Baker is the problem in Cleveland, talks Aaron Rodgers' loss to Bucs - Colin | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Colin Cowherd discusses the Green Bay Packers Week 6 loss to Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hear why Colin Believes Aaron Rodgers lacks the ability to overcome large deficits in crucial games. Plus hear his reaction to the Cleveland Browns' loss, and what this means for Baker Mayfield.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Baker is the problem in Cleveland, talks Aaron Rodgers' loss to Bucs - Colin | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Is Aaron Rodgers responsible for the Packers' loss to the Buccaneers?

      1. J O

        They should put baker somewhere between the pistol and under center and call it the knife

      2. Brady Hagen

        If you watch Green Bay there have been so many times when Rodgers just needs one more chance with the ball and the defense doesn't get the stop. Like it's not all his fault.

      3. cody baertschi

        They have had a mediocre defense most of his years in GB. Arod has some of the most compelling and dramatic comebacks in recent memory. Lest we forget the playoff game in AZ where a defensive break down cost them that game in OT.

      4. Peter Dyste


      5. John Bolton

        The Packers as a team gotta do better. Anyone with eyes could see during that game that other players weren’t as prepared as they needed to be either in the game

    2. Itheworst

      If Baker Mayfield burns a piece of toast in the morning Colin would break it down with 10 mins worth of analysis

    3. chaunce02

      man cmon colin rogers has won alot coming from back. u comparing 3 year qbs to 10 years veteran amout of games they play is different

    4. Francisco Leite

      Never forget: Cleveland could have picked Saquon Barkley AND Lamar Jackson.

    5. Hallett One9

      How are the Browns content with Baker? I think they need to get Darnold if he is avail for trade. Darnold with that offence would be insane!

    6. joe mason

      With all the praise showered upon him, as the best that ever did it. I never felt that 😂 you don't need the stats to show he is the Russell Westbrook of football 😂

    7. Kamron Stewart

      Fitzmagic time in Cleveland

    8. J da high roller

      News flash Bakers bad on face alone, i never saw any real talent in him to be honest, if the browns are smart theyll try to get burrow somehow, or Dak, or J Winston... anybody almost

    9. Steven Whittington

      Farve was 500 for 330 or something. That’s like 25 to 16 average td to int ratio. I don’t think Baker is farve but damn sounds like your calling him a bust

      1. Steven Whittington

        By comparison baker is 23 to 16 or something. That’s not too far off for a guy who’s only been in the league like 3 years now

    10. Steven Whittington

      I mean if you’re just counting when he’s trailing only then that’s kinda misleading don’t you think? Trailing is losing after all.

    11. John Nolte

      im a huge rodgers fan not even a green bay fan but this was a hard pill to swallow i had no idea about the trailing from behind stat

    12. J Elam

      Part of that stat is terrible defenses. Look at qbs higher up on the list.... all have had better defenses than the packers.

    13. Dylan Lercher

      I love how you said that Rodgers was doing really well and you were having fun watching him. Then he has one loss, yes it was bad but it was one loss, and now hes the worst qb ever, people 3 years in have much better careers then he has had, and Aaron should retire because he will never win anything ever again. Everytime Rodgers has a bad day this happens.

    14. Jonathan Mendez

      Well wont be TL, maybe trade a mix of Odell, Landry, #1 pick, Myles, Ward for Sam Darnold??

    15. fr.ankie 8218

      Colin must have bad dreams about baker mayfield since he cant stop talking about him

    16. IsmaiL NYC 600

      Faker nayfield is not good at quarterbacking ..only person defending him is his wife ..he’ll be holding a clipboard very soon .

    17. BensonSooner

      Cleveland’s best start since the civil war... Baker is the problem....

    18. IsmaiL NYC 600

      I don’t normally agree with Colin..but he’s right on with the Rodgers analogy ...Rodgers gets flustered when he’s behind and his body language changes ..and hes always blaming receivers when he makes bad passes..

    19. Da'Ron Lee

      this is how Colin makes an argument when he favors you ... Colin: "how many Hail Marys have Tom Brady thrown to win the game?" "Aaron Rodgers has 2!! .. Brady hasnt done it, brady doesn't do that .. Brady's just a winner because he had a HOF kicker (dramatic pause) make .. a FG ... alright lets shift to this .." Us: wth?!?!?

