Before YouTube, I installed car stereos for a living

Seth's Bike Hacks

Seth's Bike Hacks

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    Many of you have commented and messaged links to the howcast videos. This is the backstory of those videos, and how they came to be. Today, we'll also do some work to Alexander's camper van.
    Ram Promaster Dash Kit
    Ram Promaster Wire Harness Interface
    Pioneer Headunit
    LED Headlights for Ram Promaster Get them with capacitors!
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    1. mzondi1970

      I was a car audio salesman and still a home audio buff not surround sound more of a 2-channel guy. I was also a champion in IASCA . I still have a Macintosh head unit and 4-channel amplifier

    2. Tyler Johnson

      I can’t believe you hit 2 million subscribers

    3. Reece Woodley

      Been watching nearly since you started and just learned your last name, crazy

    4. Alyssa Behrend

      I need a Seth Alvo to organize my life.

    5. Toyota_Celica

      I just installed an aftermarket stereo in my car and it was a pain in the ass having to solder all of the connections

    6. Hugo Quinn

      I waa trying to fix my aeriel and stumbled across your vids and im only now seeing this video. Was a bit shocked to see you on howcast

    7. Robert Gralton

      Power probes are the shit! Def my favorite electrical diagnostic tool!

    8. Tuna Mans

      Seth is like that cool dad that comes over and shows you everything your doing wrong

    9. Coverage Genius

      Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a friend like Seth?

    10. oliver Lord

      How much did the radio cost

    11. PickleToonz

      Why is this so entertaining? I’ve watched this 4 times.

    12. Brody Borgstrom

      Who else is looking up: howcast car stereo

    13. Cece c

      My friend has this exact model so it was very insightful since she is also building for a tiny home for traveling. Keep up the great content!

    14. K-MTB

      Seth showing how to steal a car stereo lol

    15. Jesus Ramos

      Seth is the man!

    16. Silas Krueger

      I almost died when i saw 25 year old seth

    17. Tyler Johnson

      Hey Seth get a trampoline and make a trampoline bike it would be awesome 😎

    18. PokéDojo

      Everytime I hear a voice over, I picture you in that room in the wall, crawling in

    19. Pelkkää Alamäkeä

      I have no idea why I watched this all the way through, but it was oddly satisfying! :D

    20. Reece Clegg

      Is it me or does seth look like louis rossman in the car stereo installing videos.

    21. Keith Thorne


    22. TheCalbert

      Lmao. I thought you looked familiar.

    23. lucas steeler

      You guys should but a heater in

    24. Laudika Monaghan

      A middle aged man living in a white van called Dora the explorer hmmmm not weird at all

      1. Spaghetti541

        it's because seth named it as a joke because alex couldn't come up with name

    25. Jashan Singh

      I m watching his videos for 2 years.... And he had toooo much talent and skills in his pocket... dude u are great . Like your videos man...

    26. Fortnut fails Fortnite

      At @10.24 did anyone else here the gambler by keny Rodgers

    27. Aidan Collins

      Seth shows you how to steal a car radio

    28. Mauro Ranieri

      9:52 you son of a biscuit ! lol so much

    29. REB4

      Always a surprise when watching your videos. Keep making them.

    30. Lee M

      Seth. Brilliant! Your ability to assess and Solve Problems and Communicate simply and clearly so we can understand. That’s an Art.

    31. Lightning - Gaming COC

      Seth fixing thing Chrisfix HEY GUYS CHRISFIX HERE

    32. Twinkling Romualdez

      FINALLY a update on the howcast videos didn’t know this guy is like what a mountain biker now? Wow people change

    33. Gamekiller

      Am i the only one that actually enjoyed this yt vid, it was actually quite intersting to say the least

    34. MBN networktv

      Dude I thought that was you! Iv seen those videos!!!

    35. Wuhan Health Organisation

      Original radio is far superior

    36. Darksiders YT2 Darksiders

      I miss drama 😢 in the vd u

    37. Eggs Benedict


    38. Any Factor

      9:44 Seth has that "who do you think you are talking to right now" moment.

    39. Prairie Farmer

      It’s so weird to me that I’m just finding your DE-news channel! I remember being a young teenager watching the howcast videos learning how to tinker with car stereos. Today I found it based from a howcast video I found from searching up an alpine amplifier I bought for my car. I watched it for the nostalgia, and this happened to be in the recommended! Thank you so much for the knowledge you gave though those videos! It’s over a decade later and I’m still tinkering like a kid, just hopefully doing a better job of it! Definitely going to sub now!

