Billie Eilish - NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY - a short film

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

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    a short film originally produced for and seen on tour
    made by billie eilish
    do you know me?
    really know me?
    you have opinions
    about my opinions
    about my music
    about my clothes
    about my body
    some people hate what I wear
    some people praise it
    some people use it to shame others
    some people use it to shame me
    but I feel you watching
    and nothing I do goes unseen
    so while I feel your stares
    your disapproval
    or your sigh of relief
    if I lived by them
    I’d never be able to move
    would you like me to be smaller?
    would you like me to be quiet?
    do my shoulders provoke you?
    does my chest?
    am I my stomach?
    my hips?
    the body I was born with
    is it not what you wanted?
    if I wear what is comfortable
    I am not a woman
    if I shed the layers
    I’m a slut
    though you’ve never seen my body
    you still judge it
    and judge me for it
    we make assumptions about people
    based on their size
    we decide who they are
    we decide what they’re worth
    if I wear more
    if I wear less
    who decides what that makes me?
    what that means?
    is my value based only on your perception?
    or is your opinion of me
    not my responsibility

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    1. George Zhang

      How can someone body shame her lol, I body shame myself

    2. vixen2421

      Not gonna lie and not tryna be rude to Billie but she be lookin thicc

    3. vixen2421

      This song touched me in a way that my uncle couldn’t.

    4. Skyler Anugwom

      Billie is my idol she is very beautiful it's so shitty how she has to hide her body cuz of assholes telling her it's disgusting 1 that person is disgusting and 2 so u won't let Billie take off her baggy clothes but u would let another star too be idk don't have much clothing for a music video,she is beautiful and u can't tell her or anyone what to do,Billie is out their making lots of money and you there doing nothin

    5. Sandra Machado

      The new puppet

    6. Patricia Sanchez

      Algun comentario en español !? No se ingles 😢

    7. Lowa Pramila

      Billie your so pretty!! Don't let nowwane stop you!! ❤️❤️❤️🔥🥵🥵

      1. Lowa Pramila


    8. Алёша подай патроны

      👀 Билли одень назад свои балахоны пока я не сошёл с ума! 🦍🥀

    9. Alejandra UwU

      ESO MAMONA XD ❤❤❤❤

    10. 承

      you are beautiful gurl i love you so much

    11. Lucas Maysfelt Jensen

      Hej jeg er dansker åååååøøøø

    12. Chiara Perazzi

      Billie u suck at singing

    13. Kauan Souza Bicalho

      Eu sou brasileiro e curto muito as músicas dela ela é muito foda

    14. Chet Hixson


    15. Riondrial

      Joar, man is nur für sich selbst verantwortlich (+Kinder, +Haustiere). Und wenn man dann noch danach handelt, dass die eigene Freiheit dort endet, wo die Freiheit eines anderen beginnt, dann wäre so manches im Leben viel einfacher.

    16. Daniel Kaplun


    17. Thayla Nicole

      ahhhhh, Billie is so perfect💕

    18. Bel_n Turner

      I have one thing to say... She is who she is and I love her for that, she’s not afraid to be who she is and not afraid to do what she wants and not what other people want her to do, she is unique and no one should tell her different, of anyone else for that matter. Keep it up Billie😘

    19. Dragongirly 56

      62.547 dislikes 😭

      1. Dragongirly 56

        Warum eig sie sing eig voll schön und so..

    20. MystıcMetał Lix


    21. Luka Narancic

      6ix9ine is better😎😎😎😎😎

      1. luscas


    22. Luka Narancic


    23. Rebelz

      Wow. This is insane. It’s hard to remember that she’s only 18. We have to stop shaming other people for their bodies and just let them be happy wearing whatever they want. You’re beautiful and loved no matter what you look like. :)

    24. Patel Jignesh Bhalubhai

      Mad girl

    25. Lucas Sousa Silva

      Billie moh linda, excelente cantora! 🔥💸😍

    26. The CannaViking

      Cool,she got muscles too. Find it stupid to objectify such a young woman when its her raw talent they should judge her for.

