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Ariana Grande - break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored



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    break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (Official Video)
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    Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
    Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
    for London Alley Entertainment Inc
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Evie _Samantha

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    2. Mashael Mansoor


    3. Anna Karšňáková

      this is best

    4. Margarida Matsinhe

      Arinna .adoro as suas músicas esa então amo

    5. Dr. George Jeremy da Costa Gomez

      I heard this sentence before, greetings to Ariana Grande and the rest of Hollywood and entertainment industries worldwide. Summer is coming up waiting for some summerhits, films, plays and acts ;) Met vriendelijke groeten van DE ECHTE KONING EL MARQUIS DEL MUNDO THE REAL DUKE OF LUXEMBOURG DUC DE NASSAU EMPEREUR George Jeremy "Jerry dcg 14"/"Comte Siegfried" da Costa Gomez 360°

    6. Maaahi Hassan

      I broke up with my girlfriend u happy?

    7. ItsMoon Gacha

      Yayyyyy Ariana Grande

    8. Rich G

      And they say romance is dead...

    9. Renee B

      If this song really was about her loving herself then why would she make the remark you can hit it in the morning like its yours, I know it ain't right but I don't care? She's sending out a message to break up happy homes and I really dislike that, she is trash. I don't wanna hear about her stinky polluted vagina being hit 🤢

    10. Mr Piggy

      2020: order some pizza, im hungry

    11. pinkpienapple Lyrics

      Plot twist

    12. KM Paul

      Sometimes we feel like life is complicated. People surrounding us will stay forever. When we start to lose them piece by piece you understand that life is not that easy. We have to live the world we in the way we love . cause we only get this chance for once . So after making this decisions I decided to live it in the way I want . I make my own music . I am independent artist . I write it myself . A little bit support from my would make my day . I hope you will give a chance and like it . thank you

    13. ZENA MUSIC

      A wonderful husky voice!!

    14. Cita Cita

      Rihanna vibez

    15. Sir. Moonlight

      Hansvito Anyone? Just me? Ok...

    16. Amanda Jacobs

      anyone else notice and appreciate the little bit of NSYNC lyrics thrown in there from their song it makes me ill.

    17. Elicoh Review

      Ariana im going to you're next tour if you have in Philippines next year

    18. Elizabeth Collins


    19. Teshurah Punter

      Im just here for all the beautiful Asian men in this video 🙌🏾

    20. Milica Milutinovic

      You hoe

    21. Karina Marcial


    22. Kamilla G

      Guy guy

    23. It’s fun Being a duck

      Who remembers when she was on nick junior I do it was the good days but now I just don’t know what to say...

    24. prettythug2731

      Auruo OUT * 😭

    25. Evelyn Foster

      The boyfriend is on Riverdale

    26. Silentbydeadly

      Sam and cat.

    27. Silentbydeadly

      Can i be Sam please.

    28. Galaxy Cat

      For some reason when I listened to it on the radio, I thought she said “ wake up with your girlfriend” lol

    29. JustJoannaYouT Dam

      Ari u can. Be murcas girlfriend and then when u guys get married u can be in dorbe family

    30. Chrissy Gould

      Arianna:Breack up with your girlfriend cus I'm bored James:ok? Arianna:thank you next

    31. Matt

      Guys this is a serious question don't be mad at me I'm not trying to be gross I'm genuinely serious here and trying to be none gross as possible. Ok is it weird or wrong that Ariana gets me horny just by looking at her? (Genuine question) i don't know why it happens its I love her a lot but that shouldn't happen just from looking at her face not even something I have control over and she's not even wearing anything sexy or something I'm confused (im 18)

    32. Dalvin Vargas


    33. prettythug2731

      My First Love ❤️ I Can ReLate *So deeply❤️ My Second Love 💔 ReVenge Of a Sacret ALien My Final Love ❤️ 🍾🇺🇸❤️ Me ...Myself & I That’s The --> Bulk Of it ** Education 😁

    34. lucy rosales


      1. lucy rosales


    35. Emilee Wells

      , the music's amazing

    36. Emilee Wells

      love you aria

    37. Kianna Jones

      I love you're songs

    38. Seth Daniels

      I love you

    39. Depressed Potato

      yas , ari is queen .

    40. João Guilherme fontelles Pais Fontelles


    41. Sarah Adesida

      Ya ya cause im bored

    42. Jarett Bill

      I'm watching this cause i'm bored

    43. Deeply Aesthetic

      What- Why are there dislikes?

