Andy Mineo, Lecrae - Coming In Hot (Official Music Video)

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    Lecrae and Andy Mineo team up with The Kinjaz for the official Coming In Hot Music Video! Join Andy and Lecrae right here for a live chat with them during the premiere THIS Friday, Sept. 13 at 2pm EST.
    Set a reminder to be the first to tune in Friday and chat with Andy and Lecrae!
    Directed by Antonio Santos
    Produced by Patrick Scheufler & Kris Rey-Talley
    Director of Photography - Sam Wootton
    Production Design by Evan Schafer
    Edited by Louis Palacios & Antonio Santos
    Choreography: Vinh Nguyen
    Assistant Choreography: Anthony Lee, Bam Martin
    Convicts “Kinjaz”:
    - Carlo Darang
    - Jawn Ha
    - Benjamin Chung
    - Chad Mayate
    - Vinh Nguyen
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    Connect with Andy:
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    1. Reach Records

      The Official Music Video for Coming In Hot! Comment thoughts down below! Buy/Stream Coming In Hot:

      1. LB4130


      2. Yolanda Israel


      3. Yolanda Israel

        Joniokouoomi Koiuimo Hiuijomi

      4. Yolanda Israel

        @Z Carter jonkiuopoiu

      5. Yolanda Israel

        @rcktman0127 kokiuimj

    2. Ninja Toy Reviews

      Love this song On repeat 🔂 every day

    3. Joshua Christian

      0:57 trust me

      1. Joshua Christian

        and 1:41

    4. Noble LaRocco Mast

      wait this makes sense now in 2020

    5. Serana Marie

      God bless!

    6. Larry Ramirez


    7. Larry Ramirez

      Bruh!!!!!!!!!!! To

    8. Larry Ramirez



      I loaned to the house and the owner was cm5 and my was a sick kid owner was there when I got I was in a good with wit wit and a little brother wowed my brother I got I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I was in wow I got I was a kid I got I

    10. Jhonatan Gomez

      Wuuuuuuuu!! Bad ass song!! Chingonsisima!

    11. Weston 360

      This is my baseball song when I walk out

    12. 초월


    13. Jordan Wright


    14. Nancy Coffman

      My volleyball team loves this song and has no clue that it is Christian! (Most of em are not Christian at all so it's cool to see them loving this song) Also it's the best song on our whole playlist an did think the only one that isn't censored!😂

      1. Anon Ymous


    15. Mari Flores

      Hola. Bamos. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    16. Anthony Cabadas

      why i feel like at beginning of the song its an extended version of boyz n the hood the movie

    17. Yolanda Israel


    18. opponent 116

      Kinjaz predicted the future

    19. David Raposo

      Already being safe before covid!!!

    20. Mari Flores


      1. Mari Flores

        Hola. Que radical😁😁😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😎 yeaaaa

      2. Mari Flores


    21. Dut family D

      Coming in hot today god

    22. Feria Parker

      Its awesome kinjaz collaborated in this video! More please!

    23. Angela Hall

      So so dope!!🔥🔥🔥

    24. Kanyon vandevort

      is that wordsplay?!?

    25. Student Wyatt Moody

      The people who disliked this tried to like it but the bass was to hard so they misclicked

    26. Kyle Cahilig

      Allison Andy Mineo every day of my life

    27. Jae D

      This guy and Lecrea are Christian rappers??? Nah bruh... this song has ZERO to do with anything even remotely related to Jesus Christ. “Coming in Hot” is a horrible song. Sorry but it’s facts.

      1. Student Wyatt Moody

        Yes, but technically it's called christian because us christians get to enjoy a rap song without un nessecary kussing and innappropriate mentions and if you go to Lecrae's account you'll hear some songs with christian mentions. so i just had to clear it up for you, and this message had no offense intended

    28. Antonia Bridges

      I love this !!!

    29. Damaygo

      Wait... Wheres Christ? Sad to see them stray

    30. BikeDoctor34

      These dancers were rocking the masks before they were cool...

    31. Elisio Freitas

      Que louvores maravilhosos

      1. Elisio Freitas

        Eu escuto estás músicas e sinto a presença de Deus!aleluia!

    32. Роман Баринов

      Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    33. Chris Reed


    34. Presley Werth

      4:09 me singing in a public bathroom and realizing there is someone in the next stall, AMAZING SONG

    35. Angela Dial

      Who knew the face masks in the video was wayyy before it's time!! That's my guys!

