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    Beta has come out of hibernation after many years and triumphed over Lucky! Watch this scene from BattleBots 2x1 (Season 2, Episode 1).

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    1. VV Player

      Wow!!! that's amazing

    2. french croissant

      i liked hammer man

    3. chair362

      i so very much wanted lucky to win...not sure why, but it seemed right to me

      1. VV Player


    4. Whoever was operating the hammer had fucking shit timing

    5. Zair Lutfi

      Balmon vs Martis ,lol wkwkwkk

    6. Emilio De la torre


    7. Sn0w


    8. Macky Cruz

      That should be the scene where thor beats da crap at thanos

    9. Matty Wall

      He is terrible with that hammer

    10. AnimeSquirrel

      Hypnodisk was best bot. Fight me.

    11. mohammed humaid

    12. 7 B

      Nerdiest video I have seen so far

    13. Gulizara Roth sweet memories of 2016 episode.

    14. risqs

      Is this supposed be big hero six?

    15. Gurbinder Sekhon

      Did that guy just scream CANADA??? That's the most violent Canadian I suppose!!!

    16. Manó

      lame ass fight

    17. miestuff7

      Better than WWE

    18. Rap Moreno

      This is THE MOST WATCHED video on ABC’s YT channel and somehow they thought Battlebots wasn’t popular.

      1. TJG Galiardi

        These networks need to learn to be patient, robot fighting isn't going to blow up over one night

    19. David G

      Zoey 101, the bot of Queen winner😂

    20. Charvin

      Isnt this a show on nickelodeon?

    21. Dallas powell

      Meanwhile on planet earth

    22. Snapchat: Realdie5

      You owe me a quarter

    23. Snapchat: Realdie5

      Right on the beak

    24. Sacred


    25. فيوزا / Fuza

      ابو ماجيكك؟؟

    26. のぞみ東條

      sooo why is this recommended to me?

    27. Mack V


    28. Carl Sjölander

      This is the most american thing...ever

    29. Thebeastlelandplayz

      :35 yeah Canada

    30. Petit

      This is so hype holy shit

    31. Teemoishell

      why am i watching

    32. Australian Royal Tank Forces

      Dose anyone think this is like real steal? Or just me?

    33. 5 vids 5k subs.

      Lucky ain’t lookin to lucky.

    34. Rıfat Davulcu

      bizim türklerde sadece futbol...

    35. Bran4don

      Wedge bots are for fucking pussies

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      1. TJG Galiardi

        Thank you Movies Online very cool

    37. Derek Gaming

      I love crushgear anime😅

    38. العقيل الزاكي

      الي جاي من ابو ماجيك لايك

    39. memeless boi vlogs

      Let William osman in

    40. c7q 10


    41. Martin Korn


    42. phan nguyen

      Có ai viet nam 🇻🇳 ko

    43. majed3850j لا أكثر

      الي جاي من أبو ماجيك لايك 👍👍👍

    44. محمد الزهراني

      مين الي جاي من عند ابو ماجيك 😉♥️🌹

    45. اعطوني اس cĺűb

      الي من عند ابو ماجيك لايك

      1. مازن الغامدي


    46. Jason Al

      whatever happened to beta?? I only saw him one season and never again...I was looking forward to seeing this bot back in action as well

      1. Uncircuited

        TJG Galiardi oh really? Neat

      2. TJG Galiardi

        @Uncircuited they were still in China for King of Bots season 2, but they just announced a project for Battlebots

      3. Uncircuited

        Season 3: competed in China Season 4: I really don’t know, wished it was back

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    48. Micah Bell

      Boys fighting shows:WWE Men’s fighting shows:

    49. Endymion YTB

      I came here after watching dodgeball

    50. Eclipse

      is this real life real steel??!

      1. Chemical Glue

        Yes it is.

    51. Joshua Proctor

      why is this recommended to me lmao

    52. kermit with an ak47

      Real steel for midgets

    53. Kilo Dizzy

      I thought this was illegal? It says it in movies

    54. Бандит Саня

      Пссс... Русские есть?))


      and who win?

    56. しまった出るっ!!

      めっちゃエキサイティングな競技だなw 日本でも公式に放映してほしい

    57. Wall Cutter

      THAT was one of the best fights ever! Well chosen. I don't have cable anymore and do miss this

      1. Garfie489

        If you search on Amazon, they have both last years and this years seasons available for $15. This seasons episodes are still yet to be aired fully, but it updates normally the day after to give you the new episodes as they become available

      2. A Dead Meme

        Same dawg

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    59. Alisson Pregador

      Como vim para aqui mds kkkkk

    60. smithyblue 4132

      Beta the younger brother to Terrorhurtz from Robot Wars.

      1. Keksik Enin

        smithyblue 4132 иди нахуй тут

    61. Harry Hristofski

      Harry boss

    62. happy putra pratama

      Oke not like that videos

    63. Azouz Ayoubi

      Who tf goes there to watch this

    64. BRAMFOLO R

      This is what it feels like to be a kid

    65. Hibana

      The new transformers looks great! 😆

    66. eskuinkle

      Was watching tag championship now I'm here.

    67. Alaa Aly


    68. WorthlessDeadEnd

      All day long, John! All day, Long John!

    69. Eugene Orcino

      why do they have to "OH" everytime beta hits lucky?

    70. Digheko Nesij

      These bots have some non-alpha male names.