ASMR Go to Sleep (4k)

Jojo's ASMR

Jojo's ASMR

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    I'm telling mom that you're up past bed time. Don't make me do this.
    0:00 Intro
    2:40 Slow and Calm Breathing for Sleep
    8:30 Tingle Brushes
    11:33 Tingle Slinky
    14:36 Simulated Scalp Massage
    19:26 Hand Movements and Visual Triggers
    21:54 Tapping
    25:09 Outro
    Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:
    This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***
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    1. Gettriggered _Ian

      Timestamps for Mobile users: 0:00 Intro 2:40 Slow and Calm Breathing for Sleep 8:30 Tingle Brushes 11:33 Tingle Slinky 14:36 Simulated Scalp Massage 19:26 Hand Movements and Visual Triggers 21:54 Tapping 25:09 Outro Yay!

      1. Dillon Thornton

        Gettriggered _Ian Lucky there wasn’t like 35 of them even then you still might do it

      2. Gettriggered _Ian

        @Brandon Postel So cynical

      3. PCGames 4Free

        @Ace - Gaming by clicking time you can skip to it. In mobile you won't skip if it's written in decription but in comment it's possible

      4. Butter Biscuit

        Max Chamberlain you can’t click on the description

      5. Roman


    2. Emily S. Alcántara

      *G* *A* *S* *P* no _squidward_

    3. Babygirl Jayliana Roseツ

      *If you don't go to sleep there will be no Squidward roleplay* *Me-Calls 911* *911-911 how can I help you?* *Me-Hi Yes I'd like to report a crime*

    4. x Mochii x

      Comment no I wanna see how many people see this

    5. MrMattie 020

      Me at 2 am: nobody can tell me to go to sleep. Sees jojos video Me: wel i think iam going to sleep

    6. Agustin ChanxD

      8:19= lol

    7. 2 bilistek yellow guns

      Ok let's say jojo is 20 he may be talking to a 50 year old man LMAO

    8. Jay2timz ?

      If you wAnt is to go to slee

    9. Jaxon Younggg

      Can someone wish me a happy birthday 🥳🥺

    10. 乇ᗪꀤㄒ丂.乇乂乇

      Jojo: No squidward role play if you don’t fall asleep! Me: W a i t, t h a t s i l l e g a l

    11. Garlic Bread

      Legend says the person he was talking to never fell asleep

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    13. Hehe 08

      Omg u r so good at asmr! I always fell a sleep with ur videos! Ur so amazing👍

    14. Alex animationz

      ThAnKs DaD!

    15. Nicholas Yatros

      Plz do a brush video

    16. Rhinestone Cowboy

      need moar card trricks

    17. Laura Dumitriu

      I allways wanted to sleep in 4K!

    18. Arlene Batilo

      Me:i'll just close my eyes just for a 1min *closing my eyes* Also me:*opening my eyes* Wait its morning

    19. Olive Garden Unlimited Breadsticks

      I just realized that I've been drinking a mountain dew for the past 10 minutes of this video

    20. Amelia Stanley

      its morning for me

    21. Happy What

      Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 2:40 Slow and Calm Breathing For Sleep 8:30 Tingle Brushes 11:33 Tingle Slinky 14:35 Simulated Scalp Massage 19:26 Hand Movements and Visual Triggers 21:54 Tapping 25:09 Outro

    22. Nick Snyder

      He pranked us all... this isn’t even 4K

    23. Fusing Chameleon

      Watch this video to go to sleep: Gets sleep insomnia from watching this before bed:

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    25. Agent Hazmat

      U should do more role play asmr

    26. Lailah Tossetti

      You should do a jack jack rolplay

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      Hi Read more

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      Why do you need 4K if your eyes are closed🤨

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      I’m watching this because I have 7 exams Tomorrow 😢

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      Day 7 of asking Jojo to do a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures RP

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      But like imagine if jo jo siwa did asmr

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      Fell asleep😁

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    35. AglaiaLeann A

      When he says this will be the last video u watch..he doesn’t lie...I FELL ASLEEP TO THIS VIDEO 19 DAYS IN A ROW

    36. Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

      But it's not 60 fps.... bye 😅

    37. God


    38. Journey In Time

      Who else hates being stared at during asmr

    39. Zeto

      When he said no squidward roleplay I was like ight ima head out but when he said jk I was like ight I'm back

    40. Aaron Sampla

      Can u please put the equipment u use in the description?

    41. Derha Basumatary

      Bro what's the name of your tshirt

    42. Michael sineath

      oh no he went there

    43. Michael sineath


    44. Michael sineath

      Time to night or no sqouid youl play

    45. Cammy Ro

      Your voice is soothing but idk why lmao

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      Guess again I scrolled through DE-news before I went on Netflix

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      I'm in rehab right now trying to sleep. JoJo, you're awesome.

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      Me trying to sleep: Perfect Jojo there !

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      Your asmrs is too notch

      1. cats geting god


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      timestamps 0:00 start 27:02 end

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      14:54 train went pass

    59. Theorie and co

      Si vous êtes français commente ou aime

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      I actually fell asleep to dis

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      7:13 Me: *trying to fall asleep to Jojo's ASMR Jojo: let it goooo.. Me: aw snap *starts singing and now the song is stuck in my head*

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