[ASMR] Fall Asleep in 25 Minutes ~ Intense Relaxation

Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR

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    Let me help you fall asleep tonight in 25 minutes using some new tingly triggers I picked up from Vegas! Enjoy ear to ear whispers, finger flutters, face brushing, a card countdown, page turning, gentle tapping and scratching, lotion sounds and more!
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    1. cuitepuppy 1134

      Tingting: I went to Las Vegas! Me: Cool I went to my fridge for the 1000th time today!

    2. imstill asmrsara

      I looove your video's!! They're always able to make me sleep!

    3. Chris Steele

      Also sometimes I share this, the Bible says that GOD loves us so much that he sent his son JESUS CHRIST to this earth and HE lived a perfect sinless life.And JESUS went to a cross and gave HIS life for us.And rose again in 3 days and who ever will receive JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO THEIR HEART AND FORGIVE THEIR SINS,HE WILL TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN.

    4. Marquieta Evans

      My new favorite artist my new favorite ASMR person be like I hope you're doing well me actually I just been really sick and I just had this cuz I can't fall asleep but yet you're my favorite so I was going to watch you anyway clap clap

    5. victoria catherine

      I needed this it’s currently 1 am and I’m supposed to be sleeping but I can’t because i’m stressing over the fact that I have 3 tests tomorrow

    6. Trevor Kovitch

      where can I find those cards?

    7. Aina Aguayo Holguin

      That girl always makes me sleep before the video end :o

    8. RarePepen0

      Tysm it really helped me fall asleep

    9. StickmanMage LORD TACHANKA’S Deciple

      Nobody gonna ask why she has a small shoe at all?

    10. Natasya M

      27 minutes🖤🖤

    11. Abigail Perkins

      oml idk why but the “wercome beck” always makes me dmile

    12. Art by James Butler

      0:06 free welcome back

    13. 素敵な人

      Can you speak Chinese? I am a Taiwanese~ Where are you from?♡ I didn’t know you because I just watched your movie soon.

    14. Sanjay Rawat

      So good

    15. Melia Canales

      Is it just me or does anyone feel like they are being put into a trance?3:01

    16. Fudge is cool

      I luvvvv 23:25

    17. Julianah Oropeza

      Wercome back😂

    18. Wallflower ASMR

      I think you're English is very good! You are also very beautiful! I love your makeup and your ASMR channel is one of my favorites!! 🤗🌻

    19. Dead Muffin

      Me:*gets ready to watch asmr with volume on headphones turned up* Ad:I am going to end this man's career

    20. Itz Vālen

      Is it okay that I'm not in my bed, I have a sibling screaming and crying another playing with a high volume, and also the TV with some things of what the babys see, and an air conditioner doing a lot of noise over there and I also have tingles..?

    21. kayleegordonnn

      I couldn’t wake up because of this 😂

    22. Adriana Vega

      Tingting: I pass out after 10 minutes Me: Girl that's this comment section watching your vids

    23. Simply Sisters

      She protec She attac But most importantly... She werrrrcome us back ❤️💖💕💙💛

      1. a l a n n a TM

        Simply Sisters 💕💕💕💕💕

    24. Annerose

      Omg, i haven't had tingles for sooooo much time wow tingting Having this feeling again is weird...

    25. RISHETY Lindor choolate

      Where did u bring this

    26. Kaits Lifee

      Tingting:Hi guys, werrcome back... Me: Well, it's time for me to get my pillow and a blanket! 2 minutes later... Me: zzzzzzzzzz...😴😴😴😴

    27. sᴜᴋᴀʀɪ

      Me: * Enjoying ASMR * JCPenny Commercial: *”ITS FALL SEASON!”*

    28. Peter Tse

      Tightning:5..5..5.. Me: I KNOW ITS FIVE!

    29. Livia Cruz

      algum BR aqui???

