ASMR Plucking Your Negative Energy 💛

Scottish Murmurs ASMR

Scottish Murmurs ASMR

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    Pluck, pluck, plucking you to sleep! Lets pluck away all your negative energy to help you feel relaxed, stress-free and ready for sleep.
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    What is ASMR?
    ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and describes a 'tingle-like' feeling that you may experience at the back of your head and down your spine. It can be induced by your senses, in particular, touch and sound. It may feel pleasurable and relaxing.
    Scottish Murmurs ASMR:
    This channel focuses on using the ASMR experience to help you relax and go to sleep. My aim is to help you de-stress after a difficult day, help you fall asleep, help you relax and help you feel good. I am Scottish with, of course, a Scottish accent that you may find relaxing. I use a binaural microphone and Lumix GH5 camera to bring high quality videos to you.
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    Happy Sleeping!
    Lauren x

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    1. John Sitenga

      I really enjoy this plucking trigger, I watch this whenever I need to relax.

    2. Dan Parrish

      Best asmr on the tube. Can you make one for firefighter/first responders? Thank you for what you do.

    3. hrdknox2000

      I've never been "plucked" so hard in my life! I'm going to need you to stick around a long time and make sure I'm okay. Was it good for you too? ;)

    4. Boy Blue


    5. Donnie Burns

      Ur awesome I wish I could hangout with u

    6. Marco Passetti

      Now I have fear.. fear of the future.. 😔 anyway I liked so much this video! I saw that yesterday. I'm recovering your videos each day! 👍

    7. Stalin the Legend

      Hello there

      1. Scottish Murmurs ASMR


    8. b Tox

      She looks mad at times I don’t like that

    9. Courtney Gillespie

      Lauren I think I'm cursed to always be soft......I wish I could win the title but I can't 😭 I have cerebral just sucks to be that guy

    10. Anup verma

      The title should have been - Plucking your negative energy while you stare at my rack

    11. Rob Fisher

      I literally love this!

    12. Joe Brunner

      In conclusion... She is baby

    13. TJAnon15

      Blimey I just noticed when you moved closer towards the camera that you have such cute freckles. They give more character to your uniqueness.

    14. Mau Bezos

      1:55 “No te estreses” HAHAHA,if u know Spanish u’ll get it

    15. David Coupal

      Hi L I have a request I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to put together a protection guided meditation just like the negative removal meditation. Also I watch your video on you teaching about the different types of Chakras and the how we are created in our beings which was great. So I wondering if you could do more teaching vids in future as well. I keep checking your page if you have already done these things I'll find them so disregard if you have Thanks Dave

    16. David Coupal

      Well scripted great for guided meditation

    17. David Coupal

      Beautiful voice to listen to

    18. KoLDBLooDeD Entertainment

      is it just me or what your extremely beautiful woman and I love all of your work and I love you we really should talk sometime and keep up the good work

      1. Spoon

        Its just you...

    19. Guillaume Bignon

      Super beau yeux

    20. RainyGreenTrabant

      My Favourite !!!!!!

    21. Plu Love

      Her freckles are so sexy

    22. Caleb Washington

      Relaaaaaaaax.... What's your name What's your mudda name

    23. André Zanny


    24. RainyGreenTrabant

      THis is one of my favourites from you, ScottishMurmurs !!!!!

    25. luk czajnik

      you are great thanks big kiss for you

    26. Mohanad Hossam

      You're a talented stress reliever !, btw love your accent ♥

    27. Stan Lee

      Its amazing lauren still interacts with comments months after videos are uploaded!

    28. Tired Grizzlie

      You have such lovely freckles :)

    29. Shadow Rekoil

    30. JazzerCL777

      Just what I needed Lauren. Having such a horrible time with illness at the moment and you’ve given me some relief from the cloud of grey thoughts I’ve had recently. Thank you

    31. David Lozada

      You have a nice body

    32. JEZ PARKES

      you can pluck me anyday you want

    33. Adriano Zampolini

      The force is strong in this thumbnail

    34. Nate Sole

      This is very well thought out. Very relaxing during a very stressful time. Just wanted to take a second to say 'Thank You'.

    35. ASMR Jedi

      I literally woke up in the morning and watch your videos again to sleep

    36. Dark User


    37. Jose Montano


    38. Suresh Celestin

      I love you

    39. Ákos D

      She remembers me of my first fiancée who happened to be Irish born. Although, her accent could destroy a mountain from afar, so wasn't *that* ASMRic.

    40. Shashank Gharpure

      Those close hand movement does the magic indeed👌

    41. bubbasmith83

      It's going to take you forever to clean all that stress off the floor.

    42. David Evans


    43. Unworldlycub78

      God you are stunning 😍

    44. Erica 2992

      So positive, relaxing, and of course tingly!

    45. Taresh Misra

      Simplicity with "Confidence and Control". Nice presentation.

    46. Kecriircek

      Me:literally plucking sad songs on the guitar* Recommendations:I SEE YOU!! Scottish murmures Video: joins chat*

    47. Trippy Bread

      Mmmmmm suntanned tittes


      Can someone edit her saying “Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!”

      1. abigail busch


    49. DrumWild

      This is fantastic ASMR / Reiki! I'm a relatively new sub to the channel and I really like your audio and presentation. Very well done!

    50. Adam Escobar

      Your amazing thank you so much...

    51. XEchos_dork_denx

      🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 love all Lauren’s videos

    52. Elea-jane SMITH

      Why is she pulling stress out of my uterus?

    53. Colin Hairston

      This is really good Lauren. I really think you’re hitting your stride

    54. Camps2630

      Stupid autocorrect changed the word to “plucking”.. 😉

      1. Seltzer Water

        Camps2630 cringe

    55. Jess

      Suspicious that the accents fake

    56. Manolin Wilfredo

      Married me 😍😍😍😍

    57. Darth Revan

      You're so goddamn beautiful Lauren! See yer wee freckles there! 😍 Thanks for another relaxing video. 😊🙂

    58. Dana Dabb

      I love all your videos!! 💞 do you think you can do another 3DIO ear massage like your other video ! Its my all time favvvouritee!!

    59. Frankly1337

      Lauren is such an awesome person it seems. Scotland is lucky to have her

    60. Roger Rutherford

      Amazing vid, but that plucking noise?! Worse ...noise...everrrrr... 😁😁😉😘 i like a whooshing noise please.... 😁👍

    61. 123xyz

      It rhymes with pluck

    62. Terrerman 64

      I’m from Scotland but I just love our accent.

      1. Powerwheelz

        Terrerman 64 I wish I had a Scottish friend :/

    63. John Logan

      Thanks for the tingles Lauren. 📹🎙👂💆🏻‍♂️☺️😴🛌💤

    64. Obbi.Edits


    65. Neil Uni

      Lol you couldn't beat them so you joined them well done!!

    66. Into the Dawn

      Watched this right before a job interview and it helped soooo much.

    67. ShaneO Vlog

      She looks a little like the girl from that movie lifeforce.

    68. Cody Johnson

      God, I wanna pluck you so bad.

    69. Its Echo

      Video: silence Ad: HeLlo AnD wElCoMe To HeAdSpAcE

    70. S . Storumus

      Every video of Lauren's is full of commenters that are very thirsty

      1. Anup verma

        Them boobies make people thirsty. Can't blame them