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First We Feast

First We Feast

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    Binging with Babish (also known as Andrew Rea) is best known for his extremely popular cooking channel, where he whips up iconic dishes inspired by television and film. He also has a new cookbook on the way called "Binging With Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies" (October 22), with a foreword from Jon Favreau-and a blurb by Sean Evans! But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this much-anticipated meeting of two bald DE-news juggernauts. In addition to special cameos from the likes of Rhett (Good Mythical Morning), Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), and Brad Leone (Bon Appetit), this episode is full of firsts-the first guest to make his own wings, the first guest to eat candle wax, and the first guest to get a tattoo on the show!
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    Season 9
    Episode 8
    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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    1. First We Feast

      The first Hot Ones tattoo on the show! What's your favorite wing 10 of all time?

      1. toasty 263

        First We Feast do seth McFarland next

      2. DJ DREVILLA


      3. Zack Mags

        First We Feast gotta get Jon Taffer on hot ones

      4. Spiceboy9000

        This is the first episode that I watched thoroughly and enjoyed. Best one yet

      5. Kevin Koger

        First one where wax was eaten!!!

    2. Munch TBM

      Hey look “Pops and Anti Pops” from “regular show” eating hot wings

    3. Paul Korak

      An internet show where they interview celebrities and drink sex store candles

    4. GroundMemory

      This dude is more of a badass than I realized. Love your content, Babish!

    5. Sipping Coffee

      Whoever edited this on the hiccups needs a raise.

    6. Toki

      Absolute favorite episode!

    7. gayesper

      tums sponsoring hot ones episodes is just......poetic cinema

    8. rcarr58

      I want to swallow babaishes babies like fuck he’s so fucking sexy!!

    9. Ameir Thegamer


    10. Antynono

      OMFG Babish and I have the same background for Gmail AHHHH

    11. joann reyes

      Bring Daniel Radcliff

    12. ayy 99

      You know who's hotter than the hot sauces? yes its andrew

    13. Melon Cornets

      I loved Bedtime with Babish. Thanks for having him on.

    14. Brenna Donnelly

      Jeez, Brad cracks me up with the whole “hey babby, sweatin the ol’ bean bags”

    15. Jai Angeli

      Ok, if you cover his bald head, he looks like Ryan Reynolds. Kinda.

    16. Goat Man

      I’ve never seen Sean suffer so much

    17. Jay.Miller

      My name is Chef

    18. zuz o

      so cute

    19. zuz o

      so cute

    20. zuz o

      dont be a jerk

    21. poweronia

      That man has a great voice.

    22. JustGriffin

      crossover with Gordon Ramsey and Babish

    23. SevenSecondsArise

      This guy is so handsome. Well both of em are. 😍

    24. Benjamin Halden

      10:45 Now where have I heard this music before?

    25. Heather Chia

      I still want Babish to make Minne's Chocolate Pie from The Help >:-) hehehehh

    26. salah nane

      hot sauce shouldnt be 25 dollars a bottle

    27. Zombo _06

      The most calm person on this show

    28. Atlas Atkinson

      Might be my favourite Hot Ones I've ever watched and I'm only 15mins in

    29. Timur Güney

      10:45 only 399

    30. Junkyard King

      Inferno wings

    31. Bill Bush

      Subtle Flexing with Babish

    32. Minnesota Society Of Gamers

      Babish lowkey has a Dab pen.

    33. B0ggs B1nny

      Babish reminds me of Seth Macfarlane

    34. MadamSassafras

      I just need to kno, was that the Teddy, the cami, or the babydoll candle?

    35. Noah Garcia

      “😐 it’s so exciting😐”

    36. Sit Nomine Digna

      The fact that he said "It's like a Mac 10" talking about Da Bomb makes me thinks he's an actual gun guy because that's incredibly accurate. Just an ugly stamped steel piece of shit with no design efforts put into aesthetics or ergonomics...but it has a job to do and by God it does it.

    37. Andrew Butler

      Get The Try guys on season 10!

    38. Shendip

      That ending tho!

    39. Ohioiy Boi

      Everytime babish hiccups they make an artificial cheesy sound and it is hilarious 😂

    40. Chubomik Z

      That subtle chill remix of a song Babish uses in his videos when making the wake-up juice, fantastic touch

    41. Frndly.


    42. TheMillieSmalls

      Get Nate Diaz and thug rose! More mma fighters!

    43. Rrodr022

      Babish, sean, and brad (kinda) in one video I must be dreaming!

    44. Alpha Pineapple

      10:45 thought PewDiePie was about to pop up and try and sell me a chair for 399.99.

    45. Greg

      Babish is into bdsm 100% confirmed

    46. Sugar Jay

      He completely botched the portal cake and got destroyed for it. Funny how he ignores that.

    47. Samuel Starr

      when you plug stuff with youtube, and it works.... why did i not think of this!

    48. Ethan Baril


    49. Jasper Monroe

      Candle bullshit.. get the fuck out of here. Omg stupid shit ever.

    50. jesus ortega

      They were warming us up to stone cold

    51. avacado !

      This editing is hilarious

    52. Evan Swope

      He plays the pewdiepie music at 10:43

    53. Robert Austin Barker


    54. Gothangelpeep

      Battle of the balds

    55. HotnessGaming

      You were in hot water for Kim possible Nacos babish. Don’t lie!

    56. Anish Roy

      10:45 WHAT, you never played tuber simulator?

    57. ayyStax

      The Gold Daytona, homie flexxin

    58. Sara Hooker


    59. MTN 7

      Best episode

    60. Rachele Sanzano

      When are we getting LA Beast on Hot ones?????????! I’m patiently waiting

    61. Wick Ocean

      Bald legends

    62. Team Noodle

      This is the only video that’s Sean doesn’t sound like a android

    63. Latica Cameron

      Manama chegg

    64. Alex Willis

      What does Babish mean?

    65. Donald Westfall

      Get PewDiePie, MaxMoeFoe, and Dead Meat James on here.

    66. Justin Randall

      Roman Atwood or Matt stonie please!!!

    67. SHMOUSEY86

      I feel like he’d either die doing it or have an awful time, but Tom Holland would be a HILARIOUS guest.

    68. blacksigy

      Slow clap for the rabbit

    69. Ken Trotter

      Binging With Babish is quality content. Can we get Andrew Yang on this show to see if he can handle the heat?

    70. haydenvu vu

      Is he your brother ?