    44. prettythug2731

      Dumb .... I Am The President ( Year xyz ) Dumber .... OFF *

    45. Dasuy Tellez Cortéz

      Like come ariana

    46. Denzel Gaming

      No👏 one 👏 cares 👏 what 👏 year 👏 you 👏 watched 👏 this 👏 in 👏

    47. prettythug2731

      Cardddddiiii ...... I’ LL Make it So uuu NEVa. Leave !! Good Times ( 🤮👀🤮 )

    48. Josh Nelson

      Begone..... THOT!!!!!

    49. Brenda Perez


    50. Brenda Perez

      Ariana are u lisbian

    51. Powehouse 101

      She thickkkkkkkk

    52. Victor Dinguis

      i don't get get it your say break up with u girlfriend am bored it should be break up with u boyfriend I'm bored with u kiss his girlfriend last instead. like if u agree

    53. Happy _killer

      2012 : Sam and cat 2017 Ariana grande

    54. Kayla's World

      I'm always SOO late hen good songs come out.

    55. sadbitch __

      where’s gabi demartino when you need her? 😤

    56. lo e, love Zapata

      Pinché áreana grande

    57. Innelle Simon


    58. Trinidad Garcia

      Then I realized that guy is the actor from The Sun is Also A Star!

    59. Olivia LeBlanc

      Also i cant belive it why did her boyfriend do that to her so mean dont worry your still my favourite

    60. Envy

      sépare toi de ta copine, je m'ennuie :)

    61. Str3am boy with luv !

      This song is lit I can't stop listening to it

    62. W Dajenah

      Wowwwwwwwww I love you Ariana grande u r the best mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah muah 💋💋😘💋😚💋😘💋😚💋😚💋😘💋😚😘😘💋😚😘💋😚💋💋😚 😚💋💋💋

    63. lincon estivali

      linda d++++++++++

    64. yk.isabella

      What’s up with all the boyfriend/girlfriend songs from Ariana?

    65. The Mighty Umbreon

      Manager: How many yuhs do you want? Arianna: Yuh

    66. Diana Dominguez


    67. Diana Dominguez

      Ariana you are the best singer I love you

    68. Holier

      why would you destroy a relationship cause you're bored you should bleach your soul ari

    69. Cupcake Palacio

      Are you gay

    70. ella elise

      so stank.

    71. Holier

      i think she was just jealous not bored

    72. Luis Barriga

      The person who plays in Riverdale that's Melton he's right there with the leather jacket


      is that charles melton from the thinning 2

    74. JohnK_ Gaming

      That F# at 0:50 Is disguistingly good

    75. Monica Viramontes


    76. Abigail Jacobs

      So ari is a les??

    77. Khal Rikku

      MAKES ME ILL - NSYNC REFERENCE 2:22 Thank u Gurrrrrl

    78. prettythug2731

      I WiLL Neva Let go becz History Repeats itself I Repeat Education * ...( . )

    79. Muniirah Laulloo

      Nice shout out to nsync lyrics!

    80. 3pac son

      Such a terrible song.

    81. lolito escobar rios

      que bonita cansion

    82. Maria Martha Atilano Huerta

      Hola ariadna yo soy tu fan

    83. Orvys Jewel

      Hi (Sorry for the bad English)

    84. FuyuChan

      Ariana: Break up with your girlfriend Me: Why Ariana: 'cause i'm bored Me: *breaks up with imagination girlfriend

    85. prettythug2731

      I Had Everything .... ExZipit ( A ) I LosT Everything .... ExZipiT ( B ) MY Assets are in Demand ... ExZipit ( See* ) * That Month Passed * Leave a Legacy ....

    86. lgin10315

      Just heard a cover of this song by a guy and it was pretty amazing! It was posted two days ago. Go to Isaiah facebook. 👍👍👍

    87. ash whale

      Wilson is one pissed off volleyball, but it was for Ariana, sorry Wilson, I still love you

    88. Nubia Moraes


    89. T.O. Shiroma

      Ariana didn’t say she’s in love with a girl named Aubrey she said ari which is herself

    90. Melanie C Fan Sporty

      Who Is Better : Normani (like) Ariana (reply)

    91. Letceia Coakley

      This song came out on my

    92. Rosé God

      This song makes me wanna break up with my girlfriend

    93. Ziovanna Salazar

      I subscribe to Ariana on April 24 ,2019 and I love your videos

    94. Aline Pachêco

      THE END IS LIKE ..... OH SHIT YEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    95. Shamika Thomas

      That bad but I love this song

    96. SWEET BABY

      This is probably this little tricks real life too.... Privileged ass little snot.

    97. Ruby Lou ROBLOX

      Omg Charles Melton aka Reggie

    98. floey Eve

      lol I litterlly need to scream this at this boy I know!

    99. Scarleth Villarroel Solis

      Amo a esta mujer enserio es perfecta😍🤤