Are R-Truth & Carmella headed to Comic-Con?: SmackDown LIVE, July 16, 2019



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    After crashing Drake Maverick’s honeymoon to reclaim the 24/7 Championship, R-Truth needs a new hiding spot, and Carmella has an idea that involves costumes.
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    1. black man black man


    2. Fight goes fight

      The year of R-TRUTH 2019

    3. comedy king

      What A funny guy he is!!

    4. Eric Swift

      Is he trying to make a clean get away?!😂😂😂 hahaha!!!😂😂😂

    5. Chenel Dickerson

      Carmella 💕 🥰

    6. Dragonball Super

      I am so happy for truth he finally has a passion and is like the best champion everyone likes

    7. Barbara Miguel

      Wwe rock 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP

    8. Seth Arrow

      *48/7 European 7-11 24/7 I-95 277 CHAMP!*

    9. Abhijit Singh

      R Truth is best 24×7 champion.....hit likeif you agree

    10. The Wanderess

      Mella when will you make out with Graves on screen????

    11. Graham McCarthy

      When will Carmella pin truth to win the 24/7 championship? It's not a title exclusive to men.

    12. Neymar Jr. Videos

      Thank u R-Truth and Maverick for making wwe Entertaining again!❤️

    13. Jayson Bustamante MC

      carmela will pin rtruth SOON AT THE RIGHT TIME

    14. Sue Davies

      The chemistry these two have is off the charts!

    15. Kim Moore

      Hey truth if y'all going to comic con can you check out Ninjago pannle

    16. Khalid Al

      "i don't know how kane did this..." wait, was it ever established that kane used to hide inside washing machine's?!?

    17. Rabin Lama



      R truth is really a funny guy

    19. SuperCartiel

      Now THAT'S Comedy!

    20. jackeline vega

      When will carmella and rtruth date

    21. Mayur Agrawal

      what will happen if r truth becomes wwe champion.

    22. Xabi Zanetti

      R truth is the worst wrestler in history also WWE needs to get rid of this ridiculous belt 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢👎

    23. Angel Cadena

      srsly these 2 would've been a great couple. but unfortunately already married. but I'm sure both have wonderful wife/husband👍😊

    24. Snackasmversion2

      Don't call me con...I did my time, I paid my debt to society, my community service!

    25. Ožił Lo


    26. Boxer sarvesh Tufani

      Best National kick Boxing championship

    27. Joshua Stafford

      R-Truth has always been one of my Favorites his new Gimmick is pure Gold.

    28. Matthew Flynn

      When will WWE try to use wrestling to improve their wrestling show? Instead we get stupidity and nonsense? This is what's saving WWE in 2019? Just dumb...

    29. Krypt DaLa Krymm

      The only entertaining segment on WWE anymore.

    30. King Irvinn Gaming

      Mella is So SeXy Omfgoodness

    31. Bzbzbzb Zbbzbz

      am enjoying R-Truth

    32. Remy K

      I really want them to be a couple

    33. KINGD353

      That title name is gonna keep getting worse isn't it?

    34. Dan Traxler

      it's gonna be the truth title just like the Lesnar title

    35. Mohmed Rmzan

      مابيشتغلوش في تمسيل ليه احسن ويكسب فلوس كنير

    36. Nadim's world

      R-truth is crazi lol

    37. Yeison Perez

      Run 😎

    38. Joe Lunchbucket

      i hope he gets pinned at comic con, and i hope someone films him getting pinned and uploads it before WWE can

    39. darnell williams

      Im hiding. Lol

    40. NewMatthew836

      I don’t get the Kane reference

    41. Savion Robinson

      Yo they the funniest group rn

    42. Latrelle Wiley

      Damn Carmela 😍😍

    43. Gavin Gastodon

      *R-Truth is the best!*

    44. Bhupal Reddy

      Truth is running show

    45. Harikrishnan R

      How ridiculous

    46. Jack and Jeff Hardy

      wait was R-Truth falling on that last part even planned? AH MAN DOWN!! TRUTH DOWN!!

    47. IEYEDEE

      No Comic Con for me lol

    48. LaShaya Irving

      Carmella looks 25 but shes 31...dang.

    49. জোন চিনা

      I got a feeling Carmella is going to be 24/7 champion😂

    50. YøøFãvv Will

      The Kane Reference Tho 🤣

    51. Steven Jolicoeur


    52. Heez

      They always said that VInce kept Truth on the roster all these years, even when he had nothing for Truth to do, because he adores R-Truth cause Truth makes him laugh all the time..... Now I get it.

    53. Zukka 88

      1:27 LMFAO that sounded like it hurt

    54. BDE7 Recording

      Washing Machine exe has stopped working

    55. Danta Armstrong

      As funny as Drake and Truth been, I want to see someone else with it for a minute. Then have Drake and Truth work together, only for one to turn on the other and win it and run away

    56. abdallatif FADOLL

      I love them

    57. Brixton Barricade

      R-Truth is saving WWE

    58. Rampage

      wait did he say, that his the 48/7 European 7/11 24/7 I-95 277 Champion???

    59. Karbann Kamal

      Carmella is hell sexy in 30s... damm

    60. Charmaine Mberiri

      r truth and camella always put a smile on my face they are the best wwe comedians god bless them

    61. Ezeanyaeche Chukwuemeka


    62. Harry Singh

      The Most Wanted 24/7 Champion R-Truth 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. Umar Khan

      I feel like carmella is gonna betray him and pin him for the title soon lol

    64. Wanphaibiang Dkhar

      Truth fall😂😂😂

    65. AllAboutTheAFC

      1:04 Carmella corpsing? Send for the Man!

    66. Sienna Cowans

      “Ooouuuuu nooooo” 😂😂

    67. Dizzy 666

      The man did his time!!

    68. I love fingernails

      Carmella holding that title fits her soo well..

    69. Bibek Danuwar

      Ya Truth is no Joke man. This is the time that WWE should pay him 5 million dollar to him

    70. S K

      I m so day Carmella gonna pin truth...waiting for that