ASMR - Testing a new mic - kisses, tapping, mouth sounds etc...

ASMR Cherry Crush

ASMR Cherry Crush

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    1. ASMR Cherry Crush

      Ear Licking or Eating next Friday at 7 👅👅👅 😘

      1. maka3230

        What happen to the recent ear licking video. Why did you delete it??? It was the best one in my opinon. Where is it now?

      2. sam kast

        Where is the ear licking video?

    2. Kendrick Whitfield

      0:42 plzz make video with more of this

    3. Mark Hoffman

      5:01 omg that gives me tingles

    4. kendrick Whitfield jr.

      Plz use Mic again

    5. La torreta De max

      👁. 👁 👃🏻 👅

    6. 1st Canadian Division Cpl. Lerat

      RIP sneeze

    7. Legendary Pro

      1:56 5:00 personal timestamps no worries

    8. der heiligetoast

      The best mics so far ^^

    9. wormseed

      1:28 hears knocking 👁👁

    10. Elusive Ft

      I’ve been watching the OTHER channel and found her on DE-news finally. (I know everybody else came here from that website too.)

    11. Bear

      More with this mic please

    12. わたがし


    13. LykiAnimations !

      Hey guys,lets make a game Give me one like and on the future i will edit this commentary so nobody will know why this have so many likes!

    14. Whejed

      I saw the thumbnail and wondered why she edited the middle part off of the mic.

    15. Fat Yoshi

      5:54 *you died*

    16. Sergei Volnutt

      5:54 that ear cupping with the mouth tho

    17. Sergei Volnutt

      Did I just get vored?

    18. Everyday Diamonds!

      2:24 I hate that sound

    19. Olxx

      You look so pretty in this idk what it is u look the same But glowing

    20. emma navas

      Anyone else confused on how this my works leave a like below

    21. גל רובינשטיין

      omg first time i saw the intro xd so cool

    22. ToekiyoDub

      Your natural eyes are gorgeous. Sucker for brown eyes!

    23. Jonathan Jones

      Lol I definitely almost came while soft, if your wondering if the robots know magic, they can pretty much alter reality, they're lit, evil little demon babies, just fuckin shit up. Anyways, I'm still trippin off that song. You're lit as hell girl, thank you for your weirdness. I'm pretty sure you taste like candy in real life. I'm jealous of the man who kisses you.

    24. Axel

      Remind to invert the audio for better tingles.

    25. The UnqualifiedNerds

      Thought I had my earphones wrong way round at first

    26. -GiveMeFood -

      4:36 that hand snapping or flicking was so good but it would be great if you do it close to the ear mic 5:01 dat ear bud tapping got me tingly omg it’s so powerful:0

    27. hana *


    28. MadDeBest __

      She protecc.. She attacc.. But most importantly ... . . . . She keeps her videos short so everybody get heart attacc

    29. Jose Sanizo

      I saw you in ph for some reason

    30. Dark Diamond

      That room is a literal aesthetic... Its relaxing to look at honestly

    31. goat 30

      When ever i see someone so cute i sometimes say in my head what if its a boy

    32. Anonymous Hacker

      anyone notice how she almost tapped her phone screen....

    33. Elle Elle


    34. szymon Nunu

      When i become patron, do I will get "THOSE" videos? If u know what i mean ?

    35. Dooder Man

      Some people:nice video Other people:my favorite trigger was at ( then they have a time) Other people: oh she has a DE-news channel

    36. The G.O.A.T V.2

      Those eyes omg💙😍 👀

    37. Chilling Ghost

      Feels like someone is playing with my hearing aid on my ear 😣

    38. Ava Turk

      i LOVE this mic omg. i got tingles from almost everything and i almost never get tingles

    39. Queel Ramos


    40. Vova Vo

      Своих ищешь?

    41. Shawn Robbins

      No body: Absolutely no body Cherry: puts whole ear bud in her mouth

    42. maka3230

      Your new ear licking video isnt in your channel any more. Did you removed it or moved it to somewhere?

    43. Gábor Pető

      The licking video was deleted :(

    44. anotherwanderingsoul

      seems pretty random but the way you decorated your background/house its very nice and id love to do something similar in the future :3

    45. vlad stefan mirica

      I love it its soo smooth

    46. Ormota

      you have 2 channels wow didnt know! ;)

    47. Sabrina Guzman

      Aww that intro

    48. Teluun

      I was sent this microphone to test out. *Now I’m gonna eat it*

    49. I'm Someone

      Funny intro

    50. Shane Vespender

      Don't think about the other website.... Don't..... Don't remember what you saw..... Asmr.... She does asmr.... Nothing else...... NOTHING ELSE....... BRB gotta take a cold shower

    51. Harry little

      5:55 Ohhhh that’s why I recognise you 🥴😂

    52. Jaxon -_-

      Android/Samsung users: Our batteries last longer! iPhone users: WELL OURS MAKES BETTER TAPPING SOUNDS!

    53. Big Dave

      mic low ki trash

    54. ZF Uniform

      I just noticed that they were ears

    55. Dorian Black

      Wow that intro gave me so many tingles.

    56. Ana Clara Oliveira:3


    57. The Aussie Kid

      She's good at her job in youtube

    58. finn levey

      hey i’ve seen you on another website!

    59. kikyo hinamora

      This mic is very good... it's so sensitive

    60. SweetxSugar

      I feel like she would be a Disney Princess- *wait or is it just me*

    61. Diego Borges


    62. Kevin Dean

      She’s a furry we need to shoot her

    63. Yassine Sadak

      I seen you in Googel in ....... you know what im talking about🤣🤩

      1. Sean [Sweet] Johnson

        Mycerrycrush? xd

      2. i love you

        ;D thats nasty

    64. MrAdolfoDelgado

      Amazing, i never had so much tingles before, it was delicious! Thank you my lady.

      1. CallmeVerbz

        Very delicious

    65. Madara Uchiha

      5:01 creating my house in Minecraft ;v

      1. Kakyoin’s menacing Paint brush

        Kira Bites Za Dusto ah a man of culture I see

      2. Madara Uchiha

        @Kira Bites Za Dusto Is being a Little hard

    66. Katie Ash

      Okay but who or what is she looking at constantly 😂😭

    67. Shelby Elizabeth

      5:53 - 6:16 😍😍

    68. GlowBlow

      I really enjoy this mic. I feel like it has more around the ear effect than most of the other mics

    69. Chimmy ChimChim

      Is it just me or does she looks like Ariana Grande?

    70. 妹控

      5:54 holy sh*t (◐‿◑)