Booker T. Washington (LA) vs. Newman (LA) - ESPN Broadcast Highlights

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Who's Next

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    QB Arch Manning is listed as an ESPN top 10 player regardless of class and he made his ESPN debut as Newman took on in state rival Booker T. Washington.

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    1. jake dantoni

      There’s so much pressure on this guy but damn, he looks like the truth

    2. Jared Crayton

      BTW qb was playing for Newman

    3. Classy S-Chassis

      Arch Manning the starting qb for Ohio state sounds about right?

    4. Ivan Espinoza

      Those Newman receivers are costing Manning some bad interception statistics

    5. Noah Playz

      Good thing they pass every play

    6. Vorpal

      Man... the Manning family just keeps upgrading

    7. Mubasshir Hossain

      That ref putting on the performance of his lifetime. Trying to use that ESPN2 exposure to break into the higher levels

    8. Leka LAXZ-A-MILLION

      He'll probably commit to either Tennessee or Ole Miss!?

    9. Trey Laynes

      Future jet staying in green

    10. Kyle

      “Here’s manning”

    11. Nardo Harold

      I won’t be satisfied until I see him win a super bowl make it happen nfl

    12. Eclipalypse •

      They forgot to mention when odell played at Newman from 2008 to 2011.

    13. Keyz Mo

      Jim Harbaugh needs to recruit one of these quarterbacks maybe he'll beat Ohio State finally.

    14. Peyton

      Odell Beckham went to Newman too

    15. Poopy Pants

      shit like a fuckin naruto clan

    16. meme master

      listening to the giant ass mosquitos in the back really fucked me up.

    17. Spencer Lee

      That ball that got picked was triple covered

    18. Daniel Holley

      For some reason every time I watch this it reminds me a little of Peyton and Eli 😂

    19. Spicy Rice

      Not to impressed but he’s a sophomore so give him time

    20. Jay Romelus

      You were today year old when you realize Odell went to Newman

    21. Jack Barth

      If either of these teams played my school it would be 100-0

    22. Matt Hierseman

      I see more Rivers/Mahomes than Mannings/Lawrence...sick shredder though either way

    23. Kenneth JohnsonJr.

      Pretty cool

    24. rello clipz

      Never thought i would see booker t Washington on ESPN lol

    25. MattArchives

      Who is Pey-in Manning? Is Pey-in related to Peyton?

    26. nelly

      if we played newman arch might just lose all his fame😂

    27. ThatKidScooter

      They shoulda named the kid archer like bruh tf kinda name is arch

    28. t3ddyRUXpn

      I don't give a fcuk but that QB from BTW is cheeks. I want all the smoke!

    29. Journey Men

      Arch Manning dreams about Keith Hampton at night LOL. 17:47 Do ya dance Keith !!

    30. Jamison Huckaby

      He kinda ass ngl

    31. Ddice Zmi

      If Booker T Washington had a decent QB they would've kept this thing competitive. Arch is the future though

    32. Vinh-An Nguyen

      this kid is going to be special, but too bad for WOKIE WOKE NFL. Fans are not coming back.

    33. NYC Camper

      Lucky they're not putting so much pressure on Arch😰😰😰

    34. Jaylen Hunter

      Number #11

    35. Jaylen Hunter

      My brother is Christopher hunter

    36. Michael Davis

      NEWMAN!!!!! -Seinfeld anybody? Hope he stays healthy and we get 20 more years of Arch dominating.

    37. Hope Rocco

      Man Cooper Manning has got to feel like he missed out. Not only do both his brothers become superstars but now his son is likely gonna be the biggest star of them all.

    38. Korry Jones

      These announcers need to stop comparing him to his family after every damn throw!! He is a great player but ease the pressure off of the kid. Goodness!

    39. The A.T.M Family !

      Newman defense cant tackle 🤦‍♂️ & them two picks from arch were the receivers fault not do to ball placement r coverage 👌🏾

    40. Mark

      Archie is over hyped he nkt that good plus he run too slow he 25 -30 pound under weight

    41. Greg Zellner

      Did this man really just slide in the open field as a sophomore in HS? LOL Arm looks legit though.

    42. Devin Bauer

      AMAZIN Arch

    43. crushbent

      So many interceptions off deflections. These kids need to catch with their hands.

    44. Peter T

      The New York Jets are going to ruin his life one day like a Kardashian.

    45. Noah Willems

      for a Harvard commit... that was a bone-head move...

    46. EJ Marino

      These refs are highschool refs for a reason.

    47. KimMaui

      the Refs were🚮


      Oh I thought it was BTW from Miami

    49. Trandy Barnes Jr.

      He looks good at QB will be very dangerous if he goes to Ole Miss and they can actually recruit a defense

    50. KING CHEK

      That coach is one Thicc boii

    51. Travis Taylor

      That guy can freaking can dig it..#fla#2#Da#Boot

    52. Colin o

      4:25 what a weird play

    53. Donald Ferguson

      Could be the first Manning to pick up a weight

    54. Max Corder

      Terrible tackling at Newman. Afraid of the runner in the open.

    55. Brett Williams

      wherever arch gets drafted their rival is gonna sign that hampton dude

    56. Cash

      Why did Newman look like they had 0 Seniors? They all looked like Kids playing against Men

    57. Adrian Martin

      He's going to Bama, we already know. Steve, with that offense year after year. And I also think Steve will be next HC at Bama, if he stays sober.

    58. Brett Gallo


    59. inst4rmin.x4_onYT

      Imagining young Arch with Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss? Shoot, that's gonna be AMAZING! #matchmadeinheaven

    60. John Bennet

      Crazy how ObJ played at this high school and he played with Eli Manning in the NFL

    61. BobbyBeRad

      Imagine playing high school football on ESPN. Hell, we thought we was big shots when they replayed the game at 7 am Saturday morning on the local TV channel in such horrible definition that you couldn’t see the numbers haha

    62. chad binkley

      Michigan would love to have you ARCH..

    63. Logan G

      holy shit man. That TD pass running left throwing right is literally shit Patrick Mahomes does. This kid is going to be better than Peyton, much better.

    64. Joe Luis

      Keith hampton celebrating and they were still down. Smh he only cares about himself Imagine Manning and Hampton in the NFL rivalry

    65. Joe Luis

      That flag on 99 was ass he didnt hurt the punter.. I forgot how undiscpljned HS football is lol.. l played 6man football in texas

    66. Joe Luis

      11:45 manning throws 2 balls way over his receivers and this is the kid Pat Mcafee was calling possibly the best manning 😂😂💀 -9:58 he throws into triple coverage. Pat Mcafee pump the brakes buddy

    67. Joe Luis

      What team is blowing the horn. Shits annoying af

    68. Eric Hernandez

      I thought Booker T would for sure have a white running back

    69. Rj Boss

      He doesn't have an nfl arm..

    70. Eli Richards

      Anyone else hear that annoying ass sound all video like trumpets