ASMR 10 New Triggers to Make You Sleepy 💤 (NO TALKING) Experimental, Intense, Satisfying, Tingly



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    Hello ❤️
    Tonight I have 10 trigger sounds for you without whispering, all of which are new aside from the big scratchy fish lol, which briefly featured in my last Tascam video. Some of the triggers are quite experimental and intense, which I thought would be good for breaking tingle immunity, so I hope some of them work for you! :) Oh and there is a bonus trigger of some gentle kitten purring at the end, for those of you who have been requesting that 😻 Thank you very much for watching/listening, I hope you have a lovely and positive week ahead ~ Rhianna 💖 xoxo
    00:01 - 01:48 - Preview
    01:49 - 08:10 - Intense brain massage using scratchy/crinkly fake grass
    08:11 - 12:52 - Corrugated plastic pipe. Scratching & some weird (but tingly) echo kind of sounds
    12:53 - 18:41 - 2 ‘hot ice’ heat packs. Satisfying & crisp crunchy sounds
    18:42 - 26:55 - Lotus seed pods. Hollow scratchy sounds & a nightmare for anyone with trypophobia (sorry)
    26:56 - 32:47 - 2 drinks pouches filled with water and crushed ice, unusual watery sounds
    32:48 - 39:56 - Sisal fish, cat scratching board. Crinkles & tingly scratching sounds
    39:57 - 47:14 - Polystyrene foam balls. Crinkling & rolling in plastic, fingertip tapping etc. (no squeaky sounds!)
    47:15 - 55:09 - Sticky silicone pyramid sheet (thumbnail). Multiple different sounds
    55:10 - 1:02:06 - 2 coconut shell halves. Multiple sounds, some of which sound like clippy cloppy horse hooves 🐴
    1:02:07 - 1:11:14 - A plastic expanding folder. Crinkling, paper sounds & positive notes :)
    1:11:15 - End - Bonus kitty sounds. Purring & sleepy cuddles
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    ❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

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    1. ASMRMagic

      Hey my people ❤️ I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support, kind comments and love on my videos. It’s been getting me down a bit lately that I can no longer respond to a lot of your comments and emails, I feel rude not responding, but I realistically just can’t do it :( So here is a collective thank you and just know that I appreciate every single one of you, I’m grateful for you and the lovely positive energy you always send me. I couldn’t run this channel without you and I hope my videos will positively impact you in some way ❤️ P.S. it’s currently 3:30am, I woke up and can’t get back to ironic for someone who runs a channel trying to help people sleep?? 😝 I’m also in a bit of a sappy mood, can you tell? Oh also, I’m sorry about the thing with holes in, I genuinely didn’t think it would disturb so many people and I apologise 🤭❤️ P.P.S. I can’t use my community tab anymore because it seemed to block DE-news from sending out notifications for my previous upload, which is why I’m in the comments here instead 🙃 Thanks for reading, if you made it this far then you’re even more awesome than I originally thought 😉💖 Love ya!

      1. madd ness

        Tbis is by far one of your best vids!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

      2. chloe n' flake

        I ❤ your familiar! 😼

      3. Neko Soul

        go to the vet with your cat, he(or she) seems to have a mite in the ear(s). I was got same problem with my cat, she always scratch the same spot between ears and eyes, from the bought sides Just saying ^^

      4. madd ness

        ASMRMagic first off you don’t need to apologize for anything. And it’s not your fault people have triggers and you shouldn’t have to apologize or change a thing because of someone else. Anyways just loved the fake grass and those hearts!!! Omg amazing!!!

      5. Paula García

        Don’t worry, the think with holes in is my favorite trigger in all video ❤️🥰😊

    2. Kascie M

      1:10 is so ticklish lmao

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      I’ve searched for almost two months for that tube!!! And even going through multiple channels and come back to you and have up this video come on after another of yours and it went straight to the tube from the grass in about two minutes and I almost flipped off the bed lol.

    7. Bäbÿ G

      Just a thought 💭 I wonder how long it would take asmr video to pour cereal 🥣 and what it would sound like?🤔 I very much enjoyed this video thank you it’s a new nightly ritual. 🙏🏼

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    11. Lyne Archambault

      what beautiful messages towards the end! Are you a practicing Buddhist? I am just curious about you personal philosophy.

    12. Sarah-193

      My glade auto spray thing just went off and scared me out of my relaxation so I have just one thing to say. Automatic airfreshener, I hate you.

    13. Sarah-193

      That corrugated tube gave me my first proper tingles from asmr, my entire body just got chills like instantly. When the end is pointed to the mic 🤤

    14. Sky Nightly

      The cat sounds like my cat,Wich is now refusing to eat do we have to use a antibiotics needle for her to eat........😭😭 1 like=one prayer for my cat to eat normally again

    15. sunshine sun

      The ironic part of all of y'all saying you wanted to skip over the lotus part: Exposure therapy helps with phobias. That is, if you think trypophobia is real, considering it's not in the DSM 5.

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    24. Lori Cook

      1:06:3 - 1:10:36 Thank you for that sweet information! You will always brighten up someone's day!

    25. Reaper x

      sometimes im half asleep by the end of ur previews, u shud combine all the previews for a vid 🤩😍 heaven x

    26. Izabell !

      Me: trying to sleep Ad: I think I"m gonna stop this rigtt now

    27. dkolster83

      Please do more scratching the grass....its so good I cant even think of words!

    28. Miscarriage of Akkad

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      I swear you're a genius lol. I play your beds to get to sleep or while I sleep. I happened to be awake today with my kitten purring right next to me and I turned around and saw a cat on the screen also purring. I had thought to myself previously if I was going to make an ASMR video I'm seriously getting a kitten purring LOL. This is why I say your Genius. Keep up the good work Girlfriend.

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        And Then There Are Bisexuals I know!!! It’s my favorite trigger in all the video

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      A trypophobia warning would’ve been nice

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    56. Afroqazaq KZ

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