ASMR - Summer Camping With You 🌲 (tongue clicking, soft spoken, poking you - relaxing nature sounds)

Catplant ASMR

Catplant ASMR

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    It was really nice leaving town for a bit and enjoying Hood River, Oregon 🏞️
    coming back I went to the Vista House at Crown Point (ending footage of the video)

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    1. Catplant ASMR

      I've been feeling pretty good recently and want to share this camping experience I had

      1. Mike Schultz

        I was feeling pretty good until you woke me up and told me I had to hike 4 miles 😋

      2. Snake Pliskin

        I was in sun river a few weeks ago too! So nice

      3. MEGA BEAN

        Oh my god I need more

      4. John Smith

        Do you have anxiety?

      5. Chessiah

        @Datt Guy so cold unisex only. No dudes and deffo no girls plz

    2. VariableAir

      Reminds me of the chick from Misery movie ... bloody psycho

    3. pale star 8

      Human sounds truly ruin the real sounds of nature. Nature is true ASMR

      1. VirginEpicGamer

        Amen brother

    4. Christian Hoffmann

      what are funions? :o

    5. Christian Hoffmann

      what are funions? :o

    6. Christian Hoffmann

      what are funions? :o

    7. Cable069

      Please use a very handy Zippo or very trusty Bic cigarette lighter for the S'mores....

    8. Michael Cook

      Went whitewater rafting in hood river. There's a sign that says not to ride the bull, so I rode the bull... rebel! :P

    9. Raz

      The Bear Grylls of asmr

    10. Sov iet

      *Help I've been here for two weeks, I can't escape.*

    11. InochiNoNamae

      R6 Ela?

    12. Anonymous Man

      This is a cool camping trip and all but why are you talking into a mic?

    13. MadMax

      look at that *FUCKING QUALITY*

    14. Игорь Васин

      and when will.. Love is with you in a hot bath with candles? 😳

    15. ReneSouls

      Did she sit there and talk to him for 20mins to see if he wanted to sleep or wake up???

    16. cobalt bois

      Nooooooooo not the funyuns😢

    17. J Rosales

      OMG the quality

    18. xxTJxx

      What I heard: 78% Beer 22% ASMR

    19. xCraigDarnell TwitchTv

      Thanks for the relaxing night and you look beautiful x

    20. bill nye

      Summer camping? Where are the mosquitos? Why are you not scratching at spider bites, or pouring sweat? I need to try summer somewhere else..

    21. jacob doyle

      Nobody looks like that while camping.

    22. likeapro 101

      Where do you plug in your mic unless you added green screen in the back lol

    23. Nat M

      Me: *has funyuns* the squirrels: it’s free real estate

    24. James F

      Coming up next: ASMR in space 🛰🌌🚀

    25. Legin Reed


    26. Alita Battle Angel

      4 miles up? Intermediate? Oh god that’s like 21,000ft are we climbing part of Everest

    27. Matt The Jewish Aztec

      Ahh you got me in the faceth...

    28. 73 _draw's

      i love the hair

    29. coon coon

      Aw fuck not the FLAMING HOT FUNIONS

    30. NGMonocrom

      No, don't wake me up. Put me to sleep. An ASMR-tist waking people up. That's like Mr. Rogers hosting a gore-fest, slasher movie marathon.

      1. NGMonocrom

        @Kim TaeTae Exactly!

      2. Kim TaeTae


    31. Vance Walden

      Ok, so this is what I need to do to get 290k subscribers!

    32. ninjaa22

      You are so beautiful and talented. You no joke look like my dream girl.

    33. Sami Seppänen

      This is nice.🏕

    34. Jarquevis

      i was really tired and i put this video on on the tv for some reason and it scared me shatless when i heard "everyone is awake now" it was right as i was about to pass out

    35. Summer Wright

      Does she live in Washington?

    36. Isaiah salvagno Lowkeylilzay

      She’s so beautiful fr fr.

    37. Darkbehemoth21

      7:00 I'm being attack by a stick, send help!

    38. Richard Alvarez

      She would make a good girlfriend 👫

    39. 。ゆうた

      I love your videos from Japan

    40. Mandy Svetlovics

      you are prety

    41. Baja Addict

      I gat a huge ephemeral rift vibe from her, I love it.

    42. Lily

      Video: *ends* Me: *cries*

    43. Lily

      *She is the cutest angel I have ever laid my eyes upon.*

    44. xxTJxx

      Gang of squirrels 😎

    45. Thomas F

      Oh no! Someone send Catplant some tree straps.

    46. Random Spooderman

      Anime stand off at 0:47

    47. The Caterpillar

      It is 5AM everyone is asleep CURRENT OBJECTIVE: SURVIVE

    48. Zev Wilhite


    49. Orion Xavier

      I have great memories of camping in northern Cali. (redwoods) and parts of Oregon. Also did some white water rafting in Oregon which was great. I live in Missouri now (mis-er-y lol). Nature is very inhospitable here especially the insects. Instead of enjoying the view of nature, you're constantly attacked by bugs. Or wade through invisible spider webs that stretch 20 feet or more across a trail which are tough as strands of hair (WTF??). It's like going hiking but with a couple of bratty kids behind you, throwing rocks and yelling at you constantly, but you can't do anything about it. Ugh... Not to mention the rivers or lakes are all muddy and disgusting looking. Nothing like the beauty of nature in Oregon. Too bad cost of living is so high there now, I would love to move there. :(

    50. Brian Montero

      Yay, Oregon!

    51. Carter Schraptus

      Finally someone in Oregon

    52. FlamingSackOfPizza

      6:25 - what's wrong with taking the back streets

    53. Nikola Sekuloski

      Wait, beer is bad? Jeez.

    54. Jon Rucker

      I've listened to this sooo many times n I never really understood the opening line. I thought she was saying "every once a week now" n not "everyones awake now"... weird

    55. Ran & Scotti

      Funyuns: *exist* Squirrels: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

    56. Guillermo Alvarez

      01:07 Me in school recess

    57. Weston Kwapick

      Why is my sleeping bag like 5 feet off the ground

      1. Darkbehemoth21

        I know right?

      2. Joseph Young

        Weston Kwapick under appreciated comment.

    58. Mike Schultz

      Are you poking my face with sticks

    59. Sato GC

      Hi 👋

    60. juan pedrossa


    61. Erin Basile

      Catplant:its like 90 degrees Me in a hoodie: ok

    62. Mmdkk81 Gaming

      😭im crying a lot

    63. Mmdkk81 Gaming

      i love you 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    64. Ikua Muita

      Mom said not to talk to strangers. HALP!

    65. Dan Jeffersan

      Its more relaxing when you whisper

    66. Chechen

      Палка, палка, палка...

    67. MaxTheBuccaneersFan

      Catplant: Pokes me Me: Wait... I'm a Bucs fan!!! Catplant: Stabs me

    68. Snake Pliskin

      Mt Hood provides the best rivers in the summertime! McIver and Barton park are fun to raft down

    69. Parker Jr Mad

      I com to see ASMR not you

    70. google inc

      the natural habitat of the asmr content creator