Andy Mineo, Lecrae - Coming In Hot (Official Music Video)

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    Lecrae and Andy Mineo team up with The Kinjaz for the official Coming In Hot Music Video! Join Andy and Lecrae right here for a live chat with them during the premiere THIS Friday, Sept. 13 at 2pm EST.
    Set a reminder to be the first to tune in Friday and chat with Andy and Lecrae!
    Directed by Antonio Santos
    Produced by Patrick Scheufler & Kris Rey-Talley
    Director of Photography - Sam Wootton
    Production Design by Evan Schafer
    Edited by Louis Palacios & Antonio Santos
    Choreography: Vinh Nguyen
    Assistant Choreography: Anthony Lee, Bam Martin
    Convicts “Kinjaz”:
    - Carlo Darang
    - Jawn Ha
    - Benjamin Chung
    - Chad Mayate
    - Vinh Nguyen
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    1. Reach Records

      The Official Music Video for Coming In Hot! Comment thoughts down below! Buy/Stream Coming In Hot:


        candythechristian I was just talking to LECRAE on his youtube then he stopped messaging me smh

      2. candythechristian

        @KINGDOM MINDSET Thank you God bless you. #TeamJesus


        candythechristian I just subscribed to your page


        candythechristian 🙏🏾 AMEN Me and a Few Brothers really Gospel RAP we finna drop some stuff soon ITS GONE SHOW WHAT GOSPEL RAPPERS REALLY SOLD OUT FOR GOD AND REACHING THE SHEEP AND WHO NOT. GOD BLESS YOU and your FAMILY SIS

      5. candythechristian

        @KINGDOM MINDSET amen! The lukewarm will not inherit the kingdom of heaven! Repent for the time is near. #TeamJesus

    2. Lawrence Desiree Gomez Peters


    3. Truemuz1c instagram truemz1c

      This is horrible Christian music? Man horrible lyrically !!!! 🙇🏽man please pray before you write your next song

    4. TheGr8Hambino

      Came here from Derek Carr post RN4L

    5. Ava Morales

      Donghyuk of iKON brought me here. He made a dance cover of this

    6. Deangelo Thompson

      Did you know covid 19 was about to happen yall already had yall mask ready

    7. Bobbie Ann Hunter

      I smell dead bodies and rosie serpent diseases breath!

    8. Bobbie Ann Hunter

      I am tired of Mandy trying to be cool through everyone! He is criminal and sick and spreading diseases. It's against the law.

    9. Bobbie Ann Hunter

      I hate how Mandy feeds.


      1 nephi chapter 20. BOOK OF MORMON 22 And notwithstanding he hath done all this, and greater also, there is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked

    11. Madi Demha

      Here After see Luhan in chuang

    12. infiniteby3

      "I'm backed up like the 405 on carpocalypse" 😂😂

    13. Aubrianne Demasco

      Made a Lil dance vid to this song, check it 👹

    14. ProdigyR

      Big Ben's return brought me here. This is fire! 🔥🔥🔥

    15. Ezekiel Cook

      Ilove you guys I want to meet you in person

    16. Danailourdes Louis

      "They got the iron while I got the steamer... We can't lose, we can't stop..Wake 'em up! Wake 'em up!"🤣🤣🤣. I love it boy!

    17. Danailourdes Louis

      "Sak Pase"... "they want my Soul"..🤑😜. Preach boy... Fear not for I'M with you! Says the Lord Almighty.

    18. Jeff hufana

      Who's here when the Steelers dropped the hype video

    19. Nicolás Cárdenas

      Tan chévere ese ritmo y sonido me encanta deja tu reportaje si te gusta

    20. Oni

      Is it me or do we hear 🇭🇹"sak pase"🇭🇹 at 1:00 lol 😂

      1. JulienTremblay

        @Oni Shama Joseph “Sak Pase” (pronounced Sack Pa-seh) is a Haitian producer. He produced the song.

      2. Oni

        @JulienTremblay lol nice I was not expecting that one. I'm wondering why though.

