Are All Cops Racist?: The Daily Show

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    To determine whether cops are racist, Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. enlist a police bias training program.
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    1. mercuryix

      "Racism against the police". What kind of idiotic statement from a news agency is that?

    2. Tori Collins

      I’m dead over “Nerdy Suge Knight”.🤣😂

    3. Benyamin Limanto

      Bad Boys Bad Boys. Hahaha

    4. Christiano De Marco

      Absolutely not There are some but there are many true men and women officers that serve with truth and Honor It breaks my heart this video is even created This is not a black n white issue This is not comedy I know the daily show is better than this Truly heartbreaking that racism even exist in 2019 I love all people I believe we should celebrate all human beings

    5. aly grey

      Nerdy Suge Knight, oh my god

    6. Scott S

      Aug 2019 : we sure have come a long way since tRUMP became POSUS. Anyone up for (internment) camping? Try not to get separated from your children...

    7. HEK 293

      All cops are racist! Yes! They are nothing more than criminals with a gun and a badge. Kill them all!

    8. Mr. Afifi

      RoboCop is coming for you...

    9. Vallejo PNW

      "I seen "Bad Boys".

    10. Ashley S. MacKenzie

      "Bad Boys" was filmed on location with law enforcement [in Albuquerque, NM where we literally had to stop filming it because of how bad it was making our city look].

    11. Fiona Heartfilia

      Black : r all police biased? White Cop : yes, the police have biasis Black : got him! White : got him? Black : he said it White : who r u calling Black : black people "calling" white dude, he just said it, biased, all of them. Tell black Twitter😂

    12. Badar Shahzad

      Nerdy Suge Knight *ROFL*

    13. The Byzantinian

      “Are All Cops Racist” needs to be made into a tv series. Like to vote yes

    14. yeayou zazoo

      I like dr. Phillip😆

    15. Peace Maker

      I don't hold implicit biases. Just because the police do it doesn't mean everyone MUST do it. Tony Robertson died bc he was with a white girl. What part of the training coverage that.

    16. Nole

      This shit was funny😂 comments are aids

    17. behind the fern

      I died at nerdy suge knight

    18. Naj_Singhs

      This stupid video never gets old! HAHAAA!!! 😂🤣😂😭😭😭❤

    19. rip industries

      You can go back to you failing socialist country lol

    20. Mark Roberts

      Does the Pope shit on a gold throne with a hole in the middle of the seat?

    21. Karlo Karyl

      All cops where told to be.but some choices not to

    22. PharaohTeg

      Tired of liberals using the r-word....seriously

    23. BigSteve 380

      Yes. I've lived near Madison and was born there. In my middle 30s and they seem to unload full clips into every heritage

    24. Lamont Tanksley

      Jordan, "Let me get that number!!" He been wanting that number and it has nothing to do with biased policing. ** But he ain't getting that number.

    25. Imani Malaika

      Adrian Schoolcraft:

    26. Mike Jones

      7:32 dude you didn't do the accent come on

    27. E Laurole

      Yup...the black ones are even worst because they follow out the orders of their superiors...keep attacking black to meet the quota

    28. Edward Aguirre

      Black people Twitter on Reddit is fucking 🔥

    29. Rob

      Why are all these people in Madison, WI? Did they just want the capitol building for the backdrop?

    30. betlogboy3

      DE-news recommendations Led me to nerdy suge knight.

    31. negra lopez

      The. NRA is a hate group the kkkops are a racist hate terrorist group the majority of the white demons are racists bigoted recessive hate mongers

    32. Rowan Schoon

      It is not racism it is just that black people are more likely to have committed a crime, It is not racist but just the reality

      1. Michelle Kyle

        as you've been trained to believe by years of media. case in point I knew a blk man who was a felon. this felon was not allowed to have guns... he lived in an apt building with a basement. in that basement was a gun safe.. the gun safe didn't belong to the felon he had no access to the safe (key entry only). thugs heard about the safe and tried to break into it...(idiots) the felon heard the commotion and called the police. the felon was arrested because they thought he owned the safe ( had an internal door to the basement in his apt.0ld building) even after the real owner showed up the police still went on local TV with photos of what they told everyone they found in the safe. they posted a picture of the felon side by side with guns that weren't even in the safe. how did I know.? I held the other key. media has its place in society but it can and has been used to manipulate people.. think...

    33. Sean Ryan

      You can read all these comments and comments on all the “political” or “social” issues and see how divided this country is. It’s sad. It’s nuts to me to see people claiming all cops are racist. That’s absurd. This skit was funny in a way, but I don’t see how it brings people closer together. Then people are shredding one another for their different views. I’m sure that everyone on these issues are more right than the person on the other side of the issue? To believe you are so right makes you ignorant. Let’s start having conversations that help each other understand a perspective. Craziness.

    34. Im 47

      Why this channel only got 5 million subscriber???

    35. Kaydn Burns

      When more whites are killed by cops then blacks and blacks are killing each other at 30x the rate as cops

    36. Steven Hubbard

      That Police Chief has major Michael Douglas energy about him.

