Bayley overcomes the odds at WWE Extreme Rules: WWE Exclusive, July 14, 2019



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    SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley talks about overcoming the odds in a Handicap Match against Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross at WWE Extreme Rules.
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    1. Camila Montserrath Ruiz Muñoz

      Ronda rousey es mejor

    2. Camila Montserrath Ruiz Muñoz

      Ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey ronda rousey

    3. MasterX MasterX

      stupid lesbian

    4. Maricar Alcantara

      Why sasha i expecting you to return but not you not help bayley sasha please return

    5. Antonio Camacho

      Bayley and Becky Lynch should team up and call themselves the Killer Bees 🐝. Or B’s

    6. GlitterSparkle07

      YAY BALEY!!

    7. Ümit Yatan

      and We know that after summerslam bayley vs c.flair title feud and bayley loses at clash of champions but after she regained that title at hell in a cell .My personal idea

    8. Ümit Yatan

      Agree or disagree wwe makes becky and bayley as top babyface now and new opponets nattie and ember

    9. Cire Nosnor

      Am I the only one who noticed how Bayley totally caught her off guard at the end. they were adorable

    10. Hadifarhan Matnoor

      Sasha should come back and challenge her

    11. Edward Jones

      Congratulations bayley.

    12. Zachary.B

      The match certainly changed my perception of bayley hopefully she gets a better opponent someone who deserves it like ember, Sonya, mandy, anyone ON smackdown really.

    13. Iconic_Philosopher

      Bayley 😍😘💕💕💕

    14. Imperial Cub

      Shane McMahon- The Best In The World and Drew McIntyre *loses to Roman Reigns 1v2* Bayley the Hugger *wins against Bliss and Cross 1v2* Whos the best again?

    15. Sundas Ayaz

      Bayley vs Alexa and Nikki was a good match especially double submission was the coolest thing.

    16. D’Angelo Sullivan

      Bayley 😍😍😍😍 and Cathy Kelley 😍😍😍😍

    17. malindu dilchin

      We love u

    18. adam moor

      the champ does it again

    19. Nicholas O'Brien

      All of you people need toSTFU about Sasha. The crybaby isn't coming back. Get over it.

    20. orando15

      Honestly whats the reason of having BUNCH of NEW female talent if they gonna make the same females compete😅 plus Alexa in Raw so obv she wasn't gonna win a smackdown title😌

    21. Nicholas O'Brien

      Bayley is so ugly.

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        And what ?

      2. Flashback Mary

        Nicholas O'Brien okay and

    22. Karma Ghising

      bly frn Sasha come back Sasha help bly

    23. Sarah Burkett

      And what will happen once Sasha banks comes back and goes after Bailey’s title? 🤷‍♀️

    24. Zakk Wylde

      Bayley, get a new finsher! Call it the Bayley Bomb.

    25. Marsaille Canty

      Bayley vs. Sasha Banks SummerSlam

    26. Nana Kusi

      I respect you Bayley for retains

    27. Noah

      Well done Bayley

    28. Bea Page

      bayleys new nick name should be “the savage” bayley. since her current one doesn’t suit her new character, and plus it’s the last name of her icon and her wrestling outfit inspo. randy savage

    29. Ahmed Sahar

      Cathy you are officially my new crush ♥️

    30. joseph taylor

      the only person that will ever be a Savage is the macho Man Randy Savage oh yeah

    31. Mohammed Shariff

      I completely don't understand where's like of Charlotte 😂😂😂😂

    32. thenxn619

      I somewhat wanted Bayley to loss the title, this once.

    33. Carmella Fan

      Love you Bayley 🥰🥰

    34. Shawn Spears Fan

      Bayley is putting prestige on that title, I can see her being the number 1 draw for the wwe, I'd also love to see her join The Club but I know that it wouldn't happen.

    35. Dylan Parker

      yes bayley!

    36. deegee1177

      Bayley sucks!!!!!

      1. Flashback Mary

        deegee1177 lmao oky

      2. Nicholas O'Brien

        And ugly.

    37. Herrings the Series

      How’s she a grand slam champion when she’s never won the Divas Championship? Only Charlotte can make that claim but that’s only if she ever wins the women’s tag team championship.

      1. Adam Jenkins

        The NXT Women's Championship is still active. That's how she can make the claim.

    38. jeff cole

      Bailey has the best armpit 😍

    39. Pasquale Boris

      Try and win the 24-7 championship


      sasha return soon

    41. Chibuzor Judie

      Thax barley

    42. The real jazzy J

      Yessss go Baylee!!!!!

    43. william manket

      Cathey Kelley is cute

    44. Bob Marley

      Bayley is under appreciated. She’s the best face right now...

    45. Jack and Jeff Hardy

      did Bayley and Cathy go out after that? or will they go out today?

    46. Wwe evolution 2019

      Bayley should get her lips done 🤔

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        Shd should get a new face too.

    47. Adarsh1 Budhu

      Charlotte is coming for you.

    48. Serje Allen

      First of all u pinned nikki....and alexa is stil the best...and she's coming after her title

      1. Serje Allen

        @C.C. Ekeke great idea i know but i love when she fights bayley but she wil be on top verry soon

      2. C.C. Ekeke

        Alexa can go feud with Becky now on Raw...where she belongs.

    49. Trashtazmani fan

      Bayley wins? Ohhhh I understand what u try to do

    50. R.A Khan

      AJ Lee should be next challenger for Bayley now. If she returns.

      1. Alqia Mirzan

        @Gregory Smith i said true,if aj Lee return in wwe,i swear i wil kill her so Bad and stomp her and i don't care going to jail

      2. R.A Khan

        @Alqia Mirzan are you out of your Mind or you're delusional? Didn't you saw back in October in Evolution 2018 when Vince personally reaches to AJ Lee for an Evolution return only but at that time she just reject that offer. And now at her recent interview she expresses her feeling towards the change of Divas Division into Women's Revolution as she misses Pro Wrestling. As she said Never say Never she could possibly shift to SD Live other than RAW. And for CM Punk and he is also taking shots at Shane MC.mchon in post Extreme Rules match after dhane lost to undertaker and Reings so maybe he allows AJ Lee to get back into the ring. So its not my solely dream. You should wash you ear and eyes before posting such nasty thoughts and comment. Your Welcome.

      3. Gregory Smith

        @Alqia Mirzan "CM "Punk". Get it right hater.

    51. Tyler Joseph Smith

      Cathy and Bayley are both 🔥.

    52. Tyler Joseph Smith

      _T H I C C C_

    53. Gasp Mrl

      Alexa is maybe my favorit wrestler but , if she have an other opportunity a summerslam am gonna kill someone

      1. Gasp Mrl

        terrion Gordon acctually i would like to see Alexa as a tag team champ but not as a single champ

      2. terrion Gordon

        Gasp Mrl dose that count tag titles because in 3 years she and Charlotte are the only two women that can say they have been in the title picture their whole career

    54. Paris Trowers

      I'm tired of seeing Bayley with the title, she better lose it soon

    55. CASTRO

      Bayley as champ made me want to watch smack down

    56. CASTRO

      Y’all are finally doing something right finally !

    57. Manu

      Oh my Bayley 😍 Oh my Bayley 😍

    58. Ben Kimber

      Bayley bores me.

      1. Nicholas O'Brien

        Me too. And she's ugly.

    59. Aaron Velez

      Alica Silverstone Bat Girl Bayley Selena Gomez Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jazmin

    60. Aaron Velez

      She is my wife

    61. Aaron Velez

      I love you Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber I love you Jazmin me Aaron Aladdin

    62. Bea Page

      bro cathy kelly is luck to have the sweat of grand slam bayley :)

    63. Sebastian Melendez

      It may be a storyline but in reality Bayley is not the person she says she is she’s actually not as great as a person as she looks in TV

    64. Osbaldo Cruz

      Hahaha, my brain read the title "Barely overcomes the odds"

    65. Zoonie 24

      This was one of her burst main roster matches 🙌

    66. Uday Bisht

      Please don't do with Katie I this

    67. LayethTheSmackethDown

      Can the women on SmackDown finally get a chance?!?!?

    68. Jordan Boyd

      Yay bayley I won the smackdown women's championship wwe universe is very proud of you

    69. Bobby Farmer

      Congratulations,Bayley for retaining the smackdown women Championship and I can't wait to see her vs Sasha Banks possibly at summer slam. Ms.hugger rules

    70. Princeton Shanklin

      All I was waiting for was Sasha 😩😩😩

      1. Princeton Shanklin

        terrion Gordon thank you for telling me

      2. terrion Gordon

        Princeton Shanklin smack down is in Boston