Attempting to drive my Rebuilt Ferrari 458 Home...

Tj Hunt

Tj Hunt

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    Am Vor 6 Monate



      Finally got it home! That was a epic amount of vlogs.

    2. Wahn Cologne

      160k into it.. its worth 145k good job!!

    3. Eamon Mc donnell

      Tag teaming that glovebox

    4. Brad Makes

      But what about your books? XD

    5. Leonard R

      10:13 happened on my 335i a couple months ago. Turns out it was a hose that had a broken clip so it didn't fasten correctly.

    6. Jeff Locke

      Frank looks high af...!

    7. Andraž Logar

      Fuck this Ferreri videos

    8. Andy Smith

      Rocket bunny 458 🐰


      maybe the old owner named Iko...based on the bluetooth list just now...

    10. Speed Junky

      Good gracious your focus abilities on your videos SUCKS! Why is it so hard to focus your camera. If you can't get your legit camera to focus, use your phone...anything is better than what you are currently doing.

    11. LI BP

      You’re not the hunt guy from the UFC

    12. Jack H

      11 mins of useless talking, 30 seconds of driving

    13. Ryan Sookdeo

      could Iko be the previous owner?

    14. Random Workshop

      Your right eye looks like it got punched. Lol

    15. Jesse Ables

      Previous owner is named Iko. Car came from...Indiana? How many Ferrari owners are named Iko?

    16. lesafighter

      kyle ,really man , you have a true italian stallion on you hands and you name it girls name ,whaat are you gay or something???

    17. Ross Wallace

      Told ya 😊

    18. Anthony Scott

      Ya, welcome back to reality. Super cars are cool but the people who own them can afford to pay other people to turn their wrenches. Alot of your subs will never even sit in a super car. I'm happy for you & congrats on the Ferrari but I can relate to 240s, brzs, 350zs, rx7s. I'll keep watching, just sayin.

    19. Raul Nasui

      Read the car's manual... lol

    20. Richard Gollen

      nah man, supra is overrated, 458 is better

    21. Erik Baldwin

      5:15 omg omg omg idk wut 2 do. food in the car RED ALERT food in the car :siren: EDIT: 6:38 Teej, don't feel like an idiot, just RTFM dewd

    22. Ryan M

      Don't blame Calvin lmao. Without him you wouldn't have your Ferrari where it is lmao. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    23. louTegDA9_420

      naming ur car is cringey af

    24. 133M

      got 28 videos so far out of this ferrari and over 20 million views

    25. noah skillman

      March 23 is my birthday

    26. Kuya Anthony

      "So hey guys, here in my garage with my Ferrari 458 and my Rocket Bunny Subaru BRZ."

    27. USMC MSgt

    28. Norlan Sierra

      Calvin face when he picked up the harness, de memezzzz

    29. Richy Orr


    30. Robert Chandler

      I think you said a million times a million times since I've started watching...PEACE!

    31. William Hoitink

      What’s up tj

    32. Shaun Miller

      you still spent way over $100000 which most people don't have to blow on a car. hope you make your money back

    33. starsckyy

      You should’ve said that you have that Ferrari because of the brz (Miley)

    34. Ismail Shahzad

      Every 458 video that you do: ''shoutout to exotic auto recycling'' XD

    35. Shooff3.4

      Nothing is more annoying than that god damn Ferrari beep

    36. OcXs3

      Your passion is exceptional. We feel it a lot by watching you do your job. Calvin and you, you're really great. It's great to watch you. Thank you.

    37. All about technology 24x7

      @2:06 Wht a reaction... 😂😂

    38. yallow rosa

      9:00 well done

    39. Ricardo Adame

      Kylie the Ferrari

    40. TNT Auto Sales TNTGOTCARS

      I’ll give this Italian car a proper name... Ah yes! Kylie.

    41. cyriel bakeroot

      @tjhunt isn't that your car on 1:12 on this video:

    42. mrgee six

      Next video: attempting to shine my rims on my rebuilt Ferrari 458..

    43. Michael West

      Ricardo's from the same country and state as me

    44. George H. Arnold IV

      How does the sound system sound

    45. Morgan Viscardi

      Kylie???? Why not pick a Italian name like chiara or Annalisa or Christina

    46. Liam Flaherty


    47. Danny Todd

      Nice now let me inherit a car from you lol.

    48. Christopher Dodd

      You’ve all done a super job, I may have missed this part what I’m gonna comment on......WHY wrap it Red?? You’ve done sooooo much work to a spec condition so why have you wrapped it! I hope soon there another part where you paint it White because back in White will look super cool! Keep up the videos, you guys crack me up with your chemistry and bants. Chris🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

    49. Grandma3stro

      Figuring out wiring, circuitry schematics and electrical components is pretty interesting.

    50. b2lamborgini

      If this is Kylie what's the name of the rx7? Feel like we haven't heard it mentioned unless I'm forgetting

    51. Alex H

      too many ads yikes

    52. Nstg8a

      There’s a whole lot to be said for reading the owners manual....

    53. BLK Barron392

      Above your head in the 458 looks like your missing some kind of header panel or am I crazy?

    54. Tete Te

      I dont wanna waste my time on this vlog anymore Im out!

    55. Abdulla Bali

      noticed the check tire pressure light

    56. How Rich TV

      The DE-news ads of this car have covered the 100k spent to buy it

    57. Victor Romanos

      Im very happy for you TJ ..its AMAZING

    58. Hipolito Rivas#5

      Next vid “ attempting to have sex with subrina in my Ferrari 458”

    59. Aaron MacQuesten

      How do people just learn how to do this stuff?

    60. Efren Cano

      Tj : tell everyone Supra is gone don’t mind that

    61. James semaJ

      Plz look at the meme I made of you on Twitter @semaj_313

    62. ELA DC5

      Race fresh kicks R8

    63. PandaVengeance

      Want Mickey as my dad. Don’t know how it feels to have one.

    64. Jeter

      Doesnt there have to be a license plate on the 458? Never seen a plate on one of your cars 😂

    65. ShallowRxpawn

      8:50 thank me with a like or a sub

    66. Sean

      Is his mic peaking constantly or just me?

    67. George Stefanick

      I own a 2011 458 if you ever have any questions

    68. browndogjack

      Don’t let your dogs near that coolant.

    69. Lizzardlover988

      I definitely think its almost time for Miley to get a new wrap!!! 💯

    70. Oliver Ericson

      Dont sell it