    20. Robaroo

      Baker should just change careers, and become a full-time commercials actor.

    21. Smith Bros Jakobie

      This is stupid. You can’t make a comeback when your defense can’t stop the other team from scoring.

    22. Jeremy Laplante

      Colin's ideal scenario: Browns trade for Sam Darnold and he starts over Baker, the big trunky coastal kid wins again

    23. Kaddeus Bailey

      *Dak comes back from down 2+ scores* Colin: He has a lot of garbage yards. Empty calories *Rodgers doesn’t come back from being 2+ scores* Colin: There’s no fight. He bails. Look at Carson Wentz. Look at Russell Wilson. Spin how you want Colin.

    24. Nelson Pineda

      You can comment without being personal, demeaning, and a bully. We get the point. You have it out for Baker.

    25. Alphaoumar Bah

      For some reason Baker gets cruscifed but why do the media defend Sam Darnold? Yeah Gase is a fraud and lord knows who is he throwing to but if he was actually a franchise QB he would have at least shown signs. His inability to read defenses scares me. Maybe it’s a Tannehil situation where he needs to get away from Gase to realize his potential

    26. Case Harrell

      30th our of every QB since the 50s doesn’t sound that bad

      1. Case Harrell

        Out of*

    27. tranceformer110

      Case Keenum > Baker Mayfield

    28. Deadpool

      Baker mayfield for Aaron Rodgers?????

    29. Claudio Silvestrin

      So Aaron Rodgers bails when he trails? Have you seen the Packers-Bears season opener 2018 when they trailed 3-20 in the fourth quarter and Rodgers managed to win it, basically playing on one leg?

    30. BishopX

      I bypassed to 5:30 just for that smoke

    31. Peter Dyste

      The Buccaneers have put the rest of the NFC on notice that they are ferocious on both sides of the ball.

    32. Doc

      Do people really try and argue that Rogers is the goat?

    33. alfonso m

      Hey Green Bay, it's TEBOW time!

    34. Robert Holland

      Baker is the problem but I’m not about to act like they defense didn’t give up a million points in those losses

    35. PhantomObserver

      Remember; Aaron Rodgers makes fewer mistakes than Tom Brady. Yew, fewer mistakes makes for better statistics. However ... The fewer mistakes you make, the fewer opportunities you have to *learn* from your mistakes. That means that when someone who's 98 percent mistake-free makes a mistake, the odds of the consequences being catastrophic are far greater than when someone who learns from many mistakes makes one. So a mistake made by Aaron Rodgers have stronger consequences than a mistake made by Brady, because Brady knows how to mitigate his mistake's effects in ways that Rodgers doesn't.

    36. Jacob Haire

      Green Bay is the Michigan of NFL

    37. Chip Kerzel

      Geez, what did we do before Colin and that guy Allen Iverson made famous, Steven A. to get the lowdown on all the goings on in the NFL?

    38. Motley Byron

      YO Cleveland.... Sam Darnold, you have a first round pick AND Baker Mayfield...send them to the Jets...RIGHT AWAY... get Darnold BEFORE he gets away and you have another year of "we think Baker will have a break out season," cause he WON'T... Odell Beckham is NOT your problem Cleveland.... Baker Mayfield IS!

    39. TheOnlyLabz

      In 36 appearances, Bakers record is 17-19. In the last 36 games prior to baker playing, the browns record is 1-34-1. But Baker is the problem? Lmao

    40. Zachary Viana

      Colin relies on a fundamental misunderstanding of how to come back in a football game. It’s reliant on your defense being able to stop the hemorrhaging of points to the opposing team and giving the offense more opportunities to score. Green Bay has had poor defenses for years.

    41. Dominique Wilson

      Yeah? Keep losing viewers to Pat McAfee. Idiot.

    42. PrettyBoy23

      It’s the simple fact that Baker never should of been picked at 1 overall.

