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Karuna Satori ASMR

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    Thanks for being patient with me while I took a smol break.. I feel like lately my content hasn’t been original and just kind of “filler”. That’s fine, but I’m just not the type to do that too often. So I wanted to come back more excited and wanting to film, not feel like I have to. So anyway.. today’s video is another “mommy tucks you in” series, only this time I will be cleaning your ears! When I tuck you in, I offer a puppet show before you go to sleep. I was very slow and thorough with this video.. so I hope you enjoy :,).. so please! Sit back, relax, and let me clean yo little ears. Know I LOVE you, with alll of my person, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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    1. Faye bae1234

      i can believe she records on her phoneeeee the qualityyy is soo good wth??

    2. Ronnie Humphrey

      8:59 my eyes!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Queen Zai

      Who else wonders do she do this to her kids?

    4. •Kawaii Flower•

      3:14 your doing great sweetie, your doing aMaZiNg SwEetIE no hate btw

    5. Mae dayz

      If liquid goes in one ear to another... Doesn't that mean my brain is feeling it too???

    6. iPurple BangtanSonyeondan

      At 7:20, turn on your captions and it will say “can you hear me yeah you could probably see like going into your butt” 😭😂

    7. Anesha Shephard

      Your way of cleaning ears is so technical My Mum just sticks a cotton bud in my ear

    8. K CR

      Literally helps with my mommy issues

    9. Elise Rodriguez

      *I think this is the most viewed video cuz it's the best.* *I can't stop watching it anyone else?*

    10. Raquel medina

      This is making me fall asleep I want the blue pajamas my favorite color is blue are we a boy or a girl

    11. Suika Watermelo

      Yay I get to be an ear

    12. Pxtato - Roblox

      Does Parteon cost money? I’m thinking about getting it.. but Idk if it costs money.. I just turned 18 in April. So I am old enough but.. ok imma just be quite now 😂

    13. Leah Slater

      Your suppose to be sleeping stop scrolling comments

    14. Jamie Reid

      Eh just being straight I bet old men like this stuff tho

    15. Venus Perez

      Who else saw her phone on the reflection of her glasses

    16. Maryam Ahmadi

      👁 👁 👃🏽 👄

    17. Marissa Carter

      👁👂👁 💋

    18. Rainbow Pheonix XD

      lol i laughed so hard when she like shqiuasouaspdipas

    19. just lucky __

      thank you mommy

    20. Fat Yoshi

      7:21 “Yeah you can probably feel it going into your butt” *i saw it put captions on*

    21. More Mak

      Who else actually tilted their head 😂😂

    22. Allama

      *Mother Satori:* You're a little bit too young to understand. *me being 15:* ..............I mean honestly yeah.

    23. Michał Bobrowski

      This is causing school shootings...

    24. Singin ASMR

      This is what my face looks like 👁 👁. 👂🏻 👃 👄

    25. Just Me Phoebe

      Is it just me or she looks like Harley Quinn?

    26. Devil Gacha_girl

      And i oop....SKSKSKSKSKSKSK

    27. Firefox gacha

      if this happens I will be like 👂👁👁👂

    28. Vereen John

      But I felt tingles everytime she put something close to the camera.

    29. -Riko Yuno-

      0:11 I just- 😓

    30. XxLØVË ẞÚÑNYxX


      1. aashi lux


    31. Emery Clark

      Wait am I a boy or girl

    32. Sora Guyo

      My face looks like..😴 lol

    33. Jayleigh's breyer channel fon

      We all tingle down here

    34. Kristheboss

      Cool vape juice you cleaned my ears with...

    35. Christmas Autumns

      This was my first ASMR video I ever watched. I came across it by accident. I was confused but I couldn’t stop watching. I have now been an ASMR addict 12 months 😂

    36. Wayne Webb

      This cameras ears must be extra clean and sanatary

    37. Rare Gacha

      but mom I wanted the bunny shirt!!!!!!!

    38. Mysterious Mike

      Also....I'm on my couch watching TV in front of my bunk bed.....don't mess with me and mah bed!

    39. Mysterious Mike

      Her:it won't hurt Me:okay Her:OOF Me: u play roblox \( ⊙. ⊙ )/ don't u clean and not play games!

    40. Emily Jade

      What if ur parents just walk in...

    41. Christophacy gaming

      I have tingles on my right wrist

    42. Christophacy gaming

      Spooky scary skeletons and tingles down your back

    43. Dez Aray

      She reminds me of Donna, from That 70s Show

      1. Mineslayer45

        Oml she kinda does

    44. Heaven Glow

      Mom -_- my nose isn't my ear...

    45. 섞은젖을

      I got smacked in the face with a pajama sleeve and vape juice was put in my ear 👍

    46. Lauren Dela Cruz

      I've watched this a billion times, what's happening with me 🤷‍♀️

    47. The Animatronic Bobcat


    48. The Animatronic Bobcat

      It's 9:51 at night and I'm in bed in my pajamas and I always watch asmr before bed. Quick tip:If it's a school night watch asmr and It will help ya sleep

    49. `sugarbuns`

      what did she just say my name was? *im going to ruin this woman’s whole career*

    50. NiaNova

      4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 4:43 keep tappin over and over again

    51. Daniel Rodriguez

      Want is she doing


      I was watching this in the bathroom and I was literally falling asleep

    53. Ilainna Beepat

      U are a crazy woman I like it

    54. mysterious gamer

      Well This Is Akward...

    55. Elyssa Adel Angel

      She pulled out a green boy shirt and a pink girl shirt. I’m so confused what gender are meant to be. ????¿?????¿

    56. 지민Jimine

      👁👃🏻👁 👄

    57. Mikayla Adel

      Did a mom just say oof

    58. Charlotte Edits

      imagine if your mom actually talked to you like this

    59. Sean kleizah

      Me:*my hands hurt* My parents:give me that phone Me:😑

    60. diamond jeffreys


    61. Christina Thompson

      you are cooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllll

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      Is anybody else hiding there asmr like it's a drug

    63. ashlynn Woody


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      is the dislike button for the comments even necessary? I know it’s random but I just wanna know. Like does it down “like” like on reddit or doesn’t it do anything at all? 🤔

    65. Zolbayar Delgersaikhan

      you ar best lovu

    66. Zolbayar Delgersaikhan

      is gbtbtbybbt

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      there's something about the way she says mommy

    68. GachaDuckyChibi


    69. Sophia Santos

      Who else listens with headphones and wakes up with them on and there ears hurting !!!! Anyone .... just me

    70. Sophia Santos

      So I set up time to take a break on DE-news but I never listen to it ever