      3. JulienTremblay

        yup...he did

    21. Mike Hunt

      Who’s here after Big Ben

      1. knight9831

        Heessss baaaaaaccck

    22. Top Billa

      Ahead of there time with the FACEMASK lol

    23. kai

      The ONLY reason God's give born again Christians influence which by the way has a Time bc to preach the gospel-the Truth uncontaminated uncompromising unadulterated TRUTH! THE KING IS COMN SSONER THAN YOU THINK🤔

    24. worlds end

      Lebron James player coming in Hot

    25. Roman Lee

      Who is coming for LUHAN?????

      1. jadoresephora roi


    26. Dawn Terrell

      I love how these guys can just mess around then make a music video out of it!!! :)

    27. Isaiah Featherstone

      Are those the Kinjaz in the back?

    28. Lucas Kropp

      It amazes how such an amazingly put together music video can only have 1 million views

    29. Marketing and Creative

      The world needs a buddy cop movie with Andy Mineo and Lecrae. Am I wrong?

    30. ubaldo myers

      You know I ain't got to tell you but you off the Richter scale got skills like that

    31. julio frerez


    32. Barely Shaman

      Dope song! Also, The Third Ernest put me onto you.

    33. Reinson Kibisu

      This song turnt

    34. Big LunchBox

      "They want my soul better go to Korea" BARS

    35. Kamil Rivera

      those mask are use full now

    36. magnafire1

      Never heard a sicker echo than when Lecrae says Yeeee!

    37. magnafire1

      This is a prophetic video. Dancers were ready for the corona.

    38. Thomasina Hawkins

    39. Tracey Ryche White

      It’s quite obvious that after the first album, Christ fly’s out the window. Don’t be deceived. They’re all following Lecrae’s bad example.

    40. Ron ITM

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    41. James sekete

      is this only me or does he sound like DRAKE

      1. Big LunchBox

        He does

    42. Анастасия Антипова

      Кто русский?Пиши я или +

    43. Suzanne Leigh

      "Even TRUMP gotta take a knee"

    44. Apostle LoVe Ntadi

      Who knew Lecrae was prophesying to us with the prison clothes and mask 😷(Now we on lockdown with masks)

    45. Joshua The Warrior of God

      These boiz done sold out to the industry.. look at the video and all the symbolism.. sad sad times. Beware of those who act like sheep but are wolfs in sheeps clothing.

      1. Joshua The Warrior of God

        @Big LunchBox it is what it is.

      2. Big LunchBox

        Seems like a reach

      3. Joshua The Warrior of God

        I see and hear a lot of main stream influence on the beat and lyrics. The video.. don't get me started. It depicts anarchy, the mouth coverz.. 7 months ago.. it seems like they have inside info to things like the music industry mk ultra subjects.

