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    1. JustDustin

      Did you watch this crazy video yet?? -->

      1. Isac Andersson


      2. Isac Andersson


      3. Krista Battenfield

        I I I

      4. Henry Uglow

        She is going home to do the job today I am not sure I will let her have it but she can not do anything for her I will do anything to her I can not get anything done today and she will be there in the next few minutes I’ll be there to get you and I can get her there to do it I’ll be home by then I can get you anything I’ll get her there and get you there I’ll let her in about an hour’s I’ll be home about the next two weeks I can come home and do it for me and I will be home and I’ll get her to do it and I can come get you I’ll be home and I can get you to do it and I can come

      5. Preston 45

        Was my brother talking not me I love your videos and I didn’t mean for my brother to do that.

    2. VenomPro360

      Zach hit the broken part of the shield tho

    3. Katia Gonzalez Garcia

      Are you awake


      2:54 are we just not gonna talk about how close that was

    5. Dave Nguyen

      I got so many elite cards in afk arena

    6. Dorothy Nell Betts



      Let’s be honest, anyone else disappointed that we didn’t get zombies out of this COVID-19 or is it just me.

    8. Og puppyboi

      Who loses the most chandler from mrbeast or jeremy from dustin

    9. Donna Pelligrini

      Wtf you said 10000k

    10. Drip King182

      No cap that soncer was the best one I´ve seen ever

    11. god

      You know he bout it with HIS MONEY not YOURS so you cant destroy HIS SH** and thats harasment

    12. Martin Dimitrov

      @ 1:09 it sounds like someone breaking a wall

    13. Sheri W.

      I like the buff guy

    14. Screen time R

      I wouldl look on the black market

    15. Elhuntador 0125

      The subtitles said “he threw his bath threw the door” (he threw his bat into the door) I just took a bath

    16. Xxpro Game

      AFK Arian sucks

    17. Led Zeppelin Sanchez

      I like all of your weapons

    18. Goveta Zall

      Put an instant Replay on that. 9:21

    19. Shane Graham

      Afk arena gets boring after a while

    20. Syed Maqsood Saleem

      Zach really did go above and beyond with the goofy voice when he said “I dOnT kNoW”

    21. Aliye Kosucu

      Türk var mı

    22. Aliye Kosucu

      Türkçe alt yazı gelsin

    23. Erin Land


    24. The Alchamyst

      Why are Canadian dollars so much cooler than USD?

    25. Nicole Kenigsberg

      Eric Enza

    26. Rex Kilby

      Where’s travis

    27. rising Phoenix

      7:00 that's a chainsaw chain not a bike chain

    28. Demari Smalls

      9:23 the wall

    29. Andrew Christie

      The best weapon is the red Reaper

    30. Levi Smith

      I hit the Bell and I society and I hit the like button and I watched every video my favorite wine is when you made the best weapon out of a dumpster

    31. Levi Smith

      Can you do the best give me people when's money you can Seuss How much money they get by your favorite person Levi Smith

    32. maxkr72

      the best one is the RED REAPER

    33. Max Graham

      Add metal to the wall

    34. Pussypunisher69 420

      Damn almost killed bro 😂

    35. Onesquethaw Reformed church

      That is sooooo cooool when he hit the shelled and it stuck into the wall

    36. Godly -_-Jah Gaming

      i got something for u, he could've died

    37. HailX Yt

      Why does Zach sound like Vince from the old commercials like the slap chop

    38. Jennifer Herrera

      Zack is such a troublemaker

    39. deanna south

      Can u say hi nick

    40. Ben Gallo

      9:23 clean 10000000

    41. theangeredpro123


    42. Avery Gholston

      Eric should have added to blades on his bat in stead of barb wire

    43. Dennis Rutnam

      When we remember that Zack also hit Eric’s apocalypse shelter with a fire axe handle

    44. Dennis Rutnam

      Justin: *says Jeremy gets eliminated first virtually every time* Also Justin: *shows a video of Jeremy winning*

    45. gamingwithAwsome 052

      I dont really like zack he is kinda weird/cringe/anoying

    46. Just a random person

      Can we talk about how epic Zack demolished the Styrofoam

    47. Call me Clutch

      zach about got hit

    48. ECA Playz

      wall:Why is it always me dustin:were is he

      1. Color Gamer

        R.i.p wall

    49. Lourdes Vega

      Still looking for a great app for my iPhone 📲

    50. Catherine Gainey Workman

      Me: I lie what Zach does Also me : he breaks walls

    51. Mohammad Abdulhamid

      At 2:53 he is so close to die jeezz peaw

    52. audriukzz z

      6:55 get out of my birthday if you don't know what it is🤡

    53. Killer Koala

      What was the name of the song at 9:20?

    54. bor dulmin

      You ar creisi😮😮😮

    55. Dr plauge

      Who wached the one where he got the bird


      Dustin: WINNER GETS 10K also Dustin: gives winner 2 thousand😂

      1. xoen ein


    57. Claytonsps

      Fireman's Axe

    58. Asian Hat Kid


    59. L Waltman

      i would love a colabb with prestonplayz and teach him how to break a wall like a man.p.s love the vids keep them coming

    60. pat swinarski

      You should buy a large vise grip to hold the things on the table

    61. Ok boys and girls are you a boomer y3s

      This is goooood

    62. Cortney Stewart

      Bro zack is so annoying

    63. Skyler Beck

      Your wall

    64. Francisco Perez


    65. Gaming Duck

      You should start a gaming channel

    66. Patti Poczatek

      And also Zack is a meanie to Dustin

    67. Patti Poczatek

      Just Dustin: please don’t hit the wall! Zack: what wall I like breaking rules

    68. Jonathan Diaz

      Omg my baby fall down the stars😢😢🤧

    69. Liam Kieckebusch Meany

      School at lunch trading it’s like just Dustin had Oreos but zack had more candy 10:32