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    Thank you so much for supporting me to 1K Subscribers!
    so i decided to make a special video called: asdfmovie9!
    i hope you enjoyed my video!
    Charaters in the video:
    -Christian Kun
    -Alice Rogers
    -Wolfy Playz
    -Zach Steve
    -Kim Siodora
    -Janxen Dale

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    1. Mustafa Franklin

      She’s mine now John 😆

    2. Mustafa Franklin

      Hey Steven What have you done 💥 😂

    3. chocitty


    4. Gaming Pizza

      Dang, *1000k subs?!?* yes I totally didn’t look at your subs.

    5. Hastune Miku

      Jimmy take out the door

    6. Lunime Tube

      1000k? ;>;

    7. Furenchifurai '-'

      1:33 oh god, I get it :

    8. Ryan Bisa

      i get 1:33 cuz he has no dad

    9. Sunil Koppuri

      Oh I’m gay now.

    10. Romi Kurniawan

      Where are the man who allergic to adorable

    11. Elsa Valdez

      My favorite part(whoops)

    12. Sunil Koppuri

      bing bong, bing bing bong, bong,

    13. Kristi Masek

      0:28 when you got nothing else to do in your life Edit: what is the outro music called? Edit 2: I’m your new subscriber

    14. j a i s a l o v e r s

      0:44 oh a Butterfly

    15. Fadl Khairy

      you are the best oh,and congradulations on 1000k subscribers

    16. Kathy Misner

      Why aren't you doing the full versions of the asdf movies there's more to them you know

    17. 《Itz Prii》

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    18. mellybearmeek

      I ❤️your videos

    19. Iana Amdan

      Man 1: Are you hungry? Man 2: No! I'm crazy. Me: And I'm dumb!

    20. miku - ちゃん

      0:23 best part ever *_it’s a lovely day to walk down the road_* _and if I ever stop singing I will explode_ *HEY STEVEN!* _what have you done_ explode

    21. Trixia Baculfo

      Pat: Ooh i wonder what this does! Pat:Oh I'm gay now! Also Pat:Huh... XD my fav part

    22. Hailee Spry

      Uioteet y ooo9

    23. Melissa Parton


    24. wolfi alex gaćha

      Oof oof oof

    25. • Ă ř i a ń ă _ L ø v l ě ý •

      Hah, *Comedy...*

    26. Galaxy_Wolf 1216

      Plz like I am crying one =s. One tear gone plz like ⬇️

    27. Liz Rodriguez

      What have you done! *explodes*

    28. Liz Rodriguez


    29. Alexandra Velasquez

      1:00 whoops

    30. Thãt Ûnknøwń Śhãdøw

      Wait no it starts at 1:12

    31. Thãt Ûnknøwń Śhãdøw

      No 1:15 was the best 😂😂😂🤣

    32. The G-Topia 96

      1:02 you were supposed to fall up the stairs

    33. Millies_Gacha_World

      I LiKe tRAiNs 🥰

    34. Tigran hovo

      Guy: i like trains :/ Guy2: i like portals >:)

    35. suomi on paras

      I like 🚝🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃

    36. Geoff Redston

      You left out the "Can Susie come out to play?" skit.

    37. lexiethewolflover love everyone

      1:02 that got to hurt

    38. Demon Yuri

      Are you hungry? No I’m crazy!

    39. Caramel_Llama

      I may of pressed that button that turns you gay...

    40. Lunar Dreamcatcher

      1:28 Can someone please give me that button? I’ve been wanting to be anything besides straight for years. (Though even if I end up staying my gender and still end up straight, I’ll be a straight ally!)

    41. OctoStrike Studios

      Who remembers the good old days where we would anticipate asdfmovie 9 would come out? I do!

    42. Warrior iron man 917

      0:24 ah poor guy with a cut on his eye

    43. Enrique-Chan 825

      I L I K E T R A I N S

    44. Cloakatious

      THIS IS SO FUCKING CRINGE!! Half of these are parts that *you* don’t even understand lmao. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    45. Exorcist Craftsman

      0:59~1:03 looking is not right!

    46. rabburtt

      the comments sound like that noone has seen the original asdf movie before

    47. Avandro Goncalves


    48. Dendra Gaming 123

      1:18 And This where is playing pole but dead . you dont next to honey im pregnant i can explain

    49. Mcbruh Studios


    50. •{Mīhýůňğ Błïńķ Āřmý}•

      Fierin is a pesimist... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Nguyet Tran

      I like train P 3 P

    52. Kard !

      00.36 is best 😂😂😂😂

    53. Olive Ravenstrike

      Haha *Comedy*

    54. Ethan O'Brien


    55. Ethan O'Brien


    56. Ethan O'Brien


    57. luker steven

      Pie using my catcher character

    58. Kylee plays

      1:09 is my fav part

    59. Rita D Porter


    60. Lovey Fox

      RIP baby

    61. Farmer Dio

      1000k subs

    62. Mxddie Playz

      I dont like the first one

    63. • t r x s h •

      I lIkE tRaInS 🧑 👔 *TrAiN* 👖 👟

    64. Dolores Lewellen

      Wow i like the *SONG*

    65. ImJustCursed Jennifer

      Lokie when i waa watching i got scared by my hair XD

    66. s u n n y m e l

      1:00 this is how my life is going

    67. Blake the blader


      1. Blake the blader


    68. alona mathew

      1:10 R.I.P Joel did nothing wrong plus if babies are eaten how did the parents survive :o

    69. Doggy _ßomes

      I thought he was supposed to fall upwards!?!?

    70. Dedenne Playz

      that was part of assmovie 1-11 this is the 9th inside :D u understand right?

      1. roboty pl

        Polska Poland pl