Billie Eilish - my future



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    Directed by:
    Andrew Onorato
    Produced by:
    Chop Studio
    Alex Dray
    Andrew Onorato
    Annie Zhao
    Cliona Noonan
    Ian Ballantyne
    João Monteiro
    Josh Trotter
    Keith Kavanagh
    Maddie Brewer
    Nancy Li
    Sarah Schmidt
    Sean Anderson
    Genesis Magat
    Rick Sweden
    Jarrod Prince
    Andrew Onorato
    Adam Henderson
    Shane Dering
    Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Gacha Girl

      How did you do this

    2. Elio Morales

      I love the frogo

    3. Ilinca Bc

      The words are so Deep🥺🥺

    4. Jay Jay

      I like the small changes in their songwriting, it makes her emotional change evident, happy for her ❤️

    5. Gegsshsjsbb Dehehegheh

      Not a doctor shh

    6. Αλεξάνδρα Ναστούλη

      Why you touch me inside ??? 😭😭😭 You are my everything Billie, I don't know what I was without you 😭💓💓

    7. ZIMMER-KUMツ

      auguem brasileiro?

    8. Puppie Kitten

      im sorry but, some people don’t give a damn about covers. ok, you did a cover from a song, do you want a gold medal or something?

    9. Isabella Lopez

      love the song to so different from the usually kinda of usually style of music, so calming, Love It! Love It! Love It!

    10. Lia Izquierdo

      i don't understand why this has so many dislikes its so annoying because if you don't like the video then just click off it you don't have to dislike it :( and this is not only for this video but for many others :(

    11. مدري انا منو

      ILove you Billie Eilish

    12. Isabella Lopez

      who is the artist behind this music video, they're amazing would love to know, be so to get art of me done bye her/he

    13. Maria

      I’m in love with my dream future

    14. Martyna Kuśnierz

      It is really good song, but music video is really bad

    15. Robertho Massof

      At first I was a bit hesitant to click on this video (why, I don't know) But boy am I glad I did! When that drum pattern begins at 1:43, the whole songs begins to flourish. I absolutely adore this song! Cheers!

    16. Yellow Candy

      i like the song

    17. VeGaNjAcS


    18. M.Al3ayel

      This song was released about 2 weeks ago and although it’s good it’s not like the others !!!

    19. Diamond's Universe


    20. [The]_& ƤƗŇΔŘ &_

      melek sesli kadın .............

    21. Shannon Junkins

      I’m in love with this video!♡︎♡︎♡︎

    22. Christopher Galaz

      This song is really relaxing 😴❤️

    23. Marilyn Vargas

      Lo ame ❤️

    24. Flor maria Carrasco jorquera

      Me gustaría viajar al futuro

    25. Bibi Luv


    26. Sydney Hartnagel

      I wish I had a voice like that.

      1. *deniz


    27. Kirsten Link

      This song is the good influence pop needed.

    28. Kiara Serrano

      W and the other two have been there and we are still not going to have any issues 🙃 it will have been the last day that my parents are doing so I will let her know what she needs

    29. Nevaeh Mason

      The beat drop is immaculate

    30. Nevaeh Mason

      This song is stunning omg

    31. Çukur 'da

      I don't know why this song is not good like your song 😐

    32. Carlos Andre Anicama Lachira

      Wuauu is a very inspiring song to see only you think for your future and not for other people and not be in love with another person or what they will say only you have to be in love with yourself if that other half does not come FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU FUTURE AND YOU WILL SEE THAT IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL

    33. Chet Powell

      Just when I think you couldn't surprise me with something new; BAM! The beginning is reminiscent of those sultry ballads from the 1930s/40s... and then you bring it back to 2020. It is absolutely... PERFECT.

    34. Imi Bailey

      this is a song i would listen to on the bus home, the sky is a bit dark and its quiet

    35. Dennis C

      Okay...🤓 it is a beautiful song . It has vibes that no other song has. It is unique and i praise her for that. BUT....if this is a comeback song, if she really is the superstar everybody expect her to’s not THAT good. Unique doesn’t say it’s amazing. But amazing is what I expect following all the hype. it’s not groundbreaking and I wonder if she can pull it off....I expected something new, a surprise. But this isn’t it.

    36. Juega con Jade y Yovana

      me ase sentir triste la musica pero me encanta mas likes♥

    37. mohamed graa


    38. Shayala Dookie

      thumbnail be looking like melanie Martinez

    39. Fa_Nasser_ Mattar

      Billie after corana cam kuwait

    40. serpicoit

      I love this song

    41. angela Gonzáles

      Love BILLIE Eilish 😍👑💗Me encanta

    42. Scarlet Bolanos

      I love it! 😘

    43. Jess Chaos

      Parts of this song I can see a collab with like Lana Del Rey.

    44. Carlitos Calzada

      I love you biliie

    45. ceren nur yiğit


    46. Nguyen Dang Tien

      Billie Eilish: Sing About "Her Future" Me: Use Doraemon time machine to see her future


      We are proud of you Bro. Genesis Magat for being part of this video...congratulations!

    48. Isis Garcia

      When you realize it's just like XXXTENTACION's "BAD" video except happy???

    49. ert tyu


      1. V 7 S E B 4 4


    50. Селянин

      Frog is frog....

    51. frog girl froppy

      this reminds me of avatar idk why but it does

    52. Black Cat

      I LOVE YOU!!!!!😭❤️I'm Armenian😅👉👈❤️

    53. Hana Tomita

      fastest 3:49 minutes of my life.

    54. Lit By Stars

      This song is so good.. but only millennials in the comments...

    55. Kaylee Reynoso

      i wish that i can sing that good=)

    56. Zeus

      hes predicting gcse's and alevel 🤣

    57. Vladi x

      Her voice ❤️

    58. Sc_arp

      billie eyelash released a good song

    59. Евгения Шепета

      Im from in America 😁 ❤️

    60. Mhamed Benlahbib

      Moi love blac pink et toi ooo sorry

    61. Scorpion157 FF

      XXXTentacion:it would be cool to do the clip with me with powers creating Trees! Billie eilish:yes , very good!

    62. FrenchieFrench77

      I am really blown away by the graphics of this piece, and especially the singing. The lyrics are amazing also because they tell a story, and the vibe of this song and music video is amazing. I really have no words for this, it took my breath away. Just the crisp art style and the singing really made my day. Just wanted to share this moment. :)

      1. FrenchieFrench77

        James Edmonds thank you so much 🥺

      2. James Edmonds well if you liked that ,then watch this.. 😎

    63. bella green

      My future... Its very relaxing

    64. TrufeL

      yes your future :D

    65. May girl

      *feeling soft today*

    66. Will OBrien

      That little toad

    67. زوزه الشمرية

      هل انا العراقي الوحيد الذي يمكن أن يكون هناك

    68. Alondra Mora

      I can see this playing at someone’s wedding. As a slow dance with your partner. Except for the part that says “I know I’m lonely now” & the part where she sings “I’m in love but not with anybody else” Okay well I guess it’s not a song for weddings?

    69. •Gasha Star•

      Желаю вам здоровья, счастья, успехов, любви! Берегите своих родных! I wish you health, happiness, success, love! Take care of your family!

    70. tasteful

      this really has a steven universe vibe coming from it