ARK: Genesis - Part 1 Expansion Pack!

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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    Awaking within a virtual simulation, you must survive across exotic worlds unlike anything you’ve seen before! With a strangely familiar companion at your side, you must overcome the simulation’s rigorous missions. Only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring will you uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place.
    ARK: Genesis represents a new, story-oriented beginning in ARK’s epic saga of survival where your skill determines your success. Everything is turned up to the highest setting: the challenges, the dangers...and the vast rewards. Only the toughest and smartest survivors will pass the simulation’s many tests. Will you be one of them?
    ARK Genesis: Part I Is Available Now!
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    1. Firoj Aalam

      Ark when I am playing server menu never load

    2. Dark .n.

      Please do a crossplay with ps 4 and the computer I wait for that thing until the come out

    3. HuGoNoTeS

      mecscien tu puta sangre empresa de mierda wildcard no sabes hacer un pito juego bien siempre se cae del servidor y error de aplicación penosos

    4. Unixe_ Crabby

      Is this halo or ark 🤣lol

    5. That's Peachy

      I wouldve brought this- but I pre ordered DOOM ETERNAL..Either way that was lit and im sure this'll be too.

    6. TheGamingGriffin ༒༒

      Please make mobile ragnorok maps im tired of just flying around just constantly seeing griffin and argentavis but also can u add ARGENTINOSAURUS

    7. the electric energey

      Everyone: so who are you most common to? Scorched Earth? Extinction? heck what about aberration? Genesis: Yes

    8. Pixel

      I play ark

    9. Synix YT


    10. D4krRr

      Fix Ragnarok the map still soo fckn glitched and crashes my game everytime I'm near the castle cave or when i enter the castle cave

    11. jicsterio jicsterio

      Si está bien chido el pinche ark we

    12. channel เฉยๆ

      Ferox and moder

    13. Nizar Aloui

      so basically just scorched aberration extinction in 1 map with genisis only dinos, well actually it arent even dinos anymore, i mean, snow owl, magmasour that spider i always see in my nightmare (bloodstalker).

    14. NaShiR DZN

      miss the ark with real dinosaurs. The era of dinosaurs is now shit

    15. Aldrin Costuna

      Cool 😎

    16. jarold tromp

      Anybody playing on ps4 ? Lmk , looking to start playing again and have fun..!!!

    17. lg plays

      the smol robot thing is soo cute 0:01 sadly idk what it said

    18. ubilleci WGF

      Ark Genesis On The Mobile?

    19. 얼해골 TV

      모바일이 않이잖엉

    20. Estela Lopez

      Can you add it to Nintendo switch to please thank you if you do

    21. Adnangamer YT

      We want mod in ps4 plz just s+

    22. can dural

      I know you'll never read this devs but can you add more dinos not dlc pls make koreaceratops a dino its a pretty interesting dino its like amphibian trike

    23. Berkant Yuce

      Mobil i Çıkacakmı ?

    24. John Michael Conway

      Can you add genesis to Nintendo switch pleeeaaasssss

    25. N- Vlogs

      So cool! Will you guys be making this for mobile later on ?

    26. Вадим Лавренов


    27. Richard Rodriguez

      Right now your games a bit buggy

    28. Bogie :3

      Does this DLC come with the ARK season pass?

    29. Nic ko

      Por que la voz de la inteligencia artificial siempre tiene que ser femenina?

    30. Сапият Исрапова

      Спасибо что у вас есть такие игры жду новой карты

    31. Dudu e Heitor Do Santos

      Eu te amo por

    32. 키마터

      가격좀 낮쳐줘 ㅠㅠㅠ

      1. 악마뮤비


    33. Mr.Galaxy No I don’t like this last name stuff

      When is olmypius coming tell us

    34. RobsterLobster20016

      Am sorry like this but i want i fix so i can a normale settings

    35. RobsterLobster20016

      Update didnt work

    36. Sebastian Duczkowski

      fix the option reset because the March 25 update did not fix anything!

    37. Uriel AnimZ

      Me as an old player who haven"t rlly follow the ark updates: *is this even ark*

      1. pilkers2


    38. Jared Zell

      Is anyone else having the problem that on single player it keeps resetting my settings on ps4

      1. unechainkomlaizotr

        @Jared Zell same

      2. Jared Zell

        Ventura Garcia I have just stopped playing until they fix it

      3. Ventura Garcia

        Jared Zell yes , it’s fricken annoying

    39. Red box

      Fix your ocean platform

    40. [[[[gacha noob]]]]

      Ark please read the bloodstalker in PS4 can glich when you collect one of the glitches I had to tame another one sadly it did it again so please fixe it :(

    41. VOLCANOシ NF

      Hi, I have a problem with Map Genus not activating the tasks in the servers ❤️😁

    42. Xeno #arkfriendsps4

      They should add more fan creatures!(not that I’m annoyed but they should look at the fan made dossiers and do a contest for the best dossier and a new biome for genisis part 2)

    43. Marìa Martìnez

      I have a question when are you going to put new creatures to Ark? For example Acrocanthosaurus or even an Uro please


      Pls add other dlc to mobile im too lazy to go to my pc

    45. 登録者が増える度にハゲる俺。


    46. 黒電話


    47. Mr Caesar

      Please release Primal survival :(

    48. Løser Wølfįe

      I’m on mobile and it won’t let me get the actual expansion pack it just brings me to the trailer

    49. 鈴木恵利香

      AR K KO

    50. The Prime Player !

      While in quarantine you should extend the evolution event to keep people inside

      1. Biscuit BOY

        The Prime Player ! Holy shit they actually did

    51. Jesus adolfo Zamudio valencia

      "Es bellisimo"

    52. RobsterLobster20016

      So i mean wen you logout you lose al youre options setting end offline setting pls fix

    53. RobsterLobster20016

      Genesis is glitch al youre offline setting reset end al you game setting reset i thing a updat wil fix it

    54. Kimberly Brown


    55. José Manuel Tejedor Varcarcel

      Teacher:What is your favourite game guys? Most of them: Fortnite Some of them: Call of duty and othee shooter games A little of them: Minecraft Me and my two friends: Ark:Survival evolved, bitch >:V

    56. Melissa K.

      Hello, I’m also making ARK-videos so come on my channel to see them 🦖💗

    57. Hero Nix

      we want indominus rex he looks cool🙂

    58. Astra Studios

      If you ask me this game is broken since they decided to add manas

    59. Astra Studios

      Can you please make it 20$? That’s what I paid for scorched earth and extinction...

    60. Raymond Dubois 111

      Get rid of the tether PLZ it stupid

    61. Merchitoo

      En mobile pls

    62. WackyClassic Dreamz

      We’re u get out that game

    63. nobody _

      Plz fix the shadow glitch on split screen

    64. Deepak Rai

      Is this the PC version?

    65. 진영주


    66. Jirawat Poungsawat


    67. MadChadlol

      Fix the simple gun command please

    68. Iker Navarro

      You are gong to Putin ark genesis no tablet???

    69. Fightfordeth ___

      And other ark games