Bronson Reed vs. Dexter Lumis: WWE NXT, July 17, 2019



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    The powerful Bronson Reed battles the ominous Dexter Lumis in the first round of the NXT Breakout Tournament. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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      Lumis is the *only* interesting 'breakout' star. these others are just boring.

    2. EnigmaStJimmyGTS

      Dexter needs to be booked more often to wrestle more on NXT.

    3. Keith Bubb

      DEXTER LUMIS could be huge. He could literally walk out on the main roster right now and everybody's jaw would drop in shock.

    4. Vince McMandow

      Definetly interested on Lumis's future

    5. Jeff F

      Sam Shaw has improved dramatically!!!

    6. Ali Asif

      I was actually more impressed with Lumis than Reed because he's got a character, in-ring abilities and athleticism to boot. He should have won and anyone seeing this match can tell you that.

    7. Dillon Haggett

      Lumis has money written all over him. He, