Bart Scott: Dak Prescott delusional to expect the Cowboys to pay him $40M/year?



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    Bart Scott: Dak Prescott delusional to expect the Cowboys to pay him $40M/year?

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    1. Linda Easley

      You talk bullshit Dak IS NOT ASKING FOR $40 mil

    2. Ron T

      Just a word Nick dumbass those last day games. Prescott was top 5 and damn near every catagory

    3. Ron T

      You people bringing up Andy Daltonand his wins what is Andy Dalton done in the playoffs what is Andy Dalton done when the team needed him the most choked nothing NADA zip

    4. Ron T

      Dak Prescott is not going to take one damn penny less than what he's earned

    5. Ron T

      I'm so sick of this racist SAS narrativethe only time you hear anybody on TV talkin about taking a discount for the team is with black quarterbacks AKA Russell Wilson

    6. Ron T

      I know you not going to dance blame Dak Prescott for wanting what he's olwed no one on TV can explain how Dak Prescott does not deserve his he does not to be deserve to be next man up he does not deserve to have his payday because he's earned it and not one of you motherfukers on TV with take a dime less than one sitting beside you when you're the fucking star

    7. Asher Mckayle

      Why all these players tryna set a record high paycheck🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. esreverni ytilaer

        They're chasing a dream of thinking they can get NBA money. Splitting the cap between 53 people is never going to be able to compete with a division of 15 (NBA)

    8. Philly Simpson

      Hell no, Dak if a younger Romo

    9. Wally A

      You buncha

    10. Wally A

      Dak is not dillusional, he's just playing the haggle game with Jerry. Come on, man...

    11. David Brown


    12. nutznchocolates melt-in-your-mouth

      Why they keep talking about his wife?

    13. Rodney Mayes

      Dak Prescott is not worth no damn 40 million dollars he got to put a little bit more up under his belt

    14. Ole Miss Thompboy

      Where’s Tony Romo?!!!!!!!!

    15. #TEAM TRUMP

      Dak will never ever ever see a super bowl ever ...EVER

    16. John Guertin

      ive been a cowboys fan since 69 ...and i know prescott is average ..thats all... but these talking heads who always bring up a QB and super bowl wins or playoff wins...... like the guy plays the other team alone.... TEAMS win those Prescott has been there three years and Bart Scott says he's only got 1 playoff win well he's only been in what three playoff games..??? I dont think they should pay him a cent over 25 million but this is the sports world we live in now...there was a time when the fans had no idea what a player made nor did we give a fuck....

    17. Hllywd55

      Mr. Scott is exactly right, Dak hasn't proven he can win without a star player when the game is on the line and up to him. I think he needs to prove a little bit more before you blow a huge contract on someone who chokes in the big games.

    18. Erick the Laker/Raiders fan

      Derek Carr is better than that joke are you kidding me

      1. Hllywd55


    19. Simple X.

      I can name 13 QBs who's ahead of Prescott right now: 1. Brady 2. Rodgers 3. Brees 4. Wilson 5. Mahomes 6. Big Ben 7. Rivers 8. Ryan 9. Wentz 10. Watson 11. Newton 12. Stafford 13. Cousins 14. Prescott....

    20. Medijine Time

      Dak and the cowboys will never win another S.B. Fact.

      1. Medijine Time

        @Wally A: Well I must matter, you replied. And yes I am a psychic.

      2. Wally A

        Yeah, ok...just cause you said so? don't even matter...LOL

    21. Donnae Sanders

      The longer you wait, the more it's going to cost...Period! 4yr-130million = 32.5million/yr, if he doesn't accept - then franchise tag him, why is this a daily debate? Let's start look at other options if he doesn't sign. #PayHimOrFranchiseHim -Le

    22. elvis estrada

      Man these guys suck! Let's do t someone else that will play! He needs to quit acting like a crying player and produce.. Let's get this right don't pit the cowvmboys in the hole! We can get a better quarterback and a running back that won't be in trouble every time he steps out because he can't handle his behavior! Trash people trash! And I'm a cowboys fan since 1977!

    23. elvis estrada

      Let's get rid of Dak and Elliot! They are not Aikman and Emmit!

    24. PooCruncha!

      jerry is cheap, Dak is lucky he got a 30 piece..But the cowboys or should i say the coach slash owner,always let good players go and try to depend on the bench to do the job..32 and call it a day! its a billion people out there who dont have 30 mill....keep biting the hand and you wont eat!

    25. Mohawk Guy

      Sorry. I don’t care anymore. Multi millionaires talking about two income families. I’m sick of these guys “holding out”. KEEP YOUR WORD. play your contract. Sit out? You made a contract. You gave your word. Be a man and do what you said to. Wonder how these guys would behave if the teams decided not to pay and had a holdout of their own. Maybe put the shoe on the other foot. Should be an nfl rule. You sit out like Leveon and you’re done. You don’t play in the nfl ever again.

    26. bigdz83

      Dak been playing for free the first 3 years.

      1. TheRealfan1

        He got $2M/year for those 3 years. That's far from free.

    27. Tristan Blue

      It wasn’t even true wtf is this bullshit lmao how y’all going to tell a grown ass man how much money he’s worth u not paying it 😂😂😂😂 so foh

    28. C G

      Nick's hair is stupid like his opinions

    29. dēaþ

      None of this matters because there's going to be a lockout/strike after next season and nobody will be getting paid.

      1. Hllywd55


    30. tony montana

      Finally I get to hear Chris Carter's opinion

    31. Kontraversy Blac

      Dak get yo money

    32. Shannon Sharpe

      What has Wentz done other than ride the bench to the Super Bowl, why does Dak needs to prove his self. He went head to head with Rodgers, has a playoff win and top 3 wins since 2016 1. Brady 2. Big Ben 3.Dak

      1. Hllywd55

        @Shannon Sharpe LOL! Me to buddy, stay Sharpe!

      2. Shannon Sharpe

        Hllywd55 it was not gonna lie needed a new tv after that game though 😂

      3. Hllywd55

        @Shannon Sharpe Yes sir that was luck at it's best but you have to admit it was beautiful toe-drag swag.

      4. Shannon Sharpe

        Hllywd55 the luckiest pass/ catch

      5. Hllywd55

        Dak went head to head with Rodgers but you see who came out on top. Going head to head doesn't mean shit unless you win.

    33. ShoNuff215

      Dak is fuckin retarded for turning down 30 mill a year & he's not worth that!!! Dak is not elite & will never be!!! He's a game manager... 40 mill... 🤣🤣🤣

    34. Fredric Felder

      Why Chris Carter got all that Make Up on?

    35. Soldier for Christ

      Dak is being greedy. He's showing his true colors now. If they pay him that money (which he doesn't even come close to deserving $30 million let alone $40). They're gonna lose quite a few actual really good players. And Dak isn't the type of QB who's good enough to shoulder the load of a team. Which means Dallas will bottom out. Sounds like Dak cares more about money than he does winning games or a Super Bowl. Let's be real. He's a cold bum without Zeke on the field to carry him.

    36. James Anagnos

      Jones will tell him play your option and hit the road to test the market ,ill draft again thank you lol the 30 is no longer on the table since you turned up your nose at it ill give it to someone else

    37. mixstamike

      This is how I feel about the situation. Dak is betting on himself to get himself a bigger paycheck which could ultimately pay him or screw him over. Cause as of now if he doesn't take the 30 million offered he will play out 4th year this year of his contract and they will 5th year franchise tag him. If he wants to go that route he better be putting up numbers and winning more then just a single playoff game foreal. He just wants to get paid but only thinking short term which is mind blowing me. Because hes not a quarter back that can carry a team like Brady yet or if ever even be able too. He needs cooper an Zeke to make him look better because if he keeps pushing then he's going to loose one of them forsure. Because all of them want to be paid and all deserve to as well but how much the cowboys can is the problem. If you pay dak 40mill a year then paying Zeke and cooper wont be a reality and all the pressure falls back on him. So if he looses both this year an didn't take contract he could be loosing money alot foreal. But he should of just said I want 1$ more then Carson Wentz simply because statistics wise he is better js.

    38. Rock Rivera

      Boy, Derek Carr for $25 million a year is starting to look like a bargain.

    39. John Nike

      $40 million a year ?? NIGGAH GET THE FAWK OUT OF HERE. BRADY AND MANNING IS WORTH $40 millions not DAK.

      1. esreverni ytilaer

        @Shawn B Says the guy who doesn't know how to use possessive pronouns or contractions in a sentence.

      2. esreverni ytilaer

        @Joel Polk Sarcasm is something you don't understand? Dak doesn't deserve more than $10 million max.

