ASMR | Using the Wrong Props to Treat You



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    Oh man, you hit your head pretty hard! But you're totally fine. I don't notice anything you???
    This is a video I've wanted to make for a long time haha! It's one of those ... unexplainable triggers. Seeing someone do something with an object that's...clearly not what they're saying it's being used for... but the person using it is so intent that it *is*, you have no choice but to go with the flow! (Read: When sci-fi ASMR vids use flashlights as a "memory eraser", etc.) But I went an extra weird step with it LOL. Is it effective?? Let me know!!!!
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    1. Leisha

      Gibi: *pulls out keyboard* “ what ur friends number. Gibi: *types letters* Me: I think she’s the one with the brain injury

    2. Proof? no proof?

      *gets stabbed by stethoscope* Gibi: You are probably fine in the heart department. Me: *bleeding out* Oh yes I feel great.

    3. 《Lil' Gamer Sky》

      7:50 - 8:23 Everyone: That is a notebook. Me: You forgot the back of your hands. ://

    4. Ayaan Khalid

      What a channel👍👍👍

    5. Sag king

      Ahhh.... ice blocks the favorite choice for all school nurses since forever ago. Lol

    6. REAL AMERICAN!!! Vidauri

      Sure... little light....

    7. melanie rico

      Love this video,super funny#love gibi,huse whith me

    8. Chelsea Fontaine

      So these aren’t the wrong materials, we just hit our head a little to hard .-.

    9. Chan Chan

      this reminds me of ross in that one episode

    10. Dimond Anamations

      So we hit are head right GiBi can have the REAL stuff But we see the FAKE stuff

    11. puffy yoongles

      i couldn't stop laughing when she pulled out that massive strainer

    12. puffy yoongles

      "do you know my name?" "it's okay we just met." bro, i'm laughing so hard 😂😂

    13. Will_Does_Stuff 2008

      Oh ur head hurts here’s some rocks for you forehead

    14. ashton malott

      When she used hang sanatiser that’s not what you use it only kills the bacteria not remove it so washing hands is better ps I ahd to point that out idk

    15. SaviorOfWales

      Wow I hit my head pretty hard

    16. Isabelle Cumming

      Brain injuries usually aren’t that serious, 😂

    17. Nigel Wessels

      You kinda look like allison from teen wolf

    18. Kaylee L

      How did you not burst out laughing half way through? 😅

    19. Lena_ TheWolf

      How ASMRists see our body ♥️ ♥️👁️ 👃👁️♥️ 🖐️ 👄 👋 👕 👖 👟

    20. brotato chip

      Gibi: "you do have a little oopsie oopsie up here" Me: oh, thats just my face haha ಥ‿ಥ

    21. Loch The Sharpie Artist

      Gibi: don't worry it's only *SEVERE BRAIN TRAUMA* uhh I mean it's fine Me:༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    22. oli_g_

      Does anyone else hide the fact that they watch asmr from friends and family because you think they will call you weird???

      1. Dead Meme

        Anyone who doesn't feel asmr can't understand it. It's like trying to explain colors to people born blind.

    23. Tina Stales

      the video starts at 2:01 thank my later

      1. Dead Meme

        Is it late enough yet

    24. nog

      Congrats on ur wedding!

    25. cat lova

      Brain injuries are the most serious bro

    26. Annette Howard

      Vid starts at 2:02 btw

    27. Yellow Swearshirt

      Gibi:*grabs pen* yeah this is a nice blanket*opens cap* it’s warm * As she proceeds to write “lol what a loser”*

    28. Allyson Bennett

      So I didn’t want to go to school the next morning one day and we’ll... I layed down on my carpet floor (FRIGIN CRAYOLA AND MUD STAINED CARPET!) And started to LICK THE FLOOR!! I wanted to get sick so I didn’t have to go 🤦🏼‍♀️......let’s just say that didn’t work

    29. Yellow Swearshirt

      I’m glad I have someone like her to treat me. I mean, she’s better at treating me than Wikipedia so. Pick ya poison peeps. ;)

    30. Megan Buller

      Gibi - “well I’m training to be an EMT not a cardiologist so you’re probably fine in the heart department” Me - having a heart attack

    31. VENOM X

      Sometimes the bad thing about DE-news's getting married is first comes love second comes marriage third comes the baby in the baby carriage and there has been a few asm r DE-news's that quit because of kids there kids so just telling you

      1. oli_g_

        I am confusion

    32. Addison Marksberry

      I keep forgetting that she is using the wrong things 😂

    33. Nøn-binary .łemon

      Someone: there is somebody calling you Me:oh yeah*pulls out keyboard* The snakes:.....*pulls out uno revers card*

    34. Galaxy Critter

      Why is this giving me more tingles than normal asmr?!