    30. Anlo04 :3

      1:50 Только русский орнёт

    31. emily

      omg this was posted on my bday😔i didn’t even watch it😔😔

    32. Jens Zetterström

      in your videos i really FALL asleep love you

      1. a l a n n a TM

        Jens Zetterström *laughs in autumn*

    33. Mary Ellen M

      Me at 12:00 am : it’s ting ting time!

    34. JK's Shoulder Angel

      Can we take a moment to enjoy the fact she has no ads-

    35. Hi_thisis_cynthis

      0:03 aaaaaaa cute

    36. Foamy_ Pinapples

      Omg the growing potatoes was so cute

    37. Katelynn Courtney

      Thank you Miss tinting for helping me relax

    38. PuppyPlayz YAZ

      Omg I used to HATE ASMR I was like ugh ASMR is so annoying now I can’t last 10 minutes without going on DE-news and seeing 100 ASMR videos in my recommendations because I watched so many

    39. emmanem

      ASMR is kinda weird if you think about it but it’s also like the greatest thing ever not gonna lie 😂💖

    40. psycho fann

      I love you !!! 😘❤❤❤❤

    41. AMEYST

      I'm watching this during University's break 😍 and it really helps me to focus in lectures! .... hopefully not sleep😂

    42. Trystan Meighn

      These are literally my favorite videos 😌💖

    43. Habiba دودو


    44. i like bts and blackpink

      Am I the only one who looked at her nails and immediately thought: BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA Yeah just me? Ok..

    45. Cofia Smolskaya

      This isnt asmr. This is evident magic

    46. Total Kong

      Watches ASMR for a 5 min break on the loo while kids play and I’m nearly asleep with pants round the ancles. .. cones bed time and I’m scrolling for one to watch 🤦🏼‍♀️


      Я один здесь русский?

    48. Chloe Vorne

      The one person who asks me how my day is

    49. Bk Epicnesss

      The way she says wrcome back is more satisfying than welcome back. 🙂 ( but srsly her accent makes it more satisfying for some reason)

    50. Ally Burns

      Love your videos!! Especially the counting, I would totally watch an entire video of you counting down:)

    51. Koala

      Even though sometimes I don’t know what she is saying, it’s still soothing

    52. Alyaa Midoo

      From egypt🙋❤

    53. Invisible

      *THE FUCK?! I STOPPED AT **0:47** ALMOST GOT MYSELF A PANIC ATTACK!* each time you came closer to the camera i went farther, each time the brush touched the screen i felt shivers and extreme irritation... i wanted to jump away and escape! all my body is shaking! sheesh ... i simply used duckduckgo to search for the meaning of asmr and what it was, i found your face's picture on the image search result and i liked the way you looked. but this is .... this kind of intimacy is extremely rejected! this is very much bothersome! sheesh... sorry but i believe this is not my place! bye!

    54. Sour Raccoon

      -I need to go to- *phone buzz* /welp/ ITS 5:26 pm rn but. GN GUYS

    55. Shania Helm

      This was amazing 😭 wish you would have put the shower cap over the mic and brushed it.

    56. Hermes


    57. Alizaya Garbiso

      I watch this video every night And I never finish the video because I fall asleep when she says hey guys

    58. Jeongins Darling

      Es ist 1:29. Ich hab morgen früh Schule und muss schlafen

    59. Giusy Fla


    60. Gillian Jones

      Do you have eney slime??????

    61. 明るいmya


    62. Rachael Beck yeeyee

      It says “uploaded 1 hour ago”, but I swear I’ve already watched this video, like a few days ago *.*

    63. Amara Garber

      No joke.I tried this once and I took a 1 hour nap after school!

    64. Raa Pekrul

      The hand sounds at 0:10 were my favorite

    65. Alessia

      Is she korean or chinese?

    66. rezon Quifx

      This Video is great and it make fun

    67. きょーやSTYX HELIX


    68. Daz

      YASSSSSS SHE SAID ITT! I go insane every time she says it... *werrcome back*

    69. Arlielou

      WeRcome back

    70. Tiffany B

      OMG Ting Ting was in Vegas...that's where I'm from. That just made me so happy!