    37. David Beckey

      Roy Wood Jr. is one of the funniest people around!

    38. Sammy Sue-Ann

      I want to work at the daily show 😩😩 I just love being a content creator and having fun doing it while impacting others

    39. svenm sandity

      Well have a concealed carry permit your liable to get shot if your skin has color cops openly work to obstruct justice and cops cant deal with other cops leaving the public to deal with them and once fired can goto another state to find work sounds like a criminal organization to me being part of it has no perks for pride

    40. Juan martinez

      Are all blacks racist bitches? No! Just the black democrats.

    41. Ray Animus

      7:05 this is a joke even if its fake

    42. Rudi Roux

      Become a cop for one day. They have difficult choices to make everyday. Once you've been there, I'm sure you will have a different perspective.

      1. Rudi Roux

        Sadly. Most people react according to their experience. In SA they shoot first. Our criminals come packed with serious firepower.

      2. Peter!

        Well it sure seems that American police more frequently make the wrong choice.

    43. Justice

      I get its a comedy show that is meant for entertainment but they didnt really have much of a discussion about both sides of their own argument. This was more of a "callout" of police than actually discovering why these things happen, and how much biases actually effect the behavior of the police officers involved. You can't have a discussion piece and not actually discuss anything except that police are bad, but not WHY police are bad, and how bad are they?

    44. Anthony Vigil

      Short answer, yes Long answer, indeed.

    45. izzy

      Funny how democrats say..... 1) cops are racist and evil 2) you don't need guns when you have cops

    46. Mandy Last

      Not deliberately racist? What about the Area 2 Chicago police who used to place bets on which cop could get the heaviest black man on death row. And they would torture them for confessions.

    47. tO eZ

      Most police are not racist. Some are going by procedures but people are arrogant

    48. Mave Gamer

      Nerdy Suge knight💀

    49. Ayliose

      How many of these types of shootings have happened in Madison in the past 6 years? If its one, while still horrible, i think thats much better than most places, like Texas and Florida. We will never have zero shooting of this type. If we can shave it down to one per decade, thatd be legit as fuck.

    50. Josh Askew

      This is great

    51. Carlos Nava

      Half the cops are racist and the other cops look the other way.

    52. TheSandman714 xx

      You're calling black people??? Let me get that number 😂😂😊 5:11

    53. Brian Winter

      5 min 46 sec haha pic on board was looking like Lionel Richie hahah

    54. Soundarya Baswaraj

      "Why the hell am I in the back seat?"

    55. Trevor Rich

      if you think all cops or even more than 10% of them are racist you are beyond retarded

    56. Mishaal Zahra

      Little did he know that after a a year he would have an orange president. 😂🙄

    57. Byron Anderson

      I can't say all cops are racists because I haven't met all cops but I have encountered quite a few racist cops.

    58. Hebrew Sistah

      Nerdy Suge Knight! 😂🤣😂😂

    59. David 123

      Things that always annoy me when talking about this shit : 1-Cops shoot white people too. How many make the news? A grand total of zero 2-The police force has thousands and thousands of black people. Like 1/4... Huge amount when you consider black people are only a small percentage of the population. 3-the fucking news channels want so much blood that they only tell people a black guy got shot and abso-fucking-lutely nothing more. Was he acting like a punk? Was he trying to run/fight the police? Was he armed? Who cares, right? What matters is that the black guy died and we gotta cover that shit Come on... There's racist people everywhere. There's racist farmers, there's racist firemen, there's racist doctors...etc But they are the absolute minority of minorities. I guarantee that. No one with two brain cells would actually believe a majority of policemen is racist... Please...

    60. Flemming Christensen

      Yes they all go after criminals 😂

    61. Alperen Atalay

      Yes they are rassist for 100% ! If your president is rassist and promote rassist , ofcourse police state are rassist !

    62. BlimBlam Kaboom

      Lmfaooooooooo nerdy Suge Knight 😂😂😂😂

    63. sonicyell


    64. Anthony Szarek

      I seen bad boys.. Ya I bet 😂😂😂

    65. Anthony Szarek

      Nerdy suge knight 😂😂😂

    66. Katrin S

      This was so hilarious! „The dude that will be killed next month“ 😕😕😕

    67. Zero11

      Lmfao dude at 8:03 walking around drinking a whole 2 liter

    68. whatit isn't

      are all cops racist? yes, they work for the government. the u.s. government is, and always has been racist.

      1. alexander leos

        Make that U.S. all caps. Meaning the UNITED STATES is a corporation that creates debt(monies) to control citizenship. Its lawmakers have a history of being racist, yes. We hate socialism because it infringes on the U.S. being the ONLY superpower, because you know , laissez faire capitalism has been perfected and needs to be above all else, our protected way of life

    69. lola johnson

      The only way you will change some of this abuse of power is that we start holding theses cops and the prosecutors accountable. And also some of theses judges. As long as we let theses people get away with this abuse, it will keep happening.

    70. larry legenda

      Nerdy Suge Knight