Apollo Crews on why NXT return was exactly what he needed: WWE Exclusive, July 17, 2019



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    After facing Kushida in a match that tore down the house, Apollo Crews joyfully reflects on his return home to the black-and-gold brand.
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    1. Mr. Stars

      He is such an excellent athlete and I really hope he could get a push. I mean like he would also make a great heel and I’m tired of him being a jobber. That idiot Vince only gives the extremely buff and tall white guys’d a push but never people like Apollo. Just give the company to Hunter, Vince....

    2. coolvideos5113

      Apollo Crews should win the NXT Championship.

    3. Seth Hubbard

      They didn’t upload it.

    4. Michael L. Rayner

      He should stay there. Apollo shouldn't been in the main roster to begin with.


      Bring Back The Ascension plz ‼️‼️‼️

    6. Billy 0

      Apollo Crews got called up from the main roster way too early

    7. Goku Black

      I'm happy to see him

    8. Epic Potato

      This is the place he belongs!!

    9. fc

      Welcome home Apollo!

    10. lumani perez

      Aj styles should b in nxt for atleaast 1 month n one takeover

    11. Jill Street

    12. Dark _MATTer

      Well does anyone know if he’s actually staying?’


      Let him stay there let him build a character for himself let him have some great matches cus he can really go it's just WWE just don't know what to do with him on the main roster cus he hasn't developed a character for himself he's just a guy who can wrestle pretty good so he needs to develop more

    14. Bryan Danielson

      Happy for Apollo, good job man!

    15. Chart Guy dudley

      See Vince is doing every thing wrong that's why NXT is getting better people even going back to NXT he's doing to much not giving every one a chance and making shows to long

    16. RIccardo Ciccone

      the reason he needed this because he does not show up anymore on the main roster he only had 16 matches this year the most matches is 94 that is a 73 match difference which is held by Baron Corbin

    17. Lydarius Vaughn

      I'm alil lost, is this a permanent stay or is he doing nxt for one night and smackdown for the other with the andrade feud because nxt is pretaped.

    18. Baka Candrevino U//w//U

      Apollo has more Charisma than Bobby Lashley.

    19. Raphael Nahon

      Is he staying? Because he just won on Smackdown against Andrade and seems to be getting at least a minor push.

    20. xxMODEx X

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WWE!!!! Apollo has the TALENT but WWE wasn’t giving him the opportunity or the chances to prove HIMSELF 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤦🏽‍♂️🤬🤬😱😱🤔🤔💀😂😂😂💀💀

    21. D G

      How dare he get over with the fans, that's it, Vince is sending Roman Reigns and Braun Stroman to NXT to destroy the roster

    22. Art Pit

      Ya boi came back to his home planet this is where he’s at his strongest

    23. Samcast Prime

      He was sent to the main roster to early

    24. toshe yosihi

      Apollo crews back on the main roster nxt

    25. JustForTheShow215

      Hopefully he learns how to talk on the mic

    26. HyperSole

      So they push Apollo this week on SDLive by giving him a win on TV....only to demote him back to NXT?

    27. Dre Wright

      Crews vs Dream for the NXT champion. Let Apollo win.

    28. Only G 99

      Obviously is not good lol his paycheck lowers down

    29. Gage Taylor

      I bet hunter insisted on getting crews back. Wouldn't be surprised if he does the same for many others.

    30. Jaleel Thomas

      They wouldn't give him any TV time on smackdown live so he had to go back to nxt😡

    31. Rae Menace

      I need to build my character

    32. Hamit Deniz

      Raw & Smackdown live burial confirmed

    33. CPA

      Finally, Apollo can be what he was meant to be, a star.

    34. 太陽の影Shadows of the Sun

      Apollo is such an awesome and very athletic wrestler despite his awful charisma... I wish he could came back to NXT as Tyler Breeze did too, it's the only way to elevate his status in the future, maybe

    35. Bukowski

      Apollo Crews came back to NXT and Lost to some guy i never heard of , talk about bad luck!

    36. Micah Bishop

      He needed it because raw and smack down is ran by Vince and his yes men that have no clue what they are doing. All they do is bury ppl and push the big meat heads

    37. A WrestlingFan

      Apollo Nation back in NXT where it should be

    38. JimProGamingK HD

      Can apollo go for uk champ?

    39. Rohan Singh

      Apollo Crews vs Velveteen Dream sounds good.

    40. Fareez Yaman

      He should feud with velveteen dreams since breeze failed... but whatever it is... it's good to see crew back in NXT

    41. Desmond McDade

      This man deserves a push.

    42. Nawat Sutepakron

      raw and sd live not work

    43. Manu52 Dain

      Phenomenal athlete!

    44. Talking smack

      Ni99a needs some base in his voice.

    45. Soubhik Roy

      Apollo to Apollo Crews that's a huge huge improvement.

    46. Omar Murillo

      Please send all those affected by Vince back in NXT. They deserve to be happy.

    47. Arya Asylum

      If any superstars I really wanted to get back in NXT are The Ascension.

      1. Jake Moore

        There past getting fixed

    48. Ekk Snipz

      Bobby Roode should Come back to NXT and feud with Gargano

    49. varun kumar

      cathy is such a darling ❤️❤️

    50. Wreck-it-Ralph

      He got his last name back too

    51. This Is Geltown

      Quick! What's Apollo's nickname? THAT RIGHT. He doesnt have one. He needs a character. STAY IN NXT!!!!

    52. Finn Balor


    53. Alan Baker

      This should been wild card rule for between NXT and main rosters for any of NXT rosters only, NOT killing the brand split!

    54. Deisel 1 Time

      Apollo looked better in the one night of Nxt than the whole two years he's been on the roster

    55. Sparkle Whitehead


    56. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

      2 years on the main roster, no one bats an eye. 1 night back in NXT, a Kings welcome.

    57. michael rodriguez

      Amazing Vince still things that Raw, Smackdown are the flagship show but the real Flagship show is NXT Bay Bay

    58. Marco Setiawan

      Remember when Scott Hall gave him advice about his promo?

    59. Adrian Denila

      Apollo is back in NXT cuz he's always losing on the main brand..No push whatsoever, same thing as Tyler breeze , Tyler rarely win on the main brand.

    60. TheInvasion King

      Watch out Velvt dream, Cathy Kelly gots a new "black" in mind.

    61. r iki

      and now bring back EC3

      1. Jose Ramirez

        @r iki well Cien Alma's better get a wwe title Run soon or else his gonna go somewhere else like AEW

      2. r iki

        @Jose Ramirez at least bring Roode

      3. Jose Ramirez

        His not back 😂

    62. Muhammad Mirza

      In stead of bringing good talent to the wwe and don’t have anything to do with them leave them in nxt until they are needed on raw or smack down

    63. thehmph1

      Every misused NXT wrestler on the main roster needs to return to NXT so they can be given the proper push and respect they deserve.

    64. FuDoX

      Just turn hell him WWE ! 😔🙏

    65. baby Maharaja

      He was called up from NXT way too early anyway. Send Mike Kanellis to NXT.

    66. S. B

      It's really unfortunate that such good wrestlers have to go back to NXT to have their matches. This shows how poorly utilised the talent is on the main roster. 🙁🙁🙁

    67. Tulley Novielli


    68. Nik Luqman

      Make NXT a legit brand and not just place for newbie or indies transits before step up to main roster.. it will be interesting if wwe held interbrand tournament or something

    69. Paolo Pasaol

      First Tyler Breeze, now Apollo Crews has been called up the NXT Roster