚗?? 𝙸'𝚖 𝚜𝚙𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚕𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 5 𝚜𝚎𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚍 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚍𝚎𝚊𝚍

    22. Tony Basterrechea

      Who weren't you just honest about the tasks. You should have said, "you're right i thought most were done but forgot we increased the tasks so i am in fact not mostly through them and seen that right after the meeting, and knew i was wrong and you were going to question that. So yes my mistake. If we still had old tasks i be almost done. Cus i count how many i do and know there is normally only like 5." Worth a shot

    23. 初音ミク

      in the end Dave don't broke triangle of trust so he win in my book

    24. Tony Basterrechea

      So using the vents is sketchy or genius. At 2:09 they kill and cams pick up Charlie running from the body but Ken vented so the camera couldnt see him. But, if someone was on cams sooner they would have seen Ken go into Nav but then pop up somewhere else and never leave. So "its a bold strategy cotton, lets see if it pays off:

    25. T ugh II J

      My record was half a second

    26. Josue Esparza

      By far the best group yet

    27. CYBER PUNK

      Me and a random got a speed run by accident we just hit like 3 doubles kills and won I think it took like 3 minutes or less idk

    28. Aryan Raj

      If you want to be happy, listen to Keanu Christ's manly laugh on repeat. Timestamp: 2:09

    29. Pete Lorenzo

      sports are gay af

    30. asdx

      17:30 charlie's face was so adorable when he said "YOU BROKE THE TRIANGLE"

    31. PR05

      The triangle of trust fucking ruinned a good round of uncertainty and good youtube content

    32. Falxie_

      I swear Dani is the verified Justin Y

    33. BoiMeme

      Nah, theres a way to win without even loading in

    34. Bryce Shum420

      I've been watching Charly since he was making voiceovers

    35. donkey

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    36. NEO x


    37. Mahad Mughal

      Greaseball and Corpse Name a better imposter duo I will wait

    38. The Worst Commentator

      One of the lobbies I was in lasted under 10 seconds

    39. lmaosqueak

      holy fuck im tearing up this shit is so hilarious, SPEEDRUN

    40. YT FlexFishyy

      Go to my profile look real record

    41. YT FlexFishyy

      Go to my profile look real record

    42. YT FlexFishyy

      Go to my profile look real record

    43. Trash Man

      cant believe im watching jesus play among us 😳

    44. rain

      9:00 😂😭

    45. ImaSneakySnek gamin

      Is it just me or does Charlie look like fuckin jesus

    46. Manuel Ruiz


    47. ok stop

      The only reason I'm here is cuz of jack

    48. Fret N


    49. Nikki Rivas

      I rewatch charlie's among us videos like every three days it's like a comfort thing at this point

    50. Madara Otaku

      A brazilian player made 0.0 sec.

    51. Hencophony

      "so it was cor-" "SPEEDRUN!!!"

    52. Tea & Clickbait

      This video cured my ebola.

    53. Gaber Mania

      a brazilian get 0.0

    54. Zaalsikar

      I’m still curious how Corpse Husband of all the creepypasta narrators made it into the inner circle of DE-news gamer bros.

      1. Kyo Saito

        yeah Corspe is Dave's friend and when pewds first streamed Among Us and they needed people, corpse was invited by Dave and i guess that's where it all began??

      2. Cian

        @Playandgrow Tv stan simp

      3. John Francis

        He's friends w/ ppl like Dave and Jack afaik

      4. Shrek

        Bc he has a great personality behind that voice plus he likes everyone

      5. Playandgrow Tv

        @ATLAS SEVEN a bunch of raps..w other horror narrators like foot lettuce guy

    55. Nathan Holm

      Oohoohohogogogog me thank rock God for give kidneystone🙌

    56. Decent Doodler

      Speedrun had just changed to triangle of trust

    57. Fernando Couto Haagensen

      The among Us world record is 0.0 seconds.

    58. Maar Lok


    59. Communist Comrade

      They played us like a damn fiddle!!!!

    60. Spooky Mgee

      charlie and corpse wouldve been god tier imposter team they had to shut the game down before it even started because of how unfair it was to everyone else

    61. Tay Bandoo

      Among us is bringing so many different types of people together

    62. T Kitoaka

      Triangle of trust is too strong of a strategy

    63. Aly San

      12:03 Corpse and Charlie bromance I ship🖤

    64. Tea & Clickbait

      I totally don't make clickbait videos.

    65. Pranoy Kumar

      they're bullying william

    66. oren revenge

      >speed run record >video is 26 min long

    67. Remix Anything

      I love it when Charlie giggles when he kills and at 2:08 when his partner comes out of the vent

    68. Speedy Speeder

      Pewdiepie with his speed runs always gets me chuckling but when everyone just goes with it I start cackling

    69. alexander almeida


    70. Mabbel 999