[ASMR] Guaranteed Sleep in 20 Minutes ~ Relaxing Sounds

Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR

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    Let me help you fall asleep tonight in this super relaxing ASMR sleep treatment. Enjoy ear to ear whispers, tiny brushes mic brushing, writing sounds, hand movements with a sleep countdown, tingly gentle tapping, lid sounds, and more!
    New uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday! Be sure to come back often ^_^
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    1. rabbitt 101

      Love your videos

    2. Filippa Just Pedersen

      For people who don't get tingles Tingting: Welcome back

    3. Lxr Third


    4. Elisa Marie Hoerth

      I always love when tingting says: Hey guys.... Werrcome back. I am already closing my eyes. Oh damn! I didn't realize it's 4:45am!

    5. Renata Denipoti

      I really don't know why would someone would dislike this video

    6. Ooky Gang

      Did anyone else hear the knocking when she was saying five?

    7. Brittanny&Whittanny

      she turns into a vsco girl at 12:30

    8. Nightmare Wolfie 666

      I'm a huge fan!

    9. Nightmare Wolfie 666

      I LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!!

    10. Trinnity love12•

      Is it just me or do you just love her voice😁💜

    11. Kayla

      This is always world

    12. Ooky Gang

      What are you doing scrolling the comments? GO TO SLEEP ALREADY!

    13. Kids Bustamante


    14. thatonekid

      Is this hypnosis ?

    15. Kids Bustamante


    16. Kids Bustamante


    17. MJ Bush

      A jewelry box is putting me to sleep 😶

    18. Payton L

      I'm studying for a Chinese quiz to this

    19. Bakugo’s Waifu

      When she was counting omg it was so relaxing

    20. Mirjana Andic

      Werrcome back XD

    21. Cherry Blossoms

      Sorry Ting Ting. I would love to watch more videos but it took forever for me to type this and I'm so tired my eyes are droopy and I can barely see the keyboard

    22. Andromeda V.

      A-Dorable 🤗💕

    23. unicorn_diamond ice

      Didn't she say the devil's number

    24. cake cat

      I listen to this every night to sleep 😴

    25. Aaron Ruvera

      Its to make shirts that say wercome back 😂😂😂

    26. salate0000

      She is amazing. Every night before sleep I listen this.

    27. Andreea Deaconescu

      I hear: hi guys--... Me: 😴😴 😂

    28. Miss Sweetie

      its 3:49am and its first day in school and i want to die only tingting can save me

    29. DSCAwesome 107

      I never finish watching her vids idl why I only sleep when its her vids😅😅

    30. SILENT BEE

      My opinion is amused

    31. honeybae

      New subscriber ❤️

    32. Мелкий Пацан

      Если ты русский,ставь лайк чтобы иностранцы не понимали этого и думали что я написал важную вещь

    33. potato crew vlogs

      I am sick and asmr is the only thing that gets me to sleep when I’m sick and the of course my friends start blowing up my phone

    34. A Still Chill Guy

      Do you ever wonder if she purposely says werrcome back?

    35. Bjørk Paamand

    36. not me

      *werrcome back*

    37. WRONG VST

      Your breath is so relaxing


      The world : I put the volume up all the way to hear the ASMR clearly ad SUAVE DEODORANT My phone : am I a joke to you Ok I don’t get ads that’s why I said that

    39. Mikayla Duh

      This is about the 5th time I've fallen asleep to this video, I would like to say thanks. I have just started S1 (first year in highschool in UK) and it has been stressful and really hard to sleep. Tysm again and keep going!!! ❤❤❤

    40. Nora Reardon

      Her voice is so relaxing and calming

    41. purple haze

      Ting ting is so perfect and beautiful in every way

    42. NS - 05CA - Churchville PS (1436)

      Lol at one point I forgot I was watching this I just fell tingles and whispering I got scared and realized I’m watching same vid

    43. EBB MC

      Tingting: *open box and plays with the furry stuff inside* *leg twitches* Me: whaa? Tingting: *plays with squishy thing* *shoulder twitches* Me: the actual fuck

    44. Red Stunter at

      Did someone already see the end of an ASMR vid 😭😭😭


      It sounds like she’s saying work ‘em back 😂😆❤️🌸

    46. Spill The Tea

      Me: *falling asleep* *drops the god damn phone on my nose* Me: wtf

    47. Andrew  Ruelas

      I haven't gotten tingles for a while an I'd say I watch asmr to go to sleep almost regularly all sorts of good videos but once I played this one the tingles came back thank you!!!! 😁

    48. Tanya Gorbunov

      Hello Tingting, i really love your new haircut and hair color, you look stunning!

    49. COCO JUMBO the King Charles caviller

      3:19 EAR RAPE

    50. Snipeoff

      Me: Starts to relax Ting Ting: Sets marker down without the cap on Me: I can't watch anymore 😂

    51. Gold Dust Woman

      You are my favorite ASMR artist. You always put me to sleep and you are so relaxing❤️ sending love and appreciation from the USA xo💕

    52. W e n W e n

      I felt that when she said 'sk sksks sksk" I think she's vsco

    53. pax2bag w

      No one: Obnoxiously loud pre-ASMR commercials: “let’s get those ear drums warmed up!!!!”

    54. Alina Zalevska

      It's amazing 😍😍😍

    55. Idelle Khoo

      I love the way she cutely says werrcome back, shes chinese and chinese accent is actly rlly hard to get rid of if ur speaking a foreign lang, proud of her!

    56. WantedMina

      Werrcome back and relax todayt 😍

    57. theshipcairns

      Werrcome back replays 0:06

    58. David Johnson

      Is it true that the Chinese lucky number is actually 13 and unlucky numbers are 7? I’ve been watching lots of that Sherlock Holmes show Elementary and he brings it up during a case. You also have a really chill Lucy Liu vibe too!

    59. Qyra Basit

      0:54-1:05 who else was waiting for her to say goose👀 just me that’s cool🤷🏽‍♀️

    60. Ur Mom1029384756

      Mom: Get off your phone its time for bed Me: But Mom I'm watching TingTing Mom: oh okay

    61. Pizazzy Snazzy

      Ahaha it’s 4am here and I can’t sleep coz I’m stressed af hope this works

    62. Potato blob

      i have school tomorrow thank goodness i found this hope i fall asleep in time 😴

    63. Anna Miguel

      It's makes me go to sleep do y'all feel sleepy

    64. Anna Goodwin

      When she tapped the brush on the camera I was like "ow my eye " 😂

    65. Maxime Kerjose

      Satannnn 😈 6:45

    66. ноу нейм

      12:31 she say suka? 😅

    67. Cock’s Bizarre Adventure

      redbull vs this video is a challenge we need to see

    68. Catherine Schultz

      I watched part of another videos of yours. I guess you like playing sound effect? And whispering? I can see the reason to do it for this video ‘relax’. The tapping and other sounds are still creepy for me. Sorry! Glad you have find your style and people like you!

    69. TypicallyTemo

      Bruh these companies need ASMR friendly ADs, like I don't need Geico or Qmee yelling at me while I'm trying to sleep. 😂😭

      1. Matt Smith


    70. Miel Army