    40. Rocky B.

      Man I would like to meet you one day. Subscribed!

    41. Aurora The Otter

      6:14 i fucking hate those radio tools i love the radio in my 95 toyota vienta just unclip a panels and just 4 screws to remove the radio

    42. ItsAlive111

      LEDs on headlights without projectors is a safety risk for anyone driving in the opposite direction. You see better by blinding everyone else :(

      1. ItsAlive111

        Nathan Lynch I hope they did the high beams, but the video doesn’t clarify and from what I saw, it seems they just put LEDs on the low beams. It may attract LEO’s attention driving at night, blinding everyone

      2. Nathan Lynch

        But the high beams won’t be used unless the road ahead is empty or they are off-roading.

    43. Jonny Boy

      So... Since you're somewhat of an expert on the subject... I have a question. I own an 03 Mitsubishi eclipse Spyder gts with the "upgraded" infiniti sound system with the 6 disk in dash cd changer and the factory amp. I wanna put a head unit similar to the one you just installed while retaining my steering wheel controls as well as my factory amp... Is that possible and if so... How would I go about doing it. I've found very little on DE-news actually explaining what to do with the amp. Most of what I've found either completely unhooks and bypasses it or just says nothing about it... I want to retain my factory speakers too which there are 7 of I believe... A tweeter and speaker in each door. A speaker on each side in the rear seat. As well as I believe either an EXTREMELY small sub or just another speaker in the center of the dash... So is there a special head unit I need for all those speakers..? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this stuff... I can drop a trans and pull a motor in a day and a half. But when it comes to speakers. I'm basically brain dead... Lol.

    44. WET_JB 18

      Before youtube,i stealing car stereo for living

    45. Bret Sutherland's Terrible Memes

      that's how they get ya. sell ya an old vehicle as a new one. my grandfather bought a snowmobile in 1986, she was made in 1985.

    46. 1.0 fishing

      rip doggy

    47. haRRy Löng

      0:00 R.I.P

    48. Sean

      Dora the Explorer is not as purple as it should be

    49. Stimulated Cokkie

      you Should have installed Alex's Radio like on the Howcast video

    50. TOFTSmtb

      Seth Alvo - such a clean-shaven young man. ;-)

    51. Jeffrey Ulery

      "it's like you've been doing this everyday for the past month" lol I was thinking the same thing

    52. Gokul Chandrasekaran

      Seth your camera man badly needs to learn how to use manual focus and not rely on auto focus!! :P

    53. James Dankworth

      Very fun video! I just did a similar install on a buddy's truck too. I use to do mobile electronics a decade ago too when I was in high-school! Being in Alaska it was about 90% autostarts and then maybe a month or two during the summer we would get a couple full stereo builds. But got a lot of experience trying to get early versions of aftermarket modules to program with the vehicle and almost never wanting to do it first try. Anyways always cool to see what people use to do before you met them.

    54. callmex

      I used to love these videos when I use to bike and BMX a lot i started skating and stopped watching/riding bikes but I have never stopped watching your vids keep it up.

    55. PS4Gaming with Levi

      You shod have saved this for been peak express so you can actually say today we're doing something different

    56. iiAdonutii

      When the abortion clinics are closed 6:24

    57. Alex Quadrider

      RIP drama will never be forgotten

    58. Mez Martinez

      Yeah b4 covid I was installing for best buy.... Things have changed.

    59. Ammar Electricwala

      Seth you could have just soldered the wire and put a heat shrink

    60. Fedor van Meeuwen

      Man i miss drama, seeing him here really made me sad 😢

    61. Garrett ray

      Rest In Peace Drama

    62. Joe Harry

      R.I.P drama

    63. Mark Jackson

      Oh god as soon as he said Howcast I knew it!!!!!

    64. aluvimoto

      I knew it, it was you

    65. UserNotSeen PУC

      big f for drama

    66. Senior Impoc

      rip drama

    67. Purple Baby

      This is so sad without drama 😭


      Seth really makes ANYTHING entertaining

    69. Jonathan Sias

      I LOVE Seth's Car Hacks!

    70. gnzh

      pivot in to howcast channel?