ASMR KAWAII XXL Tascam Trigger Assortment for Deep Relaxation & Intense Tingles [NO TALKING]

asmr zeitgeist

asmr zeitgeist

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    Aww, KAWAII! Check out this super cute XXL Tascam trigger assortment for deep relaxation, intense tingles, and healthy sleep. Enjoy over 2 hours the most popular Tascam triggers as well as some new and experimental ones. No talking, just tingles. ;)
    This ASMR video contains countless triggers such as tapping, scratching, crinkle sounds, fizzy foam, floam, latex gloves, mic brushing, crinkle sounds, plastic wrap, fluffy windshield, squishy toys, textured sponges, mascara wands, cotton buds, Japanese ear picks, feathers, slime and many, many more... :)
    Starring in this video: TOSHI, the Tascam. Probably the cutest sound recorder in the entire ASMR community. Always remember, TOSHI loves you!
    Please use headphones or earbuds to fully enjoy the binaural 3D sound of this ASMR video.
    ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and describes a tingling sensation that usually starts on the scalp or the back of the neck and can spread throughout the rest of the body. Videos like this are meant to trigger this feeling, known as tingles. It can also be used for relaxation purposes or to fall asleep. Some people use it to focus while studying.
    Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content but the quality of YOUR experience!

    C U SOON! :)


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    1. asmr zeitgeist

      Hey sweet insomniacs & tingle lovers! Ready for over 2h of kawaii triggers?! I hope you enjoy this sound assortment with TOSHI the Tascam. Let me know your favourite triggers down below! Embrace the tingles! ;D C u! P.S.: If you’re more into whispering check out my last upload. ;)

      1. Samel Mariano

        Hey your my idol❤️i hope i can sleep now🤣❤️❤️❤️

      2. PlasmaDragon

        Plz do more of this 7:42

      3. Dilyn Tickell

        Zzzzzzzzz wait what i,m ready but let me sleep it is too good

      4. Bogdan Bogdanoff

        Sooooooooooo does the mic have a screen with its own animations or did you green screen it?

      5. iz hannah

        When u put things on the mic

    2. eduarda silva duda

      Maravilhoso da muito sono❤😴😴

    3. Grayson animation stories

      Me fall asleep 😴. Another video plays. James Charles hey sisters me what the hell

    4. Jinkyy GT

      I just had a thought. He would have to test so many sounds on his free time. Imagine just being in the dollar store and tapping and squishing. Just like "ahh yes this would be PERFECT for ASMR". I respect that Lmao

    5. Faze_dopey2004 ,

      This man joined 2015 I join 2013 how the fuck does this guy have so many subs

    6. Jim Guy

      Honestly most of these sound like what I hear when I put my head underwater and it's so soothing

    7. Lj sayo hehe

      Just relax... Stop checking the comments

    8. Milena De Haan

      The people who disliked this video are deaf

    9. conito kawaii

      Thanks you for make me sleep

    10. Smokeed

      Im just now realizing how much I trust asmr artists. Like this dude could just randomly scream in the video with my headphones in and volume at 100.

    11. Supreme Beanos


    12. Diana García

      ¿Quién demonios le da dislike?

    13. Lazib Sabir

      Your the best zeitgeist your video quality and things you use are awesome 😎

    14. gisel more

      Apenas era el inicio y yo ya me estaba durmiendo xd

    15. your mother

      *56:50* *56:50* *56:50* *56:50* *56:50*

    16. ej :D

      the ONLY asmr artist that can give me tingles.

    17. uber buyer

      Same old, same old trite

    18. Silvia Lanzini

      Rilassante 😑😑😑👍

    19. Casey Hempel

      the electric toothbrush is

    20. Casey Hempel

      amazing video and attention to detail. the tingles are mucho

    21. Ixxy mcmanus

      Roses are red violets are blue the preview ends at 1:52

    22. Trash Can

      Roses are red Violets are blue I know some people hate the preview so it ends and 1:42

    23. Ask Prytz


    24. Baby Monkey Pink

      Wow ASMR

    25. Isabel Duarte

      Esse cara é......foda!!!☺

    26. マホモト


    27. Zac Warren

      There are too many ads on this video.... I couldn't relax and sleep

      1. Aziraphel Mallory

        Good god shut up. He puts all of his ads at the beginning not the middle. Stop being a fucking baby. He has to make money to survive.

    28. de_quin :3

      I actually finished the video cause I accidentally fell asleep And i hear the sounds in my dreams

    29. Alex Depew

      You are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to make your videos!

    30. Octavia the gacha


    31. X-BAN

      Ad : people cooking (almost ASMR) Me : Wow what happened

    32. Crazy Dave 652

      Do you edit the faces on the Tascam in afterward, or are they on the mic's screen?