    27. luismafe1986

      I love you. You look fine. I get judged by people all the time. I'ts better not to care.a

    28. Leyla Jamille

      Lindahhhhh ❣❣❣🇧🇷

    29. uranium flavored donut

      nobody realizes that this is the music industry sexualizing her now that she's eighteen, this isn't some sort of 'deep message', it's just typical mainstream depochery.

    30. Mo Malo

      She would be legendary without the extra things she does/say/wear.

    31. Nestor Garzon

      Congrats on 30million sorry I was late to say it

    32. lmao

      I can feel her pain in her voice

    33. Julka Kulka

      Kto z pl

    34. Tiny Toon

      U can’t change ur body so deal how she looks ok

    35. lina armynator

      I feel his pain cause I'm like Billie

      1. Basket Case

        She’s hot ok

      2. Basket Case

        lina armynator

    36. Julia Mayumi Miyagawa Braga

      OMG, this video is so perfect :) She is so beautiful and talented

    37. Elke orgl

      Kann you pleas to Austria coming

    38. Elke orgl

      Kann you pleas to Austria coming

    39. June Carver

      The people who judge other with or without reasons are just stuck so high up their judgemental arses f them and their opinion ...... U are what u are babe own it ... rock Billie

    40. Elke orgl

      Kann you pleas to Austria coming

    41. Elke orgl

      Kann you pleas to Austria coming

    42. Elke orgl

      Kann you pleas to Austria coming

    43. Elke orgl

      Kann you pleas to Austria coming

    44. Yuma.The. Rainwing

      Woah, that be cool Billie is so pretty either oversized or tank top you can’t change how pretty she is

    45. June Carver

      I am proud of you

    46. Ruben Morales

      *Hi Billie, I hope I don´t bother you, but i made you a video drawing you.* ❤️

      1. Ruben Morales

        I hope you like it. ❤️❤️

    47. Ricardo v. Duuren

      Good one!

    48. Tiny Toon

      Billie ia really pretty so people yall juat got to stop judging and hating

      1. Basket Case

        Tiny Toon

    49. Tiny Toon

      Were not perfect

    50. Adek Rion

      Wow omg!

    51. OhRussiaBan - Маинсруфт

      Нифига не понял,но очень интересно!

    52. Lais Silva

      My like

    53. Ğäý ľëmøń śţüpïđ

      :( Nu don't listen to the ppl your the QUEEN :D

    54. Jayla Rose Kelly Jayla

      You know this is making me weird can you just get your old music back please??? And I heard you were wearing crop tops 2020 needs you back make my boy a music video and stay WEIRD -Your biggest fan!

    55. Achim Rose

      The music at first was damn scary n it freaked me.Gud answer to all the haters n trollers...

    56. ريهام علي

      بيلي ايليش

    57. Jéssica Ester

      no começo eu achei q era um trem passando

      1. luscas


    58. belt

      Why tf is a there more comments about people defending billie and barley any comments that offend

    59. mohammed alfed

      اللهم صلي وسلم علي رسول الله

    60. Камила Абдуллаева

      Вот это БиГ БуБс

    61. Lydiacanteven

      Honestly you could have any body type and I wouldn't care because your you and I'm me we are all different and y'all have to love it not shame it

    62. Yusuf Briones

      If you got trick please pin me (PLEASE DO IT) Read More

    63. Ruju Shah

      U are awesome!

    64. teti sheri

      a 18 year old taking her clothes of and dipping herself in inc 12,14,13 year old girls : omg this is so deep ignore the hate comments bla bla bla

    65. Шохсанам Уматова

      Невозможно не слушать её песни. Что то космическое есть в ней🤔😘

    66. Sassy Prinsess

      Dont let anyone get you down

    67. Toxic alien

      Я пришла в сюда ради русского комментария про сиськи, где он?!?

    68. Zuzu Yildirim

      Loser Billie angelis

    69. Sassy Prinsess

      Billie you are perfect just the way you are and that is the truth .

    70. Medina Kers

      I love you Belli eilish