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Girlfriend Reviews

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    1. Jacob Maddux

      This channel made me smile in times i thought it would be impossible. Thank you. You are a bright light in a world of darkness.

    2. Hunter LeBlanc

      Pretty please do a Persona 5 Royal Review

    3. Ness H

      Is Shelby single?

    4. Naufal Khairullah

      final fantasy xv please :)

    5. lherrebout

      I love this channel. Your skills compliment each other so much, and your story of coming this far is so inspiring.

    6. The Buckethead

      You guys should do days gone

    7. Aryan Dey

      Good luck on your future journey.

    8. Xander G

      You should do a girlfriend review of Fast & Furious Crossroads lol

    9. Himanshu Singh

      and she is good looking, I wonder how it feels to hug your girlfriend who is supportive and loves you, I had a relationship with an idiot, it was good for 6 monts and three years later I found her cheating with one of my friend whom she called her brother. Man, what a stupid girl, and how stupid of me that I wasted my 3 years on this girl. trying to get her attention to discover the fickleness of her mind

    10. Himanshu Singh

      I wish I had a girl friend

    11. Tang A-lang

      OMG, Shelby HAS to cover Creep properly on this channel now. That was an amazing tease!

    12. AquilaLiberum

      You 2 are the absolute best people. Super proud of you and glad to have been a subscriber for a long time. You deserve everything that you have, here's to many more years of Girlfriend Reviews

    13. TemporalGamer

      Shelby is so beautiful, that hair man, that hair looks soooo good, it looks so healthy and constantly wet, I can’t deal even looking at you Shelby omg , Matt’s editing is great but god damn Shelby you’re a gift to this planet

    14. Sithika Agampodi

      This is relationship goals at its peak

    15. Ery Almario

      Make a should your girlfriend play

    16. D

      Review Fall Guys next please

    17. Saukingalpha

      05:31 damn she sexy...

    18. hucky funky

      You have to do a tekken7 review

    19. Stephen M-D

      Many congratulations! Would love to see a Jazzpunk video.

    20. Katie Bakke

      Have y'all tried out Fall Guys? As the girlfriend watching my boyfriend play it, I'd love to see a video!! P.S. I subscribed the moment your first video hit Reddit.💜

    21. Lonely Mars

      The locked room is the basement where she keep her boyfriend so he can keep making videos for her

    22. Yeafi Ahmed

      Man This channel is so wholesome ❤️

    23. Tejas

      You guys should review MGSV: The Phantom Pain!

    24. Tyrian2k


    25. Snugthulu

      You guys are EASILY one of my top 3 channels to watch and you deserve all this love and much much more!

    26. Locer

      Can't wait for your channel to become wife reviews

    27. Crocko Reptile

      8:07 wonder where Scott’s living

    28. Jonas Lundbye

      Please play Return of the Obra Dinn! Perfect game for backseat gamers!

    29. Charlie Wood

      You guys are so funny

    30. Scobey Snaxx

      Goddamn it guys. How are you so f***ing likable!?!?

    31. Akshey Rajoriya

      there is one week where is your video. I came to claim my reward

    32. Beau H.

      Why have i watched this 5 times already lol

    33. Rodrigo Brito

      You should play the new Tomb Raider franchise

    34. Martin Bland

      I feel like you should do resident evil 7

    35. warren byrne


    36. Alexander Benkendorf

      So, Matt does the scripts and the editing (like 99,3% of work) and Shelby does the acting part. And she's the 'frontman' star and the channel named after her.

    37. D.C Goodman


    38. ROR5CH4CH

      You two are so wholesome :) keep it going!

    39. Luis Santiago

      Oh awesome! Bomb to see this. Congrats on 1 million

    40. Dr Mo


    41. tile grouting made easy

      got broken up with today now I'm just sobbing watching this relationship

    42. Steven Abreu

      I bet someome else writes all her reviews. (Ahhh remember the good ol days of the beginnings of this channels)

    43. ZombiEater

      I just wanna know what's behind the door at 9:47

    44. El Beano

      Thom Yorke made 435 accounts to dislike this video

    45. Myras

      Tacos are pretty good

    46. The Cassian Reel

      Congratulations, on 1 million subscribers! Your videos are phenomenal- they've been a huge source of inspiration for my own reviews!

    47. Rodney Van der Westhuizen

      This isn't like Disney.... or Fina Fanasy!!!!

    48. Shafique Kamal

      Play mgs5

    49. bilias hour

      damaged my mind forever, bless his soul.

    50. shametria white

      This is one of the best channels on DE-news lol

    51. Clumsy Gamer

      if matt ever saw highschool dxd he would definately break up with u after looking at those girls

    52. No One OK

      Bullshit edits are amazing though and the quality of your videos showed from the start and now we know why.

      1. bilias hour

        Girl really do be rocking them charmander socks tho.

    53. Daniel Woods

      I'm here for the Free Crunchyroll Premium.

    54. fernando perez

      Man, I would love to hear a Persona 5 royal gf review. Though it’s 100 hours minimum so prob never will lol

    55. Maggie Tang

      shelby's voice is so amazing

    56. Tiago Passarela

      you should start the member thingy on youtube

    57. Juan Pienaar

      "I have things to say"😂 good stuff

    58. thewallsofjer

      Goes to show how talent, skill, love and support can come a long way! Congrats Matt and Shelby on the 1M!

    59. bogus parasite

      thank you both, what a gift to the comunity. thank you

    60. Emma Sotelo

      Now i gotta subscribe on Twitch. This made me laugh, inside, so much

    61. Fork's 40k Vlog

      This makes me very honourable to be among the first 1 million followers you have! I never regretted watching that Star Wars-video you made and got hooked from day 1.

    62. Kajotex

      I spied the Mysterium boardgame. Excellent choice in boardgames! (Except the Witcher one... and monopoly...)

    63. krazyy

      saw u guys, thought to myself "oh wow, there are really 2 lost souls in the utube universe who just wanna make cool content, without money grabbing and acting like 10 yr olds".... then u brought up ur merch store and i saw the patreon link in the desc :D anyway, a girl who makes game reviews is kinda special and cool.

    64. Married Gamer

      When we getting ghost review

    65. Death_Incarnate.MP4

      Guys play payday2

    66. Shawn Courtepatte

      Girl really do be rocking them charmander socks tho.

    67. David Hunter

      Did I mention you are both honest to good Bloody Riffing Legends!? True.. i know, cos I'm Australian. We don't lie.

    68. Markus Szelbracikowski

      I'm gonna be honest. DE-news has recommended this channel's content for a long time and I never bothered to watch a single video. How wrong I was. This is gold, you guys rock. I hope all the best to you! Got yourselves a new fan!

    69. abbsnn cose

      Shelby's adorable, hilarious and even a good singer, put a ring on her Matt!

    70. Federico Gómez

      Congratulations on the subscribers and everything you've accomplished, guys!!! I've been following you for months and wached every video you've made, and always look forward to the next. Best wishes!!!