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Dylan Woodley

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    The voice of Bimpson: Jonny Woolley
    The animator of Bimpson: Dylan Woodley

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    1. Danielle

      Deep down, aren’t we all Bimpson?

    2. Jodi

      I just got so emotional

    3. overrated mem3

      I need a bimpson movie

    4. SonnyBoyHere


    5. Nev

      bimpson ❤️

    6. Jaws Fishing

      Thanks to our dear leader Kevin for introducing us to this.

    7. Shadow hunter

      Kevin has brought me here for this legend of a video

    8. ensquared

      Can we have the model so we can 3D print bimpson?

    9. TheGamerKiwi

      so uh. *what did i just witness...*

    10. Charlene Bimpson

      Wtf is this 🤣🤣🤣 murdered my name

      1. Charlene Bimpson

        Dylan Woodley I guess so yeah

      2. Dylan Woodley

        I guess you really are Bimpson, yeah

    11. Yasmeen Rios

      my favorite part is when he says “oh yeah i guess freaking bimpson yeah”.

    12. Forenger V

      Ohh yea Kevin sent me over

    13. Forenger V

      Best song ever

    14. Bryn Rivenes


    15. Derry Dennett

      The dislikes are from Australians trying to like it

    16. idontknowspanish

      "i guess im freakin bimpson, yea" He Has Such A Way With Words

    17. akariasking

      wow i loved this show growing up

    18. jenna riley

      Annoying and i do not like Bimpson at all.

    19. Lucy

      oh yeah i guess im freakin bimpson yeah

    20. Default Cube

      Why does he sound so pissed off?

    21. Shining

      Is this the new Demi Lovato Let It Go cover?

    22. xLuna08x

      my cousin sent me this..i’m kinda concerned

    23. Flup

      Bimpson is just Kirby having a midlife crisis

    24. BLockley Lockley

      Welp guess I’m really Bimpson... yeah

    25. captain_awesome 21

      Thanks Kevin for introducing this masterpiece to me

    26. I am me


    27. Big Bubba

      Welcome to hell. Why am I here?

    28. Mason McCarthy

      I can't stop watching this

    29. Chocatear

      This will haunt me for years

    30. O Rei do Iêiêiê

      More like Bore: Ragnarok

    31. Cody Sellers

      Bore Ragnarok

    32. Brenna

      I know this has to do with Kevin but I’ve missed somthing

    33. Doge Plays Roblox With Freinds

      please stop this at once

    34. Nathan Levesque

      Did Kirby absorb Peter Griffin?

    35. Rubber duck Clan

      Kevin so never herd of bimpson well now you have

    36. Hypnos009

      Kevin introduced me to the 8th circle of hell

    37. The Llamacorn

      Kevin, why did you do this to me...

    38. GuyFieri

      I don’t know or care who Kevin is I’m here for Bimpson

    39. Sir Thomas

      I guess he's really Bimpson yeah.🤷‍♂️

    40. Tomas Roberts

      Looks like Peter Griffin.

    41. Breadskate.mp4

      Bimpson more like bore ragnaok

    42. stan twice

      bimpson is so beautiful

    43. Weronika S

      Kevin played this on stream today. Thanks! I hate it.

    44. Nial Frazier

      we're all bimpson if we think about it

    45. brite_element

      oh yeahhh i guess im really bimpsonnn

    46. Oncez4

      Dylan should thank Kevin fo some views.

      1. Dylan Woodley

        Hopped in the stream today to do just that! Put such a big smile on my face seeing everyone go nuts for Bimpson

    47. Auzzyred

      The cult is here thanks to kevin

    48. ShinyPokeQueen

      Wearing headphones puts this on an entirely different level, and it is truly a spiritual experience. I guess.. he really is Bimpson, yeah.

    49. Woffols4 Waffles


    50. Chao Li

      Imagine working overnight and suddenly have the urge to listen to this😖thanks to CallMeKevin

    51. ZeeNasty

      I was trying to fall back asleep and this was stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, Kevin.

    52. Kevin Duffy

      Thanks bud I needed this one today

    53. Oliveuh

      the whole callmekevin community pulled up to this

    54. WAF

      This is so stuck in my head after CallMeKevin’s Latest stream lol

    55. cosmicallyjay

      thank you for this, callmekevin

    56. Makoto De La Barra

      Thanks, Kevin heavily tortured us with this during his last stream... By the end of it grew on me so I had to look it up to fuel my nightmares, thanks again

    57. ShayZtrain

      He really do be Bimpson

    58. Epic Ocelot Man

      CallMeKevin introduced me (and countless others) to this... Bimpson. Now I guarantee my sleep paralysis demon will have a new form tonight...

    59. lex f

      listened to this at least 15 times on CallMeKevin's stream today. needed more, decided to go straight to the b i m p s o n source

    60. 恭浩てい

      this has singlehandedly destroyed my entire night kevin thanks

    61. Yara

      I want to thank Kevin for bringing me here. This is art, this is why i love the internet.

    62. Jason F

      If you're coming from the CallMeKevin stream then yes, I too have a new demon to haunt my sleep.

      1. Lisanne

        Thanks to Kevin's stream I now really simp for the bimp tbh

      2. Matthew Christopher

        @GoldenRicochet oh feck yes, i wanna read that lmaoo

      3. GoldenRicochet

        I’m about to write the Kevin x Bimpson fanfiction

      4. Matthew Christopher

        Bimpson is beautiful and is dating Kevin

      5. dont call me kevin

        I have anew angel in my dreams

    63. Danielle

      Call Me Kevin played this on a twitch stream and now I can’t stop listening to it, please send help

      1. Zofia Filo

        I hate it, but I listened to it anyway ... OhhhhhhYEEeEeAAahhhhhHh

      2. emgrace TH

        It's been stuck in my head ever since his livestream 😂

      3. eyezra

        I dont know why I'm still listening to this. Thanks kevin.

      4. Jason F


    64. luna

      who’s here from callmekevin?

    65. erika

      #simpforthebimp thanks kevin hahaha

    66. Shiren Djorgee

      Who's here from CallMeKevin Twitch Stream?

      1. BucketsAMF


      2. KingClueless

        I guess I'm bimpson.... Yeah

      3. MrTrombonebandgeek

        Im here from max’s stream lol

    67. Ember

      hi im here cause of kevin and now I bimpson

    68. BlueNova

      This song is now stuck in my head... Thanks to Kevin

    69. Afsaneh Khademi

      CallMeKevin sent me here im happy

      1. Jason F

        I'm glad someone's happy lmao

      2. Afsaneh Khademi

        wtf i cant stop watching it feck

    70. dont call me kevin

      Kevin thank you