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Karuna Satori ASMR

Karuna Satori ASMR

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    Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, welcome to our family! I encourage you to introduce yourself in the comments, there is ALWAYS someone to talk to, whether it be me, or another one of our family members. I’m proud of our community here, this is a safe place to talk about anything your comfortable sharing. Please remember YOU are the reason OUR channel is alive, and for that I am beyond thankful. Welcome to the family. Oh, and, we sound like a cult.. because we probably are.
    Thanks for being patient with me while I took a smol break.. I feel like lately my content hasn’t been original and just kind of “filler”. That’s fine, but I’m just not the type to do that too often. So I wanted to come back more excited and wanting to film, not feel like I have to. So anyway.. today’s video is another “mommy tucks you in” series, only this time I will be cleaning your ears! When I tuck you in, I offer a puppet show before you go to sleep. I was very slow and thorough with this video.. so I hope you enjoy :,).. so please! Sit back, relax, and let me clean yo little ears. Know I LOVE you, with alll of my person, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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    1. XxBlueBunnyxX

      I love asmr

    2. Ha Lei

      0:37 do you see that glasses reflection it shows a recording thing whatever

    3. kyra McIntosh

      10:16 is that the meaning of crippled

    4. Daily Dose Of Dinos

      The Cotten bud was yellow

    5. Gemma Hughes

      You can see the i pad 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    6. Amber Lily

      Did anyone else find that she had ether something like mustard on the quitip

    7. DerpyUnicorn

      You doing *Amazing* sweetie 👁👂👂👁 👄

    8. Aros Wolfy

      She went from “do you want a t-Rex?” to “Do YoU WaNt A BuNnY?”completely went from girl to boy! Ps:not to be sexist I don’t judge if boys wear the bunny one but still

    9. Tori

      6:17 SQUOSHHH


      Lol. Her:oof

    11. Megan •light

      I can see the phone in your glasses ( no hate just saying I love your asmr to bits ) 😅💓

    12. _ sarshlyx _


    13. _ sarshlyx _


    14. Mikha Ramos

      im just new here and i just feel very safe :) im in the process in a friendship break up and like i felt safe and comfortable

      1. SUNNY ROSE

        Want to be friends i don't have any like none

    15. Aceonyaface

      I thought this was a actual camera not you’re phone 😳

    16. Arthur Villanueva

      I like your voice!

    17. Diego Garcia

      Half of me enjoying the video and relaxed other half of me blinded by the flash light

    18. Ep Jaimes

      Her: me i i'm cleans my ears 9:44.

    19. Ep Jaimes


    20. XMint GachaX

      I listen to this every night ❤ I always fall asleep before you even start the ear cleaning part 😂

    21. omg

      when she said *you’re doing amazing sweetie* WOW LOVED THAT

    22. Limonlexi Lolo

      She films her vids with her iPhone 📲

    23. Sirley argueta

      her:your doing great sweetie . me: thank you . her: ur amazing sweetie. me: you already said that tho?

    24. Ruby Webb

      Stiple Stiple. StIpLe

    25. nick Dagm

      0:32 ... are you calling me a crybaby 😭

    26. ASMR Lover xx

      * is anyone looking at the comments and saying I should of said that ☹️ *

    27. Scubs


    28. sara Hollifield

      i fell asleep during this lol

    29. Gfghyf Go hfchh

      Mom...why u keep touching my face😭

    30. Icyy TV

      I love your asmr, it’s lovely

    31. Morgan Fielding

      My favorite times 5:15 6:16 10:44 15:00 18:25

    32. Bxby_Leonie S


    33. Evie Grace

      Random time stamps : 2:40 5:50 12:12

    34. Samboi Adams

      I'd love to be her kid. Is that just me. Yes? Okay that was dumb bye

    35. Taylor DeSanto

      Can you be my mommy?

    36. Chey W.

      Weird question, but did you use to do tumbling or gymnastics Karuna?

    37. Sophia Rorison

      No one: Nobody: Not a single soul: My stomach in the middle of my presentation: 6:17.

      1. SUNNY ROSE

        Wanna be friends

    38. Audrey Mol

      i guess i have a ear on my face

    39. ASMR Lover xx

      Me: *about to fall asleep* Me: * drops phone on face* My mind: can I have a round of a plause for my stupidity please

    40. Chicken Nugget57

      Cosmo and Wanda who do u think I am😂😂😂😂

    41. Alyssa Loves You

      it’s good doe but when you really think about it.. Ew-

    42. fatuma kuku

      Spaoiler alert if u noticed karunas glasses show what she is recording with Answer: SHE IS RECORDING WITH A PHONE

    43. Eddie Taliaferro

      This is so comforting ahhh. She's so beautiful as well. Thanks for this !!

    44. Sophie Starblanket

      YOU ARE SO MEAN😠😠😠😠

    45. Diamond Noodlez

      Her: "Are you okay?" Me: "Yes" Her: "You promise?" Me: "Definitely not"

    46. Help me I am stupid!

      Her: Turn your head to the side so I can look into your ear. Me: *Is too lazy to actually do it* Her: *Starts shining a bright light at the camera* Me: *REGRET*

    47. Adalyn chung

      Do you ever see the perfect comment and wish you came up with it first 😐

    48. Vilde Folgerø

      Good Asmr i luv u kep doing this youre good

    49. Douwe van de Voort

      I guess there’s a ear 👂 in the middle of my face

    50. Jasmine Fong

      Mom:you can have the pink or the green Me:mom am I a boy or a girl

    51. Ooh_Baby 420

      Bro what flavor is the vape juice she dropped in our ears

      1. SUNNY ROSE


    52. LoveAndLazy


    53. Grace Galvan


    54. Joana Magos

      Last time I checked 👁 👁. 👄

    55. Angela Bennett

      WHY IS EVERY ONE SAY "whos in 2020" THATS STUPID STOP i like your videos

    56. Gi Anders

      she has the care with me that my mom do not haha

    57. Yerly Ramirez

      💿 💿 👄

    58. sun killeer


    59. Angel Yas

      Kid that's getting his/hers ears cleaned: *it's been 22 minutes and you still not done*

    60. Susita Thapa

      it makes me sleepy

      1. Susita Thapa

        it so good

    61. Ixcali Jimenez

      “I need you to turn your head that way. 👉🏻” “.....I’m looking at the wall.....”

    62. ADDI bae Gacha life

      Did she say oof

      1. Sunny animates

        Yes she did

    63. Kaylie Fabrizio

      I just look at the phone threw her glasses

    64. Mochi Yui

      *cough* *cough* 69k likes

    65. Itz_Lush

      👁👂🏻👁 👅

    66. Teddie Bailey

      I have watched this at least 12 times it’s my favorite.🙂

    67. FinnesedXtrin

      6:18 “squashhhhhhh”had me screaming

    68. Candise Peltier

      she is straight up cheering up the camera with brushing it face =-=

    69. Sheila Krech

      she made me blind ahhhhhh