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    Food from The Good Place (and, well, everything else from The Good Place) reads like a fever dream: giant shrimp terrorizing the neighborhood, fountains of clam chowder, frozen yogurt in every conceivable flavor. Today, we're seeing if we can make some of these bizarre concoctions palatable - and throwing in some jalapeño poppers for good measure.
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    1. Binging with Babish

      Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

      1. Digstreme McDingus

        I'd have added some cinnamon or even nutmeg to the rice pudding to give it a sweet chili vibe.

      2. TheOfficialCon

        Put the peeps in the chilli pots and add the M&Ms Put the peeps in the chilli pots and make it taste BbbBbbAAaaaAdddDdd

      3. marcimarc 51

        When you said Filipino dessert champorado I FREAKED OUTTT I'm from the philipines I was born and lived there for 8 years it took my mom 9 years to get her Visa Also you did very good on the champorado but you can put dried milk from the Filipinos made from Nestle its veryyyy good

      4. matt


      5. Maurice Katrina Sangalang

        I don't want to see the beak transplant again. The episode was good though

    2. 「 _VideogamemasterVGM 」

      No Churro Dogs?? They're Hot Dogs, but the bun is 2 Churros, tied together with a Slim Jim with unlimited Ranch Dressing It's an Arizona delicacy

    3. Jotaro Kujo

      The Good Place - *Mythical Foods* Bird Box - *Can't See* A Quiet Place - *Can't Talk* Hush - *Can't Hear* Me - *Can't Get A Girlfriend*

    4. Lance Beltran

      who here likes champorado???

    5. Calliden Hunter

      You should've put chilli in the chili

    6. The Green Witch

      *a healthy portion*

    7. James Carl Manzano

      I'm a simple Filipino, I hear champorado I hit like.

    8. Ronnie A

      Can explain to you how badly I need a never ending shrimp dispenser🍤

    9. Aiden Witt

      Then add bacon then put it in the oven

    10. Aiden Witt

      First you scoop out the guts and seeds out of the jalapeño then you fill it jalapeño with cream cheese

    11. Aiden Witt

      Let me tell ya my secret jalapeño popper recipe

    12. p e a c h y p a n d a

      Omg I love that show but I forgot about it

    13. Shay Bee

      What have you done to champurado!? Now I'd have to go and try those Peeps and M&M's version 😂😂

    14. Dubstep_city_ 7

      the only jalapeno peppers I know is the mexican style with jalapenos hallowed out stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon then BAKE that shit for 30 mins and BAM you got ya self some yummy goodness :D

    15. Don's Vids

      Lol the way u said Champaladu

    16. mila leme

      *mince the peeps*

    17. foundation buys

      Could add red chilli flakes to choc rice pudding

    18. Collector678 Gaming & Vlogs

      I’m Filipino, and no. You actually pronounced Champorado correctly

    19. user name

      Jalapeno Poppers look amazing.

    20. Jesus Christ

      Jalapeño poppers, they should make that a emoji

    21. Maha Mm

      I was just about going to comment about the music and then you mentioned it

    22. Chris Currey

      Damn I'm gonna miss this show 😢



    24. Marlee Ebbert

      Dessert chili...

    25. Marianne Plantinos

      Filipino champorado...... Filipinos: WE’VE BEEN SUMMONED

    26. Sad Bitch

      This man ate congealed blood on Good Mythical Morning without hesitation but gagged when eating the peeps chili, now that’s saying something

    27. Husain Saasa

      So this man is an “creator” !!

    28. oddysey

      talking of Filipino food, Japeno Poppers are just culturally appropriated Lumpiang Dinamita (Dynamite)

    29. bind dover son

      Lets get this out of me

    30. Dolphinman 300

      You missed the opportunity to make fro-yo

    31. Sonja Forbes

      About Froyo?!

    32. malaikxh_

      im so sad it finished

    33. Danielle LEE

      I would have thought for the white chocolate sauce to just be white chocolate, butter, milk, and a pinch of salt

    34. firebrethingdraggon2 draggons

      Why didn't you do this before this would have been a good place to start ;)

    35. Twigsven

      Ch-cha-champorado- *Happy Filipino noises*

    36. Natalie Rye

      Babish's bougie champorado I'd like you to meet white king

    37. Jace Salter

      Hi, aussie are peeps

    38. Shans


    39. Zoe Cooper

      So dissappointed there wasn’t any frozen yoghurt in this video

    40. デッド

      Kid's bowl.

    41. Trevor Cook

      Ok lets get this out of me," Me 10 minutes after my boyfriend comes over to "watch some netflix" >_>

    42. Crazy56U

      "Put it in your mouth, Andy." Top 10 Things I Never Want To Hear Again

    43. Dio Brando

      this is just a excuse to make jalapeño poppers

    44. i am bb

      c h a m p o r a d o

    45. Crystalsnow of Thunderclan

      u put the peeps in the chilli pot and heat them both up u put the peeps in the chilli pot and add the m&Ms! you put the peeps in the chhilli pot and it makes it taste.... bad

    46. vodochikin 98

      1:19 that’s what he said

    47. Anglerf8

      One day... He will notice my comment.

    48. the Hungry vegetable

      I did not know what jalapeño poppers were and now I realize they're just tiny Chiles Rellenos

    49. Sinan Karagöz

      Whaaaaaat??!! NO FROYO, REALLY??!!

    50. Mae_ chan

      My favorite breakfast/dessert champorado haha

    51. 「 _VideogamemasterVGM 」

      Funny how someone as dumb as Jason had the only good food here


      You put the peeps in the chili pot and add the *M&MS*

    53. Verna Roz

      That champorado looks good

    54. S T A L K E R #SavetheLotus


    55. Jade Yu

      Andy: *is on a diet so spits the jalapeño dish out* Also Andy: *eats Filipino champorado topped with sugary delights or dies trying*

    56. Miss_ Daisy

      Me somebody who has never watched the good place druing the chili scene: *WhY iS tHeRe An AuSiE aNd AbOrIGiNaL fLaG?!*

      1. rachoc74

        And man were the accents baaad..

      2. rachoc74

        He was teaching in Australia

    57. furious deadman

      anybody else think the shrimp look moldy

    58. AureliaCat152

      “it tastes kinda like you took a deep fried shrimp and dipped it in white chocolate” wElL yUo DoN’t SaY

    59. Josh Williams

      I wanted to cry when he ate the chilly

    60. Ellaiza Rae Andres

      I was legit eating champorado while watching this wtf DE-news how did u know?!

    61. Owen Halfpenny

      This hurts

    62. Owen Brennan

      Unintentional egg pun at 3:16?

    63. specimen 11

      "You put the peeps in the chili pot and make it taste.. bad..."

    64. God

      Hey when someone dies can they hold some peeps when they do it? If anyone does it I’ll give them a free pass to heaven

    65. ImEthan

      "Where gloves so when you go to the bathroom you don't burn your dick off" 😂 As soon as you said that I paused laughed and immediately hit like 👍

    66. Caroline Bell

      I tried to make rice pudding once, and it turned into a solid mass of disgusting basmati-smelling gooey rice... stuff. I will never NOT regret not following this recipe.

    67. T Park

      A little disappointed you didn't make Eleanor's chrro dog.... what a missed opportunity

    68. Sarah T.


    69. gayesper

      since babish loves the balance between sweet and salty, he should try eating champorado with dried salted fish. it’s traditional!

    70. Rachel Ramsey

      he shoud have made that hot dog from the arizona mall