ASMR | Using the Wrong Props to Treat You



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    Oh man, you hit your head pretty hard! But you're totally fine. I don't notice anything you???
    This is a video I've wanted to make for a long time haha! It's one of those ... unexplainable triggers. Seeing someone do something with an object that's...clearly not what they're saying it's being used for... but the person using it is so intent that it *is*, you have no choice but to go with the flow! (Read: When sci-fi ASMR vids use flashlights as a "memory eraser", etc.) But I went an extra weird step with it LOL. Is it effective?? Let me know!!!!
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    1. jamesBRUH

      “Your brain is very important, that’s why you need to keep it safe,” It’s a good thing that most brain injuries aren’t usually serious.

    2. JJ Raines-ownby

      Wait, what if really, it's a concussion and she's really using the right items, but I can't tell?

    3. scrubble s

      Is it me or is the sponsor ASMR better than the actual video

    4. Loafy Cat

      Ok but that thermometer just hit different

    5. FriendliestDevil

      This became more hilarious every minute

    6. Evan Peach

      gibi: I'll grab my phone *pulls a keyboard from nowhere* me: ITS FLIPPING MARY POPPINS

    7. Benjamin Voie

      POV: your george floyd and you survived (barely) but this is your treatment. RIP george floyd

    8. Jock Jack

      Her asmr makes my ears yawn it’s so relaxing

    9. Michael Riddle

      Brain injuries aren't usually serious? Smdh. Lol. Just yanking my chains.

    10. Toxic-Bee

      Her: puts wooden blocks on ur head Her: DOES I'T HURT!? Me: umm yea... -_-

    11. cloudwave ASMR sleep sounds


    12. Joan Helle

      Hi gidi I love this video I'm Autumn hee hee

    13. hello world

      waluigi role play

    14. Evey Johanson

      Does anyone else feel left out from her and my friend that is apparently picking me up? Like jeez they really have a connection😖

    15. Melissa Hehe

      Me watching this in the toilet like... 👁👄👁

    16. Chris Tovar

      Lmao wow trump is seriously putting ads up about his birthday at a time like this... what a vile disgusting thoughtless human being.

    17. Ashy

      You look like a girl in my class but, just like- older

    18. monacas wheelchair

      plot twist that makes sense; you were just really confused so you misheard and saw different items then what she actually had

    19. Simply Snailogical

      My sister:I thought u hate ASMR Me:👁👄👁 _👄_

    20. p i n k


    21. Anna Overbay

      jk jk jk i luv u so much

    22. Anna Overbay

      what r u doing with ur life honey

    23. WhY iS eVeRyOnE hOt

      While watching ASMR when any family member asks a question, do you whisper the answer to them or is it just me???

      1. Aquazz


      2. Aquazz

        Not just you

    24. Will.Pricee 123

      y u so close to the camera

    25. Electro Wing

      Gunshot in the distance: Gibi: get the BANDAIDS

    26. Dark Purge

      Gibi: you hit your head (Pulls out keyboard to call Uber) Me: are you sure you did not hit your head? Lol ur best gibi

    27. Basic Egg

      your id is inside of the liptint

    28. aesthetic sunflower

      I just thought what if she's actually using the right props but since we had hit our head so hard we think she's using the wrong props but she's actually using the right props

    29. JustANormal Guy

      What if she was using the right props but you were hallucinating

    30. Berry bee Benson

      Technology is so good we can use keyboards as phone even without a screen aka iPhone 13

    31. Oliver Metzgar ( Student )

      I’ll tell my mom to download honey

    32. sidney Dodd

      in every video she wears that necklace

      1. SharlieHedberg

        @sidney Dodd the choker?

