Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi ASMR

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    ***This is an ASMR video. To experience ASMR tingles, PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS, DO NOT WATCH. ***
    What is ASMR?
    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

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    1. Usako K

      Am I the only one convinced that those seasoning measurements were wrong? That couldn't have been 3 teaspoons of salt... Not to pick fun or anything, it just worries me with the high salt content that it has if that's really 3 teaspoons, and knowing how he eats in the videos. I'm not saying he shouldn't do what he wants, only hoping he'll be alright. Stay safe Mukbangers, and please don't worry about appeasing your viewers. Do stuff your way, but do it in the way that keeps you healthy and out of the hospital please!


      Zach mic can hear a footstep of ant😂


      Bang itu daging babi atau apa

    4. Jidan 145

      I'm from Indonesia👍

    5. jose de jesus mendez

      Qué bien por ti que te ganas la comida comiendo

    6. Mirza Zinat

      Seeing this I feel interested for having like that.

    7. PESEK GAMING 45

      satisfying asmr Nice My from INDONESIA 🇮🇩🇮🇩

    8. Ethan S

      Zack: first bites yours :10th phone yet not gonna fool be this time

    9. porco ddio

      My ears are bleeding. There are mysteries bigger than soul existence: for example why 7 million people like to ear this SOUND TORTURE. I can't even stand 3 seconds without risking to break my keyboard in rage

    10. carlos luis chavier oropeza

      EPA chino porque razón cuando comes miras la cámara es que crees que te ves bello comiendo parece que estas masticando mierda

    11. Sanha Kim


    12. Nadine

      I just fainted from hunger 😭

    13. Bell but not a Tinker

      me: licking my screen

    14. •_• SaveLoli

      5:19 like blood

    15. Ali Küçük


    16. Khoirul Avandi

      Orang indonesia mana suaranya

    17. Ur MumGeyLul

      He probably just doesnt eat anything all day and then eats a days worth of food every video😂

    18. Luana kattielly

      Tanto que esse cara come deve caga 5x por dia mano kkk

    19. Fazool Gamer


    20. Amet Slamet

      Bikin ngilerrr

    21. [RCS] tube

      i need eat😄😁

    22. Xrs Eris

      Apa cuma gue yg indo

    23. Preston Archibald

      This dude is the true definition of a meat eater

    24. Maulana Nur gozaly

      salam from indonesia

    25. Francys Rock

      Watching this everyday is making me hungry as alwaysssss

    26. Koceri Asger

      He be like after each bite😗😐😗😐😗😐

    27. Joandeson Alves


    28. Roymark Reola


    29. Kunal Bhagat

      I'm poor

    30. black flower

      اكـو عـرب بالطيارة 😒😂

    31. ТОП BRO

      Идиотина сырое мясо ест тупица

    32. esteff Vg


    33. Thuy Ngo

      that deep stare... 11:59

    34. GamerLxca

      15:52 Enemy spotted 👀

    35. Traduções By Gacha

      Esse cara fica fazendo essa cara de deboche kkk quando come😒 tô com fome agora....

    36. Riswan Muhamad

      Dadi pengin bangkreng

    37. TEVOU man


    38. Chatty Nessa


    39. 煽り運転

      i'm hungry

    40. Evangeline Osorio

      This video makes me hungry. 😁 Yummmm 😋

    41. Atharic Rettob

      God. Eat this Tomahawk Zach. Eat like master ASMR Me. Eat like cow *In my heart. I never eat this Tomahawk this is so delicious!!* Zach. Im finished!! Me. ...

    42. G_Sheepyy

      I wonder what Gordon Ramsey would think of Zach’s steaks?

    43. Karen A

      He looks like a caveman eating the meet right off the bone! He should weigh 300 pounds by now, what is he like 138 pounds?

    44. Ruan Leonardo marques

      2020 maior fome vendo isso 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Əsmər Babayeva


    46. Сергей Сергеев

      Не забудь снять, когда в сартир пойдёшь 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. Christian Marx

      Neandertaler style 😎

    48. 이틀러

      아따빙신ㅡ빨리처먹지ㅡ개폼더럽게잡네ㅡ너처먹는꼴ㅡ보면 ㅡ입맛다떨어져

    49. Saturn Reign

      My jaw would have been dead after eating a few bites of that thicc ass steak. Power to you

    50. Rori Rori


    51. BoØode Mageco

      بهوااااايااااا انتى قااااعده معايااااا عينيكى ليااا مراياااا يا جمال كمراية العييبن خخخخخخخخخخخ

    52. mehtican Bulakbasar

      Türk Olsamda İzliyorum

    53. June Kabiling

      Zach, you know what you make me hungry while watching you... I'm starving.... Hahaha

    54. Taylor G

      Crank up the volume 5:39

    55. Selimhan Atar

      Sol elinle yememesi lazım

    56. psikakuniklo

      rip innocent cow :( only there's likely not an afterlife for cow to rest in...

    57. Ricksta YT

      So you rub the olive oil and seasoning in with your bare hands but eat with gloves....

    58. Titania B

      Look at how he's eating the poor animal, and we behave so dramatically when an aligator is tearing a human apart😂. We all got to eat💁. The food chain is a savage thing

      1. Hasselback Potato

        true that

    59. Titania B

      Sweet Lord I want some

    60. نا ني

      ويع من قص لحمه طلع منهة دم وكلا 😝

    61. Nexart Pros

      Noooo please I'm hungry 😣

    62. BTS 7

      *I am not going to watch this again, it makes me so hungry.* *me after five minutes: desperately eating the phone and then cry because don't have enough money to buy that kind of steak*


      Toilet won the lottery

    64. pollo mexicano


    65. Ameen Ahmed

      ഇത് പശുവാണോ..😂

    66. Summer Pederson

      That steak had to much fatty stuff on it 🤢

    67. Mustafa Akdoğan

      Fak Fak Fak Fak Fak Fak

    68. Mustafa Akdoğan

      Pic fhatta fak fak fak

    69. Tiểu Muội

      Cóa ai Việt Nam hk. Cô đơn qué ((: