Awful Products That Shouldn't Exist



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    1. Rafal Plackowski

      3:40 hila savage 😂🤣

    2. papa Gary

      Everyones pissed that they left, but remember they have a baby to take care of.

    3. Travis Kole

      Aw man, the face blanket would have been perfect for the portable sauna!

    4. creemcheems

      i dont get it why would you take a shit in the dark

    5. Nerd Slayer

      8:25 Russians and Canadians awkwardly look away.

    6. The other One

      I think you guys found the only way to show what hemorrhoids looks like on DE-news without being demonetized 5:34

    7. Benny Serrano

      I personally wipe with both hands. JK

    8. Chandy

      a few thousand dollars to play with stupid shit

    9. Radioactive Gaming

      I could use the face blanket for a cubs game in the fall. I wouldn’t.

    10. Sherlock Holmes

      more goofs like this plz love

    11. Jakazure Nonon

      i wanna see more real content from h3h3 no reading script

    12. Ben Lowe

      2020: “MmMmm it’s not easy”

    13. coralinelover999

      10:45 she shoulda been like “Do it for the views”

    14. Marceline Winchester

      So glad i choose to eat baked beans at the beginning of this video

    15. Sergeant RhymeSpitter

      Hila lookin like a cholo

    16. Kevin Spolarich

      That pimple thing is deeply cursed

    17. Tyrawrian

      The Filipino way of washing our asses after pooping is using our bare hands while pouring water on our hands.

    18. Nick Wood

      My wife would love the pimple popper, much to my horror

    19. doctorjae75

      The face blanket looks like the shitty, poorly made bag-masks in Django Unchained. "Hold on, I'm fuckin' with muh eye holes"

    20. Jim Vue

      this explains the bioluminescent waves...

    21. Eypick

      Yeah these handerpants sound like they’re just gloves

    22. Brian Quint


    23. Thomas O'Brien

      I remember when hila was shy

    24. Theodore Douglas

      The future kid of Eathen and his wife

    25. The fluff Man child

      I was eating while watching this and I then threw up

    26. wakman756

      Potable sauna? No no no, more like testicle deactivation

    27. Toot-toot McBumbersnazzle

      After watching call ur Nukes on Keem I had to go back and watch these gems again. I need more Hila in my life. Time to go order some new TeddyFresh

      1. Toot-toot McBumbersnazzle

        (Also checking your bowel movements & urine when you go to the bathroom is normal, it's one of the easiest ways to track your health)

    28. The CHONK

      7:01 is cursed

    29. 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪 共匪

      I had to skip the Pimple Popper.

    30. Joyit

      I'm not usually squeamish but that pimple popper got me

    31. Christopher Hill

      13:42 "We've lived through a pandemic so we can watch turds glow in the toilet." Ethan is a prophet

    32. Xenotiic

      Whenever I see that grandpa now all I can think of is Internet Historian :P

    33. Ken Hiltenbrand

      Who knew that glow in the dark toilet paper would become an actual flex in 2020

    34. Justin Brown

      How could you eat the string cheese without your dipping sauce?

    35. THE FC DUBZ

      I've seen MMA fighters use that portable sauna

    36. epic gamer

      Wtf did I just watch Ethan

    37. EX35I2

      You have a dead pixel on your camera

    38. Ryan Berrigan

      What's the music called at the end?

    39. ok 237


    40. Gabriella Cortez

      Where Teddy????

    41. Aarni Immonen

      Wtf Ethan was really good looking when he was younger

    42. Nick Atkinson

      "But do you really want to be reminded of an animal while you're eating a hot dog?" What do you think hot dogs are made of?

    43. Zucchini

      hotdog slicer is fire

    44. _Raff


    45. Mir S

      Where is his wife from anyways?

    46. Seven

      Lmao semen and urine glow in the dark. Looks like somebody has terrible aim

    47. dooder

      If only they made a portable sauna that had a Tesla plug. Then the homeless would be set. Grey taco for life.

    48. Nifo_B

      Calvin Klein=Ethan Klein

    49. Bryan Juarez Rodriguez

      Like yours ?

    50. Nbagaming

      Your a lucky guy

    51. ImJavert

      Is it just me or does young Ethan look like an off-brand Andrew Garfield?

    52. Lauri Saarinen

      A dry sauna??? If it's dry, it's not a sauna! It's missing the whole point! I mean it's a steam room, come on... 🤦‍♂️

    53. Nye

      Unus Annus fans remembering back to when Ethan took a beer sauna.

    54. T W

      faceblanket i approve i always cover my face with a blanket but need to leave my nose and mouth open. this would solve my problems lmao

    55. sirspamalot3

      Many cultures wash their ass with their bare hands after pooping. Using water ofc. I learned it a few years ago from a friend after close observation. When i noticed how crisp and clean his butt became i had to try it myself.

    56. jay garcia

      Any minorities from the south watching how do y'all feel about that face blanket ...🤦instantly

    57. O Be

      Hila is getting funnier everyday

    58. NotCharging

      8:25 idk probably Canada

    59. Plippy :p

      the sauna is not dumb

    60. Mati Castle

      That's some Ethan and Hila vibes! I love it!

    61. April Sharp

      To be fair, that face blanket could come in handy for when I get migraines. I can block out all the light while still being able to breathe. lol

    62. MatXtract 0

      5:38 my little brother got one of these for his birthday

    63. darynu

      Ngl, glow in the dark toilet paper would make a sick mummy costume

      1. darynu

        I mean, if it worked, obviously

    64. Fernando Perez

      *H3 merch exists*

    65. Digizella

      Last year, when i went to South India (am from Canada), i decided to go for a colonic cleanse session (3-4 in total), which surprisingly started with that funny looking “sauna” with infrared light that emanates heat & detoxes the body. Well, i had absolutely no idea that my “treatment” included that particular box which was red (not silver) and i felt like a chicken waiting to be roasted inside the oven. It was ultra HOT inside (supposed to cleanse/detox the internal organs prior to colonic cleanses). My friend was filming me (yes, i have a video to prove it!), and i was laughing uncontrollably bcz it felt so weird and so unexpected! 😹 Ah well, you go with the flow....

    66. 1 0

      pause on 7:59 and play salim sawarim in the background

    67. Ge TV

      13:50 Ethan is the man behind the slaughter

      1. MAX PAYNE

        It all starts in 93

    68. Eero Nikola

      Going to a 80 celsius (176 farenheit) sauna tonight! Cause im finnish :)

    69. OfficialStitch23

      My only question is why aren’t you on this list?

    70. In Dog Years I'm Dead

      I can’t be the only one who thought of amberlynn Reid when they brought out the wipe stick