      2. sidney Dodd

        not a necklace that black thing around her neck

    33. B E R N Y

      No one never nobody: Her phone: a keyboard

    34. Rosie Gur

      Me gets brain injury : My mum:we have to go to the hospital!! Me:no we don't! My mum: why not?! Me :because brain injuries usually aren't that serious My mum: says who? Me:gibi ASMR

    35. Freyja Lowe

      *when you can't efford to buy the right asmr equipment for your asmr doctor role-play* ............................... I'll walk myself out(- _, -) *walks out off random door in the middle of nowhere* some body kill me (:'!)

    36. I'm prolly bored

      Watched this video over 7 times

      1. I'm prolly bored

        @SharlieHedberg bahaha

      2. SharlieHedberg

        Lol same I can never make it all the way through I always fall asleep😂

    37. Lilly Witt

      Her nails are so bright. LOL

    38. SharlieHedberg

      Ok I have tried to watch this video dozens of time and still haven't made it to the end. I always fall asleep😂😂😂😂

    39. Mike James

      Stop calling me its over i know about the 10guys

    40. CalvinGamerDude

      Who said wood blocks cant have water or ice inside

      1. CalvinGamerDude

        I'm Canadian so I have this kind of stuff

    41. yellow sun

      Me thinking I won't go to sleep to this vid Me:falls asleep in 2 mins in this vid


      1 if you were a docter wouldent you do a lot more then say it looks bad

      1. SharlieHedberg

        That's kinda the point...🤦‍♀️😂


      i would tottaly come here

    44. Kevin Abourezk

      Gibi: are u allergic to anything Me: all nuts but not peanuts Gibi: *uses all nuts but peanuts* Me: BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD AND DEATH..

    45. ZuPeenie

      The honey sponsors are too relaxing

    46. Random Things

      I swear she was gonna say Nord VPN

    47. Jasper Kit Mejia

      Gibi: This is a pretty standard thermometer Patient: What world have I been living in...

    48. Juliet Storytimes

      My mom: Why is she rubbing blocks on her screen? Me:What blocks?I only see ice cubes being rubbed on my wound

    49. Cherri_x

      0:07 the tingles tho

    50. complicated roach

      Plot twist: you are trying to heal Gibi who actually has the brain damage and that’s why she is using the wrong items and thinks YOU are the injured one

    51. De Donka

      Yeah honey is a scam dont download it

    52. Carter Sutera

      She’s brainwashing everyone into using honey 😂

    53. practical Pupa

      What if she is actually using the correct objects and our minor not serious brain injury is just making it look wrong

    54. Adrian Adri

      Uhh you should look at this 15:45

    55. Rosa Carrillo

      My mom: why is she using wood blocks as ice packs for injury me: she trying to be an EMT mom maybe those wood blocks are cold

    56. Angel L

      Did she just set brain injuries aren’t that serious did she just say that seriously

    57. Josh Hill


    58. Josh Hill

      nah dont us honey she gets money

      1. SharlieHedberg

        You can download it without using her thing but what's wrong with supporting her channel?

    59. Aquazz

      Gibi: Brain injuries aren’t usually serious Me: What medical school did you go to.....

    60. CinnamonToastGamer

      Wdym. Wrong? You telling me your phone isnt the razer x25 with mechanical cherry switches?

    61. Milly May

      *i love you*

    62. Ana Ortega


    63. Keira Wong


    64. uuniversess

      the beginning reminds me of your nurse roleplay way back when :)) I used to love that vid I remember when you uploaded it!! still such a huge fan!

    65. XxBubblegumxX

      Ad: Honey Gibi: Honey Me: ;-;

    66. Sidd the sloth

      Asks for blanket Me:she cant go wrong Gibi:pulls out a pen proved me wrong. Still i love you gibi ❤

    67. Woven 76

      Imagine your dad walking in on you while holding up a keyboard up to your ear and talking into it like it's a phone

    68. Nicholas Challenger

      Do you have a headache? Yes but not from the accident

    69. aloni g

      No gonna talk about her using pepper shaker lol 😂

    70. Nicholas Challenger

      This is basically misery