Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer - ALREADY (Official Video)



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    From BLACK IS KING, a visual album by Beyoncé, featuring music from The Lion King: The Gift, streaming NOW on Disney+

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    1. K.R.S

      Beyonce j'attend que tu me fasse un chef d'œuvre comme crazy in love il est temps maintenant allez au boulot. Parle a ton père

    2. Felicity R


    3. K-Pop World 4 Us

      Long live for Queen Beyonce👑

    4. Shae Powell

      Beyonce Ate Those Dance Moves

    5. pâ Chî Chî


    6. Cocougovo Yetunde

      Please guys where can i watch the full movie?

    7. Steven Matthew

      - 4 ReaL I’m . getting . FaT * Am I PregnanT ..... 🥚

    8. Steven Matthew

      SLoW - DoWn * NiCe - 👨🏿‍🎤 “ in Theory of-Course “ May *God help Us .... 💜💜💜🖤💜💜💜

    9. Mia Psycho


    10. Brigynda marshall

      Okay!!!! The Queen

    11. Lachell QueenJordan

      This is immaculate and the visual is so next future and I definitely love how she just makes great songs but she always bring use to our roots and reminds us that she is the Queen 👑 🐝 Black is King and this song is a whole bop 🔥 she’s back 🙌🏾

    12. Queen and a Beast

      Always been proud to be African 🇬🇭🇳🇬

    13. Madison Nakisha

      Damn, proud to be African. Big up to Beyonce the queen herself 🤟😘

    14. Cristiano Ronald


    15. Sammiie

      Why does this video have so many dislikes!?? Also this song sounds like a announcing her pregnancy?🤔

    16. Melondy Bell

      great video, great message, killed it , period.

    17. Edna the Queen

      Shatta Wale 😍🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

    18. Andy

      So proud to see Ghana, Ghanaian dancers, and a top Ghanaian artist represented here! Don't sleep on Africa guys!

      1. Lamine Camara

        True talk

    19. Bernadette Okoli

      She is so effing pretty! Age got nothing on here!

    20. Crystal Rosa

      Nobody compares .

    21. Virginia rudolph


    22. Marc166

      Goosebumps!!!! 🔥🔥🔥


      I just love how she doesn’t have to take her clothes off, or, twerk, or sexualize it. It’s just her talent, her taste, her dose of medicine 💃🏾💃🏾. It’s actual dancing here. There is a fashion sense involved. It’s just beautiful. It’s representation of some African backgrounds ( I’m Zimbabwean 🇿🇼) . I love it! PS: those who do twerk and and have minimal clothing, I adore and appreciate you. You have talent too. Some people just Market differently in the music industry.... Anyways... Queen B did it Again!! 🔥🔥

    24. Karoline Keiko


    25. Scarlet Bolanos

      Goddamn Beyonce, I love this music video! Keep it coming! 😘

    26. Worldwide channel 5

      Nice one❤🙌❤🇬🇭

    27. M. H.

      So ein Müll. Warum macht sie immer einen auf Modenschau und muss sich sooo übertrieben in den Mittelpunkt stellen. Es geht hier um andere Menschen. Die gehören in den Mittelpunkt. Wer achtet denn hierbei noch, auf das wesentliche. Grausam

    28. icaro moraes


    29. Lex Bryan

      Love this bey a true beyhive 🔥💯

    30. Anonymous Leaks

      Just listen to it backwards

    31. Olumide Cole

      Africa is home and Africa is open to all race. It's high time black' s all over the world come back home and embrace the color. No matter where you go, you are an African before any other race or nationality you claim. I rep Nigeria all day everyday

    32. Destiny Amya

      After watching this I’m bout to buy the whole thing on my phone. I love this

    33. satara chavis

      Damn she thick wheeeeew chile😍🥰😘😛

    34. gisele carvalho

      lindeusa Maravilhosa

    35. Kethlen Vieira

      Minha rainha 😍

    36. Abhiroop Bhattacharya

      Visual Art at its finest

    37. Sp Who Me?

      Can we make a *Nobel Art Prize* already and award it to this woman!🙏🌹🔥

      1. Lilivette Nieves

        Featured on Dave East WHO GOT NEXT link under video 🎬🌍 youtu.bjdvAtzWqFvk

    38. Phong Le

      Can a boy do this with me

    39. Hilarie Mukasa

      Live it

    40. Vanessa kashbitsh

      Damn! She gave them Nigerian leg work there! Mad o!... Queen. Another reminder why she's boss!!! Booyah!