      3. Joel Polk

        @esreverni ytilaer NAW CLOWN! #HesTalkingToYou2MFs

      4. esreverni ytilaer

        @Shawn B Are you referring to Dak?

      5. Shawn B

        Your ignorant and uneducated.

    40. Tyra Johnson

      If they sign Dak for 40 million this will be one of the worst moves in the NFL

    41. Tahj Barkley- Ramirez

      Hmmm Didn't mention Lamar Jackson

    42. Lee Illman

      No nfl player needs more

    43. Yacan Son of Israel


    44. Teresa Conrad

      Can Bart get a deal on this show he be speaking real S$&@

    45. The Chairman

      Bart is awesome! What a smart guy.

    46. D Rek Da Hitman

      In a Not For Long league u better get all u can while u can...

    47. D Rek Da Hitman

      What happens if he gets hurt then no one wants to pay him

    48. Texan Football Houston

      Just pay him

    49. Edward Wilson

      Did this man just compare Dak to Teddy Bridgewater? Dude get off the show, don’t come back.

    50. B.T.D. Entertainment

      Fuck that get as much as u can Dak these niggas ain't gone take care of u yet they say u should take more these niggas should be ashamed of themselves

    51. Brad Mundie's

      You guys are dumb if you don't think some dumb ass team would give Dak 35m+ a season on open market. I don't want him to get that with Dallas but he's gonna get paid at least what Wentz was paid. Qb market is about who's next not how good you are.

    52. POWER & WILL

      30 was a gift. 30 is the right number. He don't want it. Let him go In the market

      1. #TEAM TRUMP

        30 to never win a playoff game ??? Lolol good paybhim they'll never sniff a super bowl he's just not that good

      2. mikeandmars2345

        @Soldier for Christ facts

      3. Soldier for Christ

        Dak isn't even worth $30 million a year. He's a tier 3 QB at best. A cold bum without Zeke on the field to carry him.

      4. mikeandmars2345

        Exactly thank u

    53. James Greenier

      Shut up Chris. You can’t stand it that Brady isn’t a greedy ahole like you and every other greedy; non-Super Bowl winning, crap players.

    54. Gabe G

      1 fu#king season...lets see how he does this year

    55. R P

      Chris Carter is a fuck-wit

    56. D.C Cowboy Proc'

      What has Russell done since loosing his #1defense and Marshawn 🤔,I'll wait its nothing but hate and Ratings that's why we will always be Americas team, Dak not better than Wentz but got head to head 3 to 1 plus better numbers all across the board .....Come on man they really need to stop ,plus ur best ability is ur availability in the NFL and 32and 16 record and most or 2nd most comeback victories is something to me....

    57. D.C Cowboy Proc'

      All for ratings....without the Cowboys what ratings would they get..... If Dak is so bad why they talking about him everyday ???? I'll wait🤔 and what money we are loosing that other teams that signed QBs to big money it's all bs and for ratings and where would we be without Dak and they naming bums that's out there and Patrick Mahomes is not even proven yet and didn't Dak just beat Russell in the playoffs 🤔

    58. Tony K

      Cowboys say DAK never asked for $40 mill a year so let it go media and don’t nobody want a qb that let go of a qb without a capable replacement. BTW, Wilson lived off a dominate defense and run game that won him his SB by dominating Peyton and the #1 offense that season. Not to mention Wilson blew the game by throwing a int at the goal line in the next SB. It’s already been reported DAK asked for $34 and DAK has already out played Wentz but yall can keep praising him for his play 2 years ago and then the back up ended up make a run in the playoffs and being the super bowl MVP. Wentz has 3 bad season but people make excuses for him but DAK suppose to be it don’t without any wr’s and a predictable offense. Miss me with the BS.

    59. TheGracious Fundamentalist

      I’m a Cowboy fan... but Dak gotta be kidding himself if he thinks he’s gonna get 40 got damn million $$$... from any body... ain’t no way... he better be careful...

      1. TheGracious Fundamentalist

        Linda Easley sorry Linda.... he’s worth $40m now!! I said this a month ago...🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂

      2. Linda Easley

        You fucking liar to call yourself a Cowboys fan .If you actually knew Dak and were familiar with what's going on with the team you'd know this $40 mil claim was made up by the media

      3. sergio rodriguez

        Erick the Laker/Raiders fan coming from a raider fan 😂😂

      4. Erick the Laker/Raiders fan

        Fuck the cowboys and Dak

    60. Gary Cox

      Shuttlecock suking Carter jawjacking again .