    43. Jon Doe

      Arod didn't bail his Oline got hammered by injuries and Arod got pummeled because of it and having his TE Tonyan injured didn't help any

    44. The maker

      You want to know how bad Baker is just think about this if the Bengals traded QBs with the browns what would happen. I can tell you this the Bengals would still lose but worst and the browns would probably be superbowl favorites

    45. Kollion DaDon

      That is a real shocker of a stat when most remember all of Aaron Rodgers’ comeback Hail Mary throws

    46. Vin Martinez

      Last Rodgers was praised last wks. Today 👎 .

    47. David Rogers

      Man I was wrong on baker he's bad there no way around it he's not responsible for not one win this year they could have kept tyrod Taylor

    48. Marc Helfrecht

      I love a good comeback story! You know, Seabiscuit, or Kim Kardashian!

    49. Oscar Barbeito

      And he didn't even mentioned when Rodgers trails in the 4th quarter, I think the record is 1-30 or something like that..

    50. Jonn Cockrell

      Rogers is a Hall of Fame QB at home but a bum on the road. Look it up- it's like 2 different football players.

    51. Christopher Cripps

      TB also defined by 2 SB losses to NY Giants ... but for a catch on the helmet 7 wins? 3 words Never Stops Playing.

    52. equinox9

      Comparing winning when trailing percentages when he's played 7 times as long as those guys...

    53. Jacob

      From a Bears fan to a Browns fan, don't kid yourself with Baker and move on from him if it's not working

    54. Jonah Jacobsen

      A quarterbacks ability to come back also reliant on their defense

    55. maleseal

      Love Colin, don't like Rodgers but damn did he an his team misinterpret that statistic lmao

    56. Carson Taggart

      Cleveland: historically garage Colin: Baker is the whole problem

    57. Franco Barrera

      Colin "Let's shift to this" Cowherd.

    58. Ryan

      It's actually insane to think that someone as talented as Aaron Rodgers has a worse record when trailing than Tim Tebow. Just crazy to think about

    59. Alen Phillips

      I dont think green bay has had to make many comebacks in the 4th. They generally arent chasing they're usually being chased. These generalized comments are absurd. To many variables to look at. One state to focus on isnt a smart way to make any essessment. All of the qbs on this list have a horrible stat or two that make them look not so good. I personally watch the game to see each of them be amazing at playing this position. They all bounce back and support one another and hardly knock eachother.

    60. raf avila

      5 years of a high school defense will do that to you

    61. DVD 0410

      Colin “Bucs could face a blowout” Cowherd

    62. Josh Millan

      Colin tryna get baker fired

    63. John94709

      Colin (I could do my job in my underwear) Cowherd, critiquing professional athletes will always be funny.

    64. Tate Wood

      when Rodgers throws like 300+ with 3 TDs this week colin will say he’s back or just say he knew rodgers had it in him

      1. korey mcintire

        He will say he was "Just trying to motivate him" lol

    65. sjwilson1079

      Tebow time in Green Bay? Lol

    66. Mivako Gaming

      Collin: This team is sss..... talented

    67. Mathematical Poetry

      Baker loses a game and Collin can't contain himself trembling as if Baker stole his car or made off with his wife.

    68. Gia P

      winning Trailing... except brady. how many games did Jimmy G, Pat, Tebow or Lamar, played when u took the stats?.....

    69. Phil Kwarta

      Does this guy even realize how ridiculous what he's saying is? Every QB on that list, with the exception of Brady (aka the Goat) has been in the league for far less time than Rodgers. To throw these stats out when the guy has a career record of 117-61 is so disrespectful. It's way easier to have a 65% come from behind rate when you've only played a sample size of 40 games. Also, why are you always having to come from behind if you're so good??

    70. Mike Livingstone

      The year Rodgers had 1 decent Defense he won a Super Bowl. Brady benefited from Belichick's D year after year. Big comeback against Atlanta sure...remember how Belichick's D held them at 28? Big Tommy fumble against Eagles and lost to Nick Foles! Does Brady want credit for beating Goff and the Lambs? Was he good in that game? What about when Vinatieri bailed him out time after time. Tommy was a game manager to start his career. Tommy played on better teams with the greatest coach of all time. Colin sounds crazy.