Best “Out of Position” Plays | NFL

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    -Best “Out of Position” Plays | NFL
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    1. Caleb Morris

      Taysom Hill: can’t be out of position if you don’t have a position

    2. Mark Trana

      Dan Conley will forever be my favorite play in the nfl and I’m a patriot hater.

    3. riyo84

      the ones that are truly out of position (Ocho) or show high IQ/game awareness (Julio Jones) are great set plays that r part of the game plan r fun but mostly just showing off guys that were college QBs

    4. Jade Nguyen

      More versatile player: Taysom Hill OR Kordell ‘slash’ Stewart? GO!

    5. Aaron crenshaw

      Perry as a fullback was just unfair.....DAMN!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. David Iskowitz

      1:20 Block in the back much?

    7. Seth Burleigh

      taysom hill is always at the correct position

    8. A Bro

      How is Bradley Sowell offensive lineman touchdown catch this year not on hear... Aikem hicks rushing TD... Tarik Cohen passing TD...yall hate the bears they run the most trick plays.

    9. Big Daddy Rikka

      Taysom Hill is is just one of those guys that doesn’t have a position he’s just too athletic to not had on the field in some manner

    10. Maximillian Fewtrell-Roberts

      Is this a Taysom Hill Compilation?

      1. Maximillian Fewtrell-Roberts

        1 min in and im not dissapointed

    11. gpaac

      7:04 rip headphone ears

    12. Gavin Burrows

      Do worst out of position video q

    13. The Boys

      No Cleveland Browns love ):

    14. Ari Steiner

      I would have donated 5 yards to the right guard to se the touchdown dance

    15. BlackSapphireE90

      why is Akiem Hicks fridge PT. 2 not on here??????

    16. Atherious

      Larry legend Fitzgerald td Pass

    17. Timmy Hodges

      The return by the Pats RG is lowkey my favorite play of all time. Being a center in HS, those are the plays you dream of!!

    18. FloRi

      Can we talk about that the patriots ran the Philly special before the Eagles?

      1. Garrett Hampton

        FloRi then gets their own play ran against them and the eagles score in the super bowl😂😂

    19. Rocking Cardinal11

      You missed Larry Fitzgerald’s touchdown pass vs the rams :(

    20. Darien Barth

      Odell really out here being a better question than manning

    21. james clark

      Low-key Hill is an all around player

      1. David Fletcher

        Low-key?... Hopefully we've all seen how crazy some of his plays are...

    22. Laurel Dunn-Scott

      Taysom Hill..... The anti- Tebow

    23. Corey Hargis

      Dan Connelly is the best all time

    24. Nicholas O'Cleirigh

      4:09 “the first refrigerator to score” 😂

    25. Beachhead13

      1:35 Edelman and amandola were both QBs in college, if I recall. Had to happen.

    26. Jade Nguyen

      Can you believe Taysom Hill went undrafted?

      1. Jade Nguyen

        Bumpy Gumpson I thought it was 3?

      2. Bumpy Gumpson

        Jade Nguyen He had 4 season ending injuries.

    27. Pablo Picasso

      Best highlight reel made all year

      1. Garrett Hampton

        Pablo Picasso ik I’m a packers fan but it was all luck 😂

    28. Garrin Keegan

      Where was Bradys super bowl catch?😕

    29. Matt Carter

      When Julio gets too old for WR he should play safety for a season or two

    30. only1mhv1

      So Jarvis Landry never thread the needle passing the ball??? Ok

    31. Fearless WR11

      You know what out of position means right?😂 Julio getting those 2 tackles wasnt out of position, he was at the WR position as usual.

    32. Justin Facer

      Tysom Hill is from my hometown. Pocatello Idaho

    33. Quinn Ey

      Taysom could be the punter and nobody would think anything of it

      1. Andrew Plehn

        He punted in high school, and had at least one punt at BYU.

    34. Ethan Andrade

      The first one is the only good play Scott linehan called

    35. Tyler Clark

      Uhhhh... Any reason why theres no Matt Prater throwing a touchdown pass in week 17 against the packers last year?

