ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'INCEPTION' Official MV



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    Release Date: 2020. 7. 29. 6PM (KST)
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    #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #FEVER_Part_1

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    1. twelvexto

      If you are thinking, you are alone str3aming, dont worry u have me

    2. кыр сосичка ?

      Atiny!!!!!! If this v1deo gets 40 mill1on v10ews, we can beat G-IDLE and Kang Daniel!!!!! PLEASE STR34M THIS V1DEO ON: Melon, Genie [ sorry for the mistakes, I'm russian girl

    3. Daniela suyay Reyes Hernandez


    4. Ms Atiny


    5. Macarena Barrios


    6. Alejandro Ruz

      36M COME ON ATINYS!!!

    7. An Chelle

      954k yeei

    8. Evil Queen

      esse jogo do flamengo tá uma m3rd4 continuar só no meu str3am q pelo menos o ateez não me decepciona

    9. Karley

      this song is addicting

    10. MOATINY wuyu

      Tbh, ATEEZ choreos are so difficult and tiring *They still manage to sing live most of the time!* Stan ATEEZ

    11. Юля Маслова

      Me :know about Bts and BP along of time - I Don't want to be army or blink Also me: have seen live stage ateez hala hala 4 months ago - I Want to be Atiny

    12. Atiny Yeosang

      Spread the word on social media, I cannot stress this enough and many see it... then they will do it

    13. EmEm 200

      Okay guys right now I'm a very confused Atiny. I have been at work the whole day (that means +14h without a phone etc) and I don't know where i should vot3 or str3am anymore. Geine is not available in my country (I have tried everything) and I have no ide what has ended or not and i just want to know how and where i can help.

      1. Atiny Yeosang

        Do you have an Instagram? If so, message me here @ateez_wooyoung24 and I will help you with Genie

    14. Atiny Yeosang

      Please spread it on social media! STR34M This

    15. Aster Subs


    16. Naeli Montalvo Chirulla

      atiny, además de hacer Str34m no se olviden de vot4r en las apps, algunas v0t4c1ion3s cierran hoy. ejemplo: En THE SHOW

    17. El potito d hyunjin uwu

      m voy a llorar, adios

    18. El potito d hyunjin uwu

      los amo mucho:((((((

    19. BangtanShidae

      I never invested so much time and effort into a kpop group as I do for Ateez. And I’ve been into kpop for more than 8 years now and tbh I don’t regret any second of it

    20. Roses are Rosé

      Almost at 36M, let's reach for 40M WE CAN DO IT

    21. S

      guys we r so close to 36M plzzz keep going :((

    22. Purple7

      So proud of this family for real We're doing a great job ATINY Let's keep going

    23. ;; guada ;;


    24. Wooyoung Ateez

      Sigamos con el str34am , atinys hagan todo lo posible para que ganen

    25. Laura Cervantes Nuñez

      *y me convertí en quien soy* Me encanta la letra de INCEPCION

    26. Justemoi Fana

      Everybody str3@m1ng

    27. An Chelle

      945k sí se puede

    28. ynn nnii

      San I'm in love I love you San

    29. Rinad M


    30. nam gyuri

      As a fan of groups only from the 2nd and 3rd generation, I don’t really know much about other groups but I do know the basics about them; So based on my knowledge I can say for sure that *ATEEZ are the BEST group of the 4th generation!* PERIOD. I just can’t understand why they are so underrated like seriously they deserve to be called *“The Kings”* of their generation and I am not even exaggerating! Unfortunately people only pay attention to groups from well known companies😔 Anyways I wish you guys (ATEEZ and ATINY) the best of luck🍀❤️

    31. Aster Subs


    32. Justemoi Fana

      Atiny thanks to support Ateez Really, thanks you

    33. Justemoi Fana


    34. Justemoi Fana

      8 makes 1 team

    35. Justemoi Fana

      For Ateez we can do it

    36. Justemoi Fana

      Yeah keep str3@m1ng guys

    37. Deborah Alves

      já já eu vou estar cantando essa música até enquanto eu tiver dormindo de tanto que ja vi o mv e stage kkkkkkkk

    38. mary vasquez

      mingi 😍😍😍🤩🤩😘

      1. ian somerhalder

        delete the emojis or we'e going to assume you're an anti

      2. Justemoi Fana

        No em0ji Del3te the em0ji please that fr33zz the vi3wS

    39. Justemoi Fana

      The vi3wS are so slow

    40. Esmerald Lopez

      Atiny!!!! No falta mucho!!! Vamos con todo!!!!! Y no se olviden de Genie! Si se puede!!!!