    36. l4jeunesse

      Sak Pase?👌 I'm coming in Hot 🔥

    37. Mari Flores


    38. mbotela moses

      Am coming in Hot, i will never stop listening to this like headlines

    39. Izaiaz Frederiko

      Ouço todos os dias. 🇧🇷

    40. Jesus Christ is King of kings Lord of lords

      Why are they wearing masks? Seems awfully strange to see since this was from a year ago and now everyone is blindly strapping face diapers over their pie holes🤔

      1. Icee Bluu357

        Late but Masks are a fashion item in Asian countries and generally worn when one is sick

    41. Dustin Pierce

      Perfect representation of christianity for me. Police impersonations to steal a police truck. Great for our social climate as well. Another hit out of the park for Mineo and Lacrea (heavy sarcasm implied)

    42. Aloveg107

      This weird how did he know we were guns be masked and locked down? Lol

    43. Serana Marie

      Jesus loves anyone reading this! You are wonderfully made! God bless

    44. Queen Ty

      So this video premiered September of 2019 before covid, so why are they dancing in mask? What's also interesting is he said " Even Trump gotta take a knee" and he supposedly has the virus. And what's up with the police uniforms? I just have so many questions. I believe this is proof that he is apart of a bigger agenda in my opinion. But hey carry on..

    45. Emily Hard

      #ALM 210-999-8028 i wont ever calll you. Im sorry nobody else has ever put a restraining order on me but #You. #EMh born 🇷🇺 🇩🇪 🇮🇹

    46. Sebastian Solano


    47. Denia Brown

      Love the song... but the dancers, Though!! YASSS!

    48. davin reeves


    49. ThatOnePro69

      youngdonthesaucegod ?

    50. Mervens Etienne

      Sak paseeeee🎶🎶🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    51. HowdyTimes

      This song has the most lit beat I've heard in my life

    52. Kristen Day

      i can feel the joy from here

    53. Mary Hudson

      😂😂when it first came on that security guard eating that doughnut laughing. Reminds me of friday after next those cops eating doughnuts laughing😂

    54. Deborah M Bell

      Steve Parry😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    55. John Guillory

      This song is still HOT in 2020!

    56. Jesse Anderson

      Am i the only one who thinks andy mineo sounds like logic but Christian?

    57. Bayoush Alemayhu

      Years in the making. It was dope to rock with you fam 🤙🤙

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    60. Highkey Cr4ved

      this might be the worst song i’ve ever heard in my life

    61. JAY DUBB

      Just like Peter , keep up the work jamming no cussing .

    62. MayaSpeaks

      If you like Christian hiphop then check out @Cedariusluttery on all major platforms. DE-news channel

    63. MayaSpeaks

      If you like Christian hiphop then check out @Cedariusluttery on all major platforms. DE-news channel

    64. The Happy Hummy

    65. Lemawu Teye

      I just like the beat hon hon hon hon hon hon hahahaha so funny

    66. yourfriendsonic

      why does andy sound like drake

    67. 쿠기

      that s amazing!!!

    68. Pretty Reckless

      All those saying "this isn't Christian, but by Christian rappers", ever stop to think, THIS SONG, THIS ONE BEAT, THESE WORDS might be the snowflake to make the snowball, to make the avalanche into a different way of thinking? Maybe THIS was meant for a transition and to let others know that you dont have to give up your music that you vibe to, just change your heart. And the different lyrics will follow!

      1. Caleb McCool

        i actually like these sort of songs and push the boundaries of Christianity for the sake of being honest and real in life. I love listening to a Christian band named Jars of Clay - who does something similar. HOWEVER, this song surprised me when I heard Lecrae and Andy Mineo sang. This isn’t a song for kids - due to the sex reference and the “shhhhiiiii.....” part at the end. Not for my kids.

      2. Vallen Clark

        I'm not trying to put you down, yes it is good for someone to be saved I understand music is catchy, the devil was the angel of music in heaven, so wouldn't you think he would lure his way in with devilish music to trick us. I believe If you are doing your best to live a better life I know God will open your eyes up to holy music, not something you would listen to in the club

      3. Zvirus

        Hey im hear to spread postive messages and connect with people through my jouney dont care for the fame only to help make a change

    69. Pretty Reckless


    70. Charlee Lumpkins

      at 1:40 his face is priceless