Ariana Grande - breathin



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    sweetener out now
    i love you
    breathin’ (visual)
    Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
    Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio
    Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe
    For London Alley
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Фарид Буняталиев

      Not so often cool songs like this come out. The clip conveyed very well the mood of this song. Ariana, as always, was incredibly beautiful. Not every singer or actress suits a glamorous style, I’ll even tell a few people, but Ariana just right.👍👍💙💙💗💗👑👑👌👌

    2. Aggerex -FilmZen

      How to make your friends laugh 1) Tell your friend to hold your breath 2) Sing this song, especially keep saying JUST KEEP BREATHIN AND BREATHIN AND BREATHIN AND BREATHIN U KNOW U GOTTA KEEP, KEEP ON BREATHIN 3) Watch them laugh 4) Rule the world

    3. Pop Music Piano Tutorials

      There’s an instrumental of Boyfriend on Spotify

    4. Anabelle Raymond

      ❤️❤️❤️best song ever

    5. Sweet love Anderson


    6. sprite kingss gaming

      This song and others of arianas have helped me overcome a bad past

    7. m xx

      the song is a warm hug in a music form.

    8. Irene Pontes

      Love you ❤️

    9. Marino Smoljic

      Omg 2019

    10. Silvo Kranjcan

      Ariana:Some days things just take way too much of my energy Me:School

    11. Nathan Lee

      Get MAC s killer

    12. Валера Золотов

      супер просто вау

    13. TUYISINGIZE Christian

      i love u too much big up @ariana

    14. Izzy Parker

      This song is the only one of its kind. When I couldn't pick myself up out of a bad place, I listened to this on repeat until I could get out of bed, because it kept telling me that if there was only one thing I could manage to do, it was to keep breathing until things seemed a little more achievable. Its still my go-to song if I'm feeling low or anxious but when the album came out I was really hurting and I think it played a huge part in helping my mental health to heal. Thank-you Ariana.

    15. Vienna

      the song has a good message

    16. Stephanie Gurrola

      Ariana or selena gomez Ariana like : Selena coment En realidad hablo español solo q alparecer nadie lo habla XD

    17. Justin Moore

      Who’s listening to this song now?

    18. Dreaming For Christ

      For whoever reading this: I encourage you to give it all to Christ! He will carry your burdens and give you a new heart/mind in love.

    19. Dreaming For Christ

      For whoever reading this: I encourage you to give it all to Christ! He will carry your burdens and give you a new heart/mind in love.

    20. Mari B


    21. Sam Hamit

      Ariana or Cardi B Ariana Like Cardi B comment

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    23. Nathaniel Heenandez

      This compared to the live version is nothing

    24. Keith Hlongwane

      Never thought a G like me would love such music but damn I'm taken....I love it.

    25. Corsário Turismo


    26. Pinkie Pie

      really hooked on this song right now

    27. K9 PUBG

      *Who’s* *here* *07:00* *am* *?*

    28. RevivedWarrior1

      Id trade my Charizard for your Pikachu but the way my life is organized thats impossible.

    29. Kid you a S

      I love Ariana grande my favorite singer here um I'm thinking ummmm she amazing singer love her

    30. Tom Lee

      Is this your favorite song???????????

    31. YZ L.

      Not gonna lie this is actually my favorite song.

    32. Second One

      The simplicity of the music video is so good to really focus on the meaning

    33. Hiram Carranza


    34. Callum Fitz-Patrick

      I’ve watched this before but not many times, this song was one of those rare hits that was big without a video😉😍

    35. sdrine41


    36. Nelle

      Anyone here after watching NCTs cover of this???

    37. Salwa Alaotibe

      WOW 😍😍

    38. North Wilson

    39. itsmeVincent

      How many times Ariana says breathin 😨😨

    40. Marini Elisabeth

      NCT Doyoung cover this so beautifully so i want to hear the original, and wow I love both versions..

    41. E-DEE

      I would not hesitate a second to deposit my seed onto her pretty little delicate face.


      I love this song just keep breathen



    43. Top Star Ting


    44. Rebecca ‘Scarlet’


    45. Amy Greig

      This is so weird without the bb5

    46. Sara Davidson

      Who's Still Watching breathin in September 2019??? Please Reply

    47. sara Ahmad

      2019 September 15

    48. sdrine41

      Suis-je tout seul a être français

      1. sdrine41


    49. sdrine41

      ArIaNa GrAnDe

    50. fazrul flh


    51. Emrullah Kokollari

      I Love ARIANA GRANDE😍😍😍😍🤩🤩😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋👑👑👑👑💍💍💍💍

    52. Vibha Viswanathan

      she looks on fire with that bun on!!!

    53. icannotdothissnowflake

      Ariana grande - breathin Ariana grande is* breathin

    54. Taylor Harmon

      I love this song because of the meaning,I feel that the lyrics fit Ari’s voice perfectly 😊 Edit:She slays that jumpsuit also 😄

    55. Bidhan Langthasa

      I love ur voice,ur really a goddess

    56. DEL02 Revolutionary


    57. Anie Tas

      Where is the person who has all the lyrics

    58. imanalien

      dont get me wrong. ariana is such a good, beautiful, talented singer but that red lipstick is too much it doesnt look good on her... (0H N0, AN 0PINI0N!!??)

    59. Silentbydeadly

      Sweetheart, your sweetness makes me want to blow kisses your way.

    60. Triston haynes

      #1 Ariana grande song Listened to it like a million times

    61. Amber Romero

      Still my favorite song by her

    62. Kingof TheGalaxy

      Lets just fuck and get all your aggression out already! Problem solved!

    63. John Duarte

      In my mind the video of this song could have Ariana fighting with herself. It would be more interesting.

    64. Movses Keoshkerian

      Anyone here after don't call me angel?

    65. Colorx Bleach

      This song is catchy but weird at the same time

      1. sarah

        the song is about anxiety if you dont know :(

    66. Savid Xorrales

      Yall see her hair though it reminds of old ariana

    67. Maja Kozik


    68. David

      I love it

    69. XxGacha YeetxX

      I just counted how many times she says “breathin” and I counted 32 times (I know I’m crazy)