    36. its elite

      First refrigerator to score

    37. Quantumface

      The Bears threw a touchdown pass to an offensive tackle, had a goaline touchdown run from a defensive end, and a runningback who threw a touchdown pass to his second read all in the 2018-2019 season. And none of them on are this?

    38. Fabian Ponce

      1:50 wasnt he a qb tho?

    39. Adam Shovlin

      Wait, does Taysom Hill go to the qb, wr, and st meetings?

      1. Adam Shovlin

        That’s one hell of an athlete

      2. KnowPro Sports

        Hes also a back up safety, emergency kicker/punter, the teams waterboy and reserve cheerleader.

    40. Garrett Likesgaming


    41. Apostle Glaz

      Not all of these are out of position. For it to be OOP the player is supposed to line up before the snap in a different position than they normally play, Taysom Hill as a KR Ocho as a kicker. WR passes are not OOP unkess the WR lined up at QB

    42. Patrick Losiniecki

      How did you not include ANY of the trick plays from the Bears this season?

    43. Shaya Zahedi

      Drew Bress is underated for what he has accomplished

      1. W L

        Matthew Roy but look at the completion percentage anyway

      2. Matthew Roy

        Shaya Zahedi but he also threw most of the time. like he lead they league alot for most pass attempts. some years they barely ran it but still a top 3 if not deff a top 5

    44. Toxic Touch Productions

      How many more comments do I have to do before I get noticed for it?

    45. HoodiesMusic

      Rip #50

    46. Tyler L

      Omg, where's kamu grugier hillls kick to the back of the end zone??????

    47. Devin Collins

      The Patriots lineman returning the kick was the best

    48. Davie16s!

      1:08 Peter Griffin

    49. Senpai Jackie

      But Julian Edelman isn’t out of position because he played QB in college

    50. Almighty F8

      Julio Jones has to be my favorite football player. A talented, smart, and humble man. Can’t get any better than that

    51. Dome Patrol

      This is amazing

    52. uber lucario

      Taysom hill needs his own position 😂

      1. Caleb Morris

        He plays every position he can’t have his own position

    53. DatChargers Fan

      New England had to have the best white Recievers

    54. DatChargers Fan

      1:15 best play of all time

      1. Garrett Hampton

        DatChargers Fan ‘luckiest’

    55. DatChargers Fan

      Taysom Hill can play any position

    56. Top 5 YouTubers


    57. David Bondy

      Taysom Hill probably could play all positions in a game if he wanted to.

    58. Alexander Wood

      Question what position does Hill actually play?

      1. Makai Brown

        He's listed at Tight End and Quarterback but olsts running back full back special teams as a blocker and defender and defensive line on punts and blocked a few before also kick returner

    59. Landon LeBoeuf

      Patrick Peterson threw a laser idk if I’ve ever seen anyone do it like that 😱

    60. Fate_Ghosty

      It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s a fridge

    61. Aden Edwards

      Why would someone put Taysom Hill in quarter back when he’s a back up quarter back

    62. Jaden Perkins

      this video gets an instant dislike for not including steve largent destroying mike harden

    63. Jojo Kobayashi

      Josh mccown and patrick peterson playing wr?

    64. Gajeel Session

      Matt Ryan has turned Julio into an all pro safety. Lol I know he has a whole highlight reel of hits and PBUs. Lol

    65. Payton Totten

      Julian Edelman was qb at Kent state

    66. AkBIGTexS

      That moment when you realize that the Patriots did the Philly Special against the Eagles before it was done against them.

    67. Adam Barnett

      Man... the Giants were so dumb trading away Odell.

    68. Jerry8yomomma

      Julio could play safety

    69. M1schi3f M4k3r

      That hit by Julio Jones was pretty nasty lol hes a big dude and was at full pace, you know that shit hurt lmao

    70. M1schi3f M4k3r

      Watching that massive lineman running down the field made my day. You know he was like "this is my time to shine boys!!!". Deserves mad props for ball protection and making the most of it too lol