      4. TheGreatNBK

        I agree, but can u tell me the symbols

    46. Kanoa Smith

      I don't do the most but I do a lot I'ma make a toast 'cause we still alive No Big, I feel like Pac I shoot the shot (brap, brap, brap) I'm coming in hot! (Hot hot hot, ooh) Coming in hot! (SAK PASE) Shoot that! (Shoot that shot) Ayy, why not! (Ayy why not!) Yeah, coming in hot! (coming in hot) Just like the fajita (like the fajita) I write what I live (write what I live) My life in the speaker (life in the speakers) I'm nice with the flow (nice with the) Just like the demeanor (like the demeanor) I'm feeding my fam (feed up my fam) I'm feeding the meter, uh They got the iron while I got the steamer I bring the fire, but you never seen her I testify, don't need a subpoena They want my soul, better go to Korea I love my dog, just like I'm PETA Gotta protect Him, I made the call in just like I'm reppin' I know we left yeah, now we back together But I guess that it's Better Later than Never, like ugh What happenin'! I'm need y'all to quit askin' when Me and my wife gon' have some kids Right now we just practicin' (Whoo! Whoo!) Practicin'! Teacher said quit rappin', man That gon' hurt my average I said "Thank God I ain't average!" Yeah, I'm a bright young man (bright young man) Kill the GPA (GPA) And the BPM (BPM) Look we on (ten!) So say what you say 'Cause that's A with Lecrae From the A-Train to the A I'm coming in hot! I don't do the most but I do a lot I'ma make a toast 'cause we still alive No Big, I feel like Pac I shoot the shot (brap, brap, brap) I'm coming in hot! Coming in! Shoot that! (Shot! Woah, woah) Ayy why not! (Ayy why not, ayy, yup) I'm coming in Wake 'em up! Wake 'em up! Wake 'em up! Wake 'em up! See 'em still sleepin', so I had to shake 'em up (shake 'em up) I kept it too real (too real) I wasn't fake enough (no) My real life was a headline (headline) Yo' real life got a deadline (deadline) My timeline was a hashtag (yikes) Your timeline just a hate crime Coming in hot (yah), feelin' like Pac (yah) Back in '94, when he took 5 shots (pop, pop) Too much drive to ride yo' wave Ditch my top then I'm off that lot (skrrrrrt) Black on black on black on black on black on black on black (black, black, black, black, black) You don't have to ball or rap to get them racks on racks (no) Uber poolers tryna catch my vibe and find my way (yuh, yuh) Yeah, I know I know I'm rachet but I'm really saved Hot sauce drippin' (drip) Everybody wanna start dippin' (dip) First, nobody wanna listen (shh) Now everybody pay attention (huh!) Now everybody pay a fee (ching!) Even Trump gotta take a knee (sheesh) When the horn blow y'all gon' see Make the wall fall down like yee! I don't do the most but I do a lot (do it!) I'ma make a toast 'cause we still alive (wassup) No Big (nah!), I feel like Pac (Pac!) I shoot the shot (brap, brap, brap) I'm coming in hot! Coming in hot!, Coming in hot! Shoot that shot!, Shoot that shot! Shoot, why not?! Ayy why not! Ain't no Big! (ain't no Big!) feel like Pac (feelin' like Pac) We can't lose, we can't stop! (we can't stop) Yeah, coming in hot! Coming in hot! Coming in hot! Coming in hot! Shoot that shoot! Ayy why not! Ayy why not! Ayy watch out! I'm coming in hot

    47. Josh Weber

      Oh snap... This is gonna be fire!!! Thank goodness I found another reason to have some passion in my life.

    48. BubbaTrumpShrimp ForestTrump

      So they stole a police vehicle and set the criminals free?

    49. Lindsay Merideth

      No big ooooooooooooooooooooooo

    50. David Sharp

      What is the meaning of the song? I couldn't figure it out.

      1. Big LunchBox

        @David Sharp no

      2. David Sharp

        @Big LunchBox No Christian message?

      3. Big LunchBox

        They were just rapping

    51. jack nano

      did he say i live my dog just like im PETA or i live my dog just like im peter from the show family guy

      1. Big LunchBox

        The first one

    52. Andrew Adams

      Lit song

    53. Eco O

      Well if street preforming isn't a crime......

    54. serah garza

      I want those quarantine masks

    55. Isaiah Featherstone

      Wait are those the Kinjaz in the back?

    56. Elijah James

      Not one of the best songs I heard by you'll

    57. MIA Davis

      Bro I love this song

    58. Josiah McConnell

      What’s this song even about???

      1. Big LunchBox

        Coming in Hot

    59. Samlyong Leshimpiro

      Jesus no longer in this music. These boys threw Him out after He gave them some glory. Feel like PAC, no longer Christ.

    60. Jacob Dulaney

      bruh, can i have the prisoners masks, corona was coming, u should have kept those.

    61. Geaux Getter Gab

      💜 2020

    62. Chris Howerton

      Happy birthday Andy Mineo!

    63. Shadrian Howard

      My favorite song!!

    64. Crystal Spring

      I have been jammin' this since day one! Interestingly...this could become part of our 2020 theme song playlist! God knows and puts in our hearts as a revelation for our behalf. There it is. He penned it when? Released this when? Exactly!

    65. John Fulton

      love you lecrae you are an inspiration to all black boys

    66. Xtina Danielle


    67. Olivia Flores

      LOVE IT🔥

    68. Nollie McCain

      I always thought this song was about basketball 🤔

      1. Big LunchBox

        This song doesn't have any meaning. It's just rapping.

    69. Dj Bachyz


    70. Penalty K.O