    41. Layla

      Pure art

    42. Aruzhan Rakhimova

      im in love with ateez and nothing will change this

    43. Song Joanne

      HJ acting in here is my favorite part, and the scene with them dancing in the water is ON POINT. They all did so good.

    44. Sheila Grajeda Avila

      Y ustedes ya escucharon la cancion completita en ingles que venia en el album, con letra super hermosa e inspiradora?? o son yo? T.T

      1. ian somerhalder

        delete the link or we'e going to assume you're an anti

    45. Aruzhan Rakhimova

      I just want to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who are seeing this comment thank you so much for supporting our boys^^

      1. Justemoi Fana

        Thanks you too!

      2. Юля Маслова

        Thanks you too

    46. Justemoi Fana

      Don't lose hope and keep str3@m1ng

    47. Justemoi Fana

      36M soon!

    48. Justemoi Fana

      Yeah fighting!!!

    49. Ahga _bebe

      Evt gece turuna Ateez canlarımla dewamke Türk Atiny hala burada canlarr

    50. Nicole

      I love the passion they put into choreography and singing

    51. Song Mingi


    52. Talita 22

      Im super addicted in this music video!!

    53. An Chelle

      936k vamoooos

    54. Dennis yeray


      1. Justemoi Fana

        Ateeeeeeeez present

    55. Wooyoung's dolphin laugh

      ATINYS this is Seonghwa's painful smile. So i got blocked again lmao (because i commented too much). Anyway here is the current result on Mwave for Korea and Japan: Japan: 1st Korea: 3rd Yt do you hate me that much or are you afraid of Ateez World Domination? Sorry that Ateez is too powerful!! Atinys keep str3ming (after genie ----> MV+ Stage). V0t3 on Mwave, whosfan and starplay if you haven't already!!! Fighting Atinys!!!!

      1. Wooyoung's dolphin laugh

        @Justemoi Fana I can't tell you much. I'll explain. Digital count for 45% for Mcountdown. This is a lot but all the str3ming we did last week will count for this week too. We charted last week so we have digital . It is impossible to have 0 digital now. We are leading on the global pre v0t1ng and the japan one but not the korea one. Prevote count for 15% but we won't get the full 15% because we're 3rd on the korean poll. MV and stage count for 15% too and our competitor is leading by a lot. They are also doing well in chart. Digital will play the big part on if we win or not. At least we are leading on global and japan prev0t1ng but i'm scared because of the digital. This week we couldn't stay on top 50 real time chart for an entire day and we dropped out of the top 100 daily chart. We are not at 1M for the stage and 40M for the MV. At least last week mcountdown stage we reach 1M and even beat our competitor with the vi3ws but that's not the case this week. We lost last week because of digital. I can't really say if our chance to win is more than 50% or less than 50% cuz i don't have numbers especially the digital :/ If i knew our digital and our competitor digital i could have made an estimation. But what i can say is yess we have a chance to win. Last week we won against digital monsters and seniors who do well in chart too. So it can happen again!!! Fighting!!!

      2. Justemoi Fana

        @Wooyoung's dolphin laugh oooh okay And do you know the chance for Ateez to win? Like more 50% or less than 50%?

      3. Wooyoung's dolphin laugh

        @Aruzhan Rakhimova Hahaha exactly!!!

      4. Wooyoung's dolphin laugh

        @Юля Маслова Yeah

      5. Aruzhan Rakhimova

        @Wooyoung's dolphin laugh nothing even yt will stop a true atiny hehehe

    56. Daniel Ovalli

      40 천만

    57. chicken fried rice


      1. ian somerhalder

        delete the emojis or we'e going to assume you're an anti

      2. Wooyoung Baby

        No emoji plzz!! It really frezes views!!

      3. Naeli Montalvo Chirulla

        chicken fried rice no emojis plis

    58. hopeful_rainbows

      (one of the lyrics): I'm in love Me: *YES I AM IN LOVE*

    59. ANN ZUÑIGA

      Falta muy poco para los 36M!!!! ATINY FIGHTING!!!!

    60. Лей ла

      Ваааау, мне очень нравится 😻 Начинаю стэнить🌝

      1. ian somerhalder

        delete the emojis or we'e going to assume you're an anti

    61. Hehet Yeosang

      Lets reach 2 m everyone!

    62. Hehet Yeosang


    63. Yeosangel


    64. YoongiKookie UwU

      Make the vudeo to 100K

    65. Evil Queen

      quase 36M vamos gente

    66. An Chelle


    67. Hongjoong Bigminion

      Atinys!! Lets report this spammer

    68. Hongjoong Bigminion

      Atinys lets

    69. luana Miranda


    70. Hongjoong Bigminion

      How many international atinys are here??

      1. DumbTurtle

        L-Atiny present!! n.n/