    35. Carolann Nelson

      Use the fluffy ball stick more it's so satisfying sorry not trying to be mean but I want you to do more videos of the fluffy ball stick

    36. Summer Vibes

      Year 2050 = New high tech Keyboard = iPhone tax10

    37. Chönk

      I wanna know what keyboard she ysws

    38. Kill Me

      One big as phone 😂

    39. R Noor

      Why is that keyboard telephone conversation so soothing

    40. Stacey Holdstock

      She got a computer in her backpack

    41. xWepper

      phone is a keyboard new technology KEYBOARD PHONE noice

    42. jaimee clarke

      Turns out gibi is the one with a brain injury and she is talking to herself.... Nothing is real, the world is flat,the queen is a canible , we are a huge game of Sims. Holograms are everywhere.

      1. Dead Meme

        Or naw

    43. Pollen the Ribombee

      Gibi: Here's an ice pack for you. Me: Um, that's wood mate

    44. It Killua

      with the black background makes gibi look like she bald

    45. taut ki

      Why are your teeth like stick ling little bit out

    46. Carlo Emflorgo

      and then we died by blood loss

    47. Jenna S

      When you wanna treat yourself by watching asmr but u don’t wanna spoil yourself too much so u watch this😂

    48. gracie shae

      this feels like a fever dream

    49. Ann Bullock

      Me: 👀 👅 Her: *pulls out keyboard* Me: 👀 👄

    50. S.C.C.M Lamarre

      Gibi: "soooooo there was a kit and it was soooooo many good things in side" pulls out blocks Me:"hmmm so this is what a ice pack looks like"

    51. S.C.C.M Lamarre

      Me watching asmr's "wait......" Gets up and goes to her pc laptop picks it up and puts it's to her head Me puts in number Me "why no work" My mom "it's because it's a video" Me "ok" Skips back to her room

    52. Andrea French

      OMG you are so pretty howwwwwww

    53. Carrie Tyler

      Me: totally going along with it and enjoying the strange props Gibi: puts “stethoscope” above my head and asks me to breathe in THAT was when it got weird to me

    54. Rayann Hunt

      Gibi: I’m sure there’s a blanket around here somewhere *holds up marker*

    55. Andrew Deering

      plot twist maybe she is still dumb but not as dumb as we thought she as and the school is just using random items because they are poor and she brought her fake kit and when she got your bag you were hallucinating

      1. Dead Meme

        Wow what a trip

    56. •[]KawaiiGacha[]•

      13:31 Nobdy: Not even single soul: Me: *tWo SHoTs oF VoDKa*

    57. Annabella Eaton

      Gibi: Yeah brain injuries aren't usually serious Me (someone who watches too much grey's anatomy): It could turn into an aneurysm, scar tissue, concussion, memory loss, dementia, and brain death.

    58. ŠṪÓŘM

      Me: I can't breathe, I think my lung collapsed Gibi: Here, have some hot Cheetos

    59. Nauty

      She has your diamonds for sure

    60. Nauty

      That’s cause my addiction to acholl I’m siri

    61. Nauty

      Dude to all those homies that didn’t pay for subscriptions there’s messages back like pictures if you wanna send ummm

    62. Nauty

      Her killa I’lla voice violet ha ha ha ha ha

    63. Nauty

      2020 vision it’s like

    64. Nauty

      Babe love you kendoll got blood rainboy prints

    65. Nauty

      Fuck I’m only in one world fuktooo

    66. Nauty

      Crystal light makes me hard and rock and juice like she can taste her own blood love her mandy

    67. Nauty

      Chin ease smile fooo

    68. Nauty

      And her tongue makes me evil or her

    69. Nauty

      Her rainbow color flowers make my monster dragon lookin black shadow color thing cum while there’s blood all over it over and over again this meditation is amazing blood lights

    70. Nauty

      I love rainbow colors