ASMR - Summer Camping With You 🌲 (tongue clicking, soft spoken, poking you - relaxing nature sounds)

Catplant ASMR

Catplant ASMR

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    It was really nice leaving town for a bit and enjoying Hood River, Oregon 🏞️
    coming back I went to the Vista House at Crown Point (ending footage of the video)

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    1. Catplant ASMR

      I've been feeling pretty good recently and want to share this camping experience I had

      1. M M

        id share my tent with you anytime, doll ❤️😉

      2. victory1717

        May I ask a question?

      3. Todd Knouse

        Can you do a camp vid at Silver Falls?

      4. Todd Knouse

        Can you do a camp vid at Silver Falls?

      5. Mike Schultz

        I was feeling pretty good until you woke me up and told me I had to hike 4 miles 😋


      Most girls arent this pretty....sort of mundane looking ......Especially western girls . SHE'S GEORGOUS! ❤

    3. Alixer

      Mmmmm..... Beeer!!

    4. xXToxic Zombiexx

      Do more vids like this:,) ?

    5. Big Daddy

      This girl made me feel lazy af

    6. Kid Mixxer10

      It would be nice to talk to a girl sniffs* since I don't have friends

    7. Peter de Zeeuw

      How do you block out all the nature sounds when you are recording outside? 🤔

    8. Makeshiftkhan03

      To this day I still have no clue where you're from

      1. Twobarpsi

        Oregon... Hood River in this video....

    9. Harv06

      This Asmr: Amazing Your beauty: Stunning Scenery: glorious Our Funyuns: gone

      1. Frosty PhoenixZ


    10. erick olachea

      A very ingenious Idea That feminine voice and that tender face

    11. Onan - Son of Judah Brother of Er

      Asmr cult nation Seriously none of my friends understand why I watch these videos All two of them... :(

    12. PurpleMonster 4

      I love the video but why in the HELL is an 8 mile trail marked as intermediate?

    13. ricky gervais

      I'd like to poke you :)

    14. Tinios

      2:47 4 miles up, 4 miles down Hi Ho Silver!

    15. Joel Villarreal

      You're so understandable

    16. Yonwin Hood

      You have become my favorite asmrtist .. Always quality videos and you help me sleep so much, thank you

    17. Anthony Marzullo

      Why are you where a dress in nature

    18. Liz Gilbes

      Honey...where did you get that mic from and why are you poking my face?!??!?!

    19. Valeria Rivera

      Your vice is so sweet the video is so relaxing

    20. Rene Munoz


    21. vchillv Playz

      so I'm confused about who is the viewer. it sounds like we are the boyfriend. or the brother. or are we none of them. I'm either right about one or just an idiot.

    22. victory1717


    23. jordan m

      Im a squirrel

    24. Blot Blott

      Asmr:exists Ad: I’m about to end this mans whole carrier

    25. I'mAlwaysRight

      i am jealous on the Person who is with you in the nature, sorry

    26. Gonzalo Vazquez Avila

      Can you imagine someone making those hand movements in front of your face? I would just assume they're on crack.

    27. Pepsi Man

      The way she styled and coloured is beautiful her hair very creative, why have boring hair when you can make art of it

    28. Ledger88

      Hipster camping 101

    29. Michael

      I need a girlfriend that talks to me like Catplant.

      1. Byron Box

        I need a gf that IS Catplanet

      2. lonely depressed shit

        My one back in September was just like her. Miss her every day.

      3. Twobarpsi

        All mine does is yell...

    30. Januzs Zielinski

      14:45 Палка палка палка палка? Ну да, палка.

    31. Kronk

      Wooooooooow, why you gotta call me out on the funyuns yo...

    32. Joeslinx

      I thought you’d be pissed that my funion foolishness caused a squirrel break in.

    33. Tony Salami

      Phuck... mango..mic..

    34. HosalAmaris

      Comedy gold

    35. RageGaming • 69 years ago

      Me: *brings a bag of Funyuns even tho I don’t like them* Squirrels: I’ll like that for…free

    36. ASMR LIFE REALITY M.figueroa

      I just want to stalk not get poked. Lol 😆

    37. Jesse Smith-Garcia

      She likes poking people with sticks, imagine that, oh and squirrels ate her Funyuns.

    38. TV Jam

      this video is faked. girls can’t be this cute!

    39. Trippiescar 21

      Did u actually do this in the woods 😍😍

    40. James Ignatius

      Funyuns? That's the price of going camping with a cute gal I guess.

    41. Oscar Rodriguez

      Poke me with you’re kisses lol 😘😂

      1. josephbruv

        Oscar Rodriguez calm down Oscar...

    42. VariableAir

      Reminds me of the chick from Misery movie ... bloody psycho

    43. pale star 8

      Human sounds truly ruin the real sounds of nature. Nature is true ASMR

      1. VirginEpicGamer

        Amen brother

    44. Christian Hoffmann

      what are funions? :o

    45. Cable069

      Please use a very handy Zippo or very trusty Bic cigarette lighter for the S'mores....

    46. Michael Cook

      Went whitewater rafting in hood river. There's a sign that says not to ride the bull, so I rode the bull... rebel! :P

    47. Khapri

      The Bear Grylls of asmr

    48. Vibe Check

      *Help I've been here for two weeks, I can't escape.*

    49. InochiNoNamae

      R6 Ela?

    50. Anonymous Man

      This is a cool camping trip and all but why are you talking into a mic?

    51. Marvel Disney

      look at that *FUCKING QUALITY*

    52. Игорь Васин

      and when will.. Love is with you in a hot bath with candles? 😳

    53. Sinper-jr

      Did she sit there and talk to him for 20mins to see if he wanted to sleep or wake up???

    54. cobalt bois

      Nooooooooo not the funyuns😢

    55. J Rosales

      OMG the quality

    56. Gayge Azawell

      What I heard: 78% Beer 22% ASMR

    57. xCraigDarnell TwitchTv

      Thanks for the relaxing night and you look beautiful x

    58. bill nye

      Summer camping? Where are the mosquitos? Why are you not scratching at spider bites, or pouring sweat? I need to try summer somewhere else..

    59. jacob doyle

      Nobody looks like that while camping.

    60. likeapro 101

      Where do you plug in your mic unless you added green screen in the back lol

    61. Sebi

      Me: *has funyuns* the squirrels: it’s free real estate

    62. Spruce

      Coming up next: ASMR in space 🛰🌌🚀

    63. Legin Reed


    64. Alita Battle Angel

      4 miles up? Intermediate? Oh god that’s like 21,000ft are we climbing part of Everest

    65. Chuck The Stayche Olympica

      Ahh you got me in the faceth...

    66. Oscar Lopez

      i love the hair

    67. coon coon

      Aw fuck not the FLAMING HOT FUNIONS

    68. NGMonocrom

      No, don't wake me up. Put me to sleep. An ASMR-tist waking people up. That's like Mr. Rogers hosting a gore-fest, slasher movie marathon.

      1. NGMonocrom

        @Kim TaeTae Exactly!

      2. Kim TaeTae


    69. Vance Walden

      Ok, so this is what I need to do to get 290k subscribers!

    70. Blessedup

      You are so beautiful and talented. You no joke look like my dream girl.