ASMR To Get The Strongest Tingles (NO TALKING, Squeezing, Crinkles, Tapping, Scratching)

Rapunzel ASMR

Rapunzel ASMR

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    ASMR To Get The Strongest Tingles
    Welcome to my this new asmr video :) Using many triggers that will surely give most of you tingles! Included in the video are foam on the mic, mic brushing, slime, nail scratching on the mic, tapping wood etc.... I am trying to use different items to find new sounds for you guys. More are coming soon!
    Timestamps thanks to Janjira 9322
    0:00-1:20 preview
    1:20-4:25 using tweezers tool with foam slime
    4:25-4:47 tapping on foam slime
    4:48-9:36 brushes foam slime
    9:52-13:04 tapping on foam slime
    13:05-15:00 squeeze the foam
    15:08-15:37 put crystals slime on microphone
    15:37-16:00 tapping on orange slime
    16:00-16:53 using brush to tap on slime
    16:54-19:20 scratch microphone with long nail
    19:21-21:10 scratch mic with scissor
    21:11-23:20 cutting slime
    23:20-24:29 tapping on slime
    24:30-25:04 jelly balls stirring in jar
    25:05-26:26 tapping on mic cover with plastic wrap
    26:29-27:50 brush mic cover with plastic wrap
    27:50-28:30 slime on mic
    28:30-29:09 tapping on mic
    29:11-29:16 Brushing bag over the mic
    29:17-34:00 squeeze sponges filled with soap
    34:00-35:09 rubbing gently bath ball with acrylic nails
    35:09-37:55 mascara wand tapping and opening💕
    37:55-38:56 slingy
    38:57-39:24 scratch bag
    39:25-39:50 playing slime
    39:51-40:43 tapping on wood
    40:44-41:00 stirring orbeez
    41:00-43:13 shake water bottle filled with glitter
    43:13-45:05 scratching on hair roller
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    1. Sammy 95

      Where or how can get slime that's similar to the one she uses with rainbow blues and purple beads of various sizes with the clear slime. ❤️❤️

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    4. Toga Himiko

      1:24 beed slime 15:07 pearl slime 15:38 bee slime 17:06 mic scratching 19:22 scissors 21:13 cutting pearl slime 24:27 orbes 25:07 plastic rap 29:08 mic brushing 29:12 sudsy sponges 33:57 scratching a thing idk what it is 35:14 tapping mascara 37:52 rainbow slincy 39:07 sac 39:23 pearl slime stretching and pokeing 39:56 tapping wood 40:42 orbeads 40:58 water 44:10 curler

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      You should do more tapping and brushing on the mic with plastic rap! It gave me tons of tingles And if you have.. I need to find it-

    17. marina mata

      got so many tingles for the first time in months!!!!! Can't believe I found this video in 2020, thank u so much for this amazing video 💙💙😍

    18. LaceyGamez 63

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    19. Katie Wu

      Omg I’m not hating but the foam slime thing at that part it looks like you are a scary dentist with tweezers and I loved the video! Keep on me king videos like this, you and the video are such high quality

    20. Sophie and Ruby Voss

      The scary thing about asmr is when you have the volume up and an ad pops up. Ad: DO YOU HAVE TRUOBLE HEARING? THAN CHECK OUT HEARING AIDS. Me: ahhh! I do now!

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