    41. Belle Demoiselle

      Bad song. There were so much better songs like the duett with Luther Vandross. But this is just boring. Hopefully there is something better coming soon. Oh.. and btw: I'm not proud to have the skin color that I have because I didn't have done anything for it xD You can be proud of your efforts.

    42. Lexy Martin

      I feel like I need a video explanation for all her vids

    43. Choice Mom

      Just incase you wanna help me reach my goal. Doing this project to help kids who can’t afford going back to school my cashapp is $Choice19 God bless you all.

    44. peace Harmony

      🙏hopefull god will bless this song all shes saying is take your place a man king!!

    45. z0mbie Chik

      *Beyonce sings like a dead cat screaming*

    46. Dylan & Clay

      Love this, we made our own😍

    47. Nefritara

      How'd she get on this afrobeats? She's on it.

      1. Lilivette Nieves

        Featured on Dave East WHO GOT NEXT link under video 🎬🌍 youtu.bjdvAtzWqFvk

    48. Citizenofdaworld

      2 weeks 17 million

    49. Venessa Williams

      Rooooooottss yaaaass girl embrace that true african dance culture and everything else about it....

      1. Lilivette Nieves

        Featured on Dave East WHO GOT NEXT link under video 🎬🌍 youtu.bjdvAtzWqFvk

    50. Harmony Marfan

      Love, it!!!

    51. Vilox

      where is that introfrom

    52. Ashlley Dean

      Beyoncé is a demonic devil worshiper. People need to WAKE up and smell the TRUTH.

    53. Unique Entertainment

    54. Unique Entertainment

    55. Unique Entertainment

    56. Unique Entertainment

    57. sonali satvaya Wat is dis.. can anyone explain dis to me 🥺😳🙈

    58. Nya Warbs

      I still feel dancing doesn’t come naturally to her but A+++ for effort she’s determined you cant knock a trier

      1. Lilivette Nieves

        Featured on Dave East WHO GOT NEXT link under video 🎬🌍 youtu.bjdvAtzWqFvk

    59. miss glamourous

      Black and proud

    60. Haley Gibson

      All against the queen 👑 will die ...I love it

    61. Help me reach 10k subscribers 1 videos

      "Beyonce have only American fans"

      1. Churn Lone

        No world

    62. Driele Vicente

      Que dança legal

    63. Smiley Sunni

      I’m slow, I was waiting for Wale part 😭😭😭

    64. Walking Dead Now

      Nice clip ♥! As a current DE-newsr, I am contantly searching for new ideas! Nice Job!

    65. divineblu gypsy

      They have separated us as Black Americans from Africans because our African brothers and sisters hold the secrets to our true history. It is time #unite

      1. Lilivette Nieves

        Featured on Dave East WHO GOT NEXT link under video 🎬🌍 youtu.bjdvAtzWqFvk

    66. Kutloano Maseko


    67. rosaleo guntang

      24 thousand unlikes yikes

    68. rosaleo guntang

      24 thousand unlikes yikes

    69. mwana nzambe na mokili

      Glad that African American are starting to claim their culture heritage. It's yours you can exploit it and dig deeper to learn more. Sad african american artists don't make more featuring with african artists. But it's not late. They can make a sample of this song "agbagnan" by the late Ivorian artist DJ Arafat. It shows real african culture. We are all one.

      1. Lilivette Nieves

        Featured on Dave East WHO GOT NEXT link under video 🎬🌍 youtu.bjdvAtzWqFvk

    70. T. B

      That arm thing is freaking me the fuck out