    33. ming shi


    34. Kairo Schmitz

      Where do I get one of those, I need one it’s too cute!

    35. Anime Queen

      19:09 E.T?

    36. marilia colon

      21:25 Thumbnail :3

    37. Subscribe to PewDiePie and Unsub from T-Series NOW

      i wonder what he thinks about while making these hour videos..... Zeitgeist: UGH! Why do they want me to do 2-hour videos? Well, I guess it's for the fans. Zeitgeist halfway through: I wonder if unicorns are just genetically enhanced rhinos Zeitgeist 1 hour 30 min in I wonder if that wall is spinning rainbow or spinning so fast it appears rainbow Wall: I'm... not spinning at all Zeitgeist: Whoa the wall is talking! Scientists watching him from the outside: SIR! It appears he is talking to a wall... he's saying its spinning in rainbows! I think he's been in here way too long!

    38. Gacha Olive

      hear me out Tascam=Kawaii=Japan=anime=hentai=fapping=cumming Welp, shit

    39. Martin

      Thumbs down votes should be made to explain themselves. Love this video 🙌👍

    40. Music Android

      Awesome editing zeitgeist! How do you match thr background with the Tascams face??

    41. irene es

      I love this video

    42. KicsiGéj


    43. elmolonoli_22

      A like you contenido

    44. BurntThots

      Just have to say this, but the mic looks like a taser!

    45. Thomas Boyle

      9:00 where did u get those

    46. Biker

      nice relax

    47. SuHANi LoVeS PiNK

      You guys he deserves more than just 1.2m help him❤🙏🙏

    48. Ti Amo Potato

      How does he not fall asleep making these??

    49. Marialuiza Monteiro

      Haaa que fofinho ❤❤❤

    50. ProjectDreamerYT

      Me: listening to this adorable asmr Also me: randomly remembers the time I went to the wrong table only to realize that wasn't my dad

    51. Mariana Jara

      Alguém br

    52. sabri suarez


    53. Michael Wilsey

      Everyone is trying to make money off something or someone this ad for keeps popping up about free space and random made up false reviews of I fell asleep whith in seconds omg amazing but it’s always the same it’s all bull trying to capitalize off of creators and people like this

    54. Bombonzinha Chan UwU

      Aonde tu comprou isso?? Ah esqueci vc é do estados unidos, tem tudo la ;--;

    55. 지은


    56. Stylex_1 2

      Are you german ‘cause of Zeitgeist hahaha nur nh frage

    57. SEVERINO.

      Tingly my ear drums FOR REAL.

    58. Shakira Tranquille

      Guys, *please*. Let’s take a minute to appreciate how much work Zeitgeist puts into his videos. He makes sure the colours are well organized, he splits the screen, mixes up the order of the colourful microphones and so much more. The editing is exquisite - think how much time he had to spend on it! The video is 2h long! Just wanted to say a huge thank you, Zeitgeist. We appreciate it, even when we don’t comment about it.

    59. gamer channel chrh

      Make more of these= more subscribers


      ..aMAZINg----Good relaxtion,thank you.............

    61. Pascal Moll

      Its even better when u hear the soft raining outside

    62. Puto Plays

      Assistindo aquele asmr d boa neh😌😌 aí do nada *RECALCULAA!!!* 😤😤😤

    63. D4RK DRAG0N

      Me: turns my vol to max Ad:HEY GUYS ITS PATRIC STAR

    64. cbudzyn

      LOL @ 0:18 my daughter has a fox headband that’s pink (I don’t why-I don’t get it) but the face just cracked me up bc it’s like she walked into Clair’s (her fav store - girl jewelry & accessories galore, like a unicorn threw up pink & glitter everything). Then being so happy and buying things passing out from the power shopping, with daddy’s money of course...... My husband: how did she/we spend $120.00 at Clair’s? Me: she gave me ASMR Zeitgeist taskcam googley eyes......I don’t know. Then she was happy & took a nap, which made mommy happy.

    65. Cyianne Ma

      Where did you get these tiny cute pinky octopus???

    66. Candes

      I read ASMR HENTAI XXX because of octopus

    67. Hund mit 1000 Abonnenten

      19:06 its so nice

    68. Ryan Moore

      3:45 me when my first gf let me first touch her boobehs xD I kid, I kid. I love your videos, Zeitgeist!!

      1. Obi-wan kenobi

        I doubt you have one

    69. Birdsarecute73

      I thought toshi had a pacifier in its mouth on the thumbnail🤣

    70. Samet Akbina

      Me: *Clicks Video* *5 secs later* Me: Zzzzz