    61. RD Ogletree

      I agree with Bart 100%, he should take a pay cut to keep everyone there. Because if he's paid top dollar and they lose players he's gonna get exposed like he was before they traded for Amari. Or if they're really confident in him just trade Zeke and rely on Alfred Morris and the 2 rookies they drafted. Dak looks at himself like he's Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers and he's nowhere near those guys level.

      1. RD Ogletree

        @Michael szewczyk Exactly, I was just telling my friends that they could find another mid round pick to replace. He doesn't realize that the talent around makes him better over him making the other guys better. He reminds me of a Jeff Garcia, average ability that can start but can't get you to the next level. Dallas is very talented but Dak never has nor ever will be a franchise QB. He is better than what was expected of him but no one besides Dallas will give him 30 million.

      2. Michael szewczyk

        Being on a rookie deal, he won't be taking a pay cut nor is he in a position to be talking about a hometown discount when there's no baseline set for him yet. The Cowboys can't possibly think Prescott is worth sacrificing other major roster spots when anyone can still view film on him not surveying the entire field and consequently getting sacked or running for a few yards instead of spotting and hitting an open receiver. He is the opposite of Brady inside the 20 at reading the coverage quickly enough to find the tight windows and knowing how to deliver the ball to the proper spot. With all teams now trying to build an offense around the strengths of their QBs, more draft picks are sticking around, so Prescott could be replaced at a reasonable rate.

      3. Remington Steele

        He lets all the cowboy fans get in his head. Anybody who watches the film knows he isn't even worth 20 a year. That type of cash is for a driving force at QB. Dak needs a perfect storm to be average.

    62. Almighty Bones

      Nick is such a fucking douche bag that motherfucker be acting like he’s bill walsh lmfao his argument is dak isn’t good because he hasn’t been in the league as long as say Aaron Rodgers give dak time and HE WILL IMPROVE AND BE PHENOMENAL, hopefully 😎DC4l

    63. Jonathan Isom

      What is the real problem people have with Dak? In his short pro career he's done what it took Romo nearly 10 years to do,win a playoff game, yet Tony never took this much heat.

      1. Jonathan Isom

        @Todd M sooo,who's going to qb?

      2. Jonathan Isom

        @Todd M maybe Tony had the arm, but he always choked in big game situations. The whole league knew it, especially our chief rivals.

      3. Todd M

        I am a cowboys fan but I’d rather keep Byron Jones and Jaylon Smith over dak

      4. Todd M

        It’s cause Prescott can’t make those throws romo can. Romo could lead a team with his arm but dak can’t. Look at how many times dak missed Gallup wide open last year and there’s why dak doesn’t deserve a giant contract

      5. Jonathan Isom

        @Todd M why do people keep saying Dak doesn't have an arm? The guy was throwing the ball where he was told to throw it. That was Linnehan's dink and doink offensive play calling. That's why the Rams got rid of him. Besides Whitlock is just like the other "Talking Heads" know's everything about sports, except how to play 'em.

    64. South Texas Fish Reapers

      Give the guy a break of course he's not going to get 40m a yr, but its negotiating. He'll end up getting around 33-35m

    65. Mike Muhl

      rusell wilson sucks period!!!!!

    66. Ben

      cris carter finally gives nick some credit

    67. Lightningstriker1

      With Dallas pushed against the cap, if paid $40M, he'll have backups to throw to w/o a star RB to relieve pressure. No one would give Dak that $. Players have got to stop overpricing themselves so grossly & consider the cap.


      I'll keep saying this... I'll keep beating this drum... Bart Scott is the best football analyst on TV

      1. William Clark

        He's good but not the best he just has an opinion like everyone else

      2. The Chairman

        Bart is awesome!

    69. Dean Willie

      BS be disappointed in Jerry Jones he should have signed him earlier before price started going UP!!! Now he has to Pay period...

    70. John Luu

      Dak is an above average NFL QB which is pretty darn good. People like to bring up that Dak and the Cowboys have the 2nd most wins in 3 years behind only Tom Brady and the Pats, but the Cowboys haven't been to a Super Bowl or even NFC Championship Game during that time. The Cowboys need to hold firm on $30M per year but maybe give him more guaranteed money. I'm sure there are other teams that would love to have Dak but I doubt any of them would pay him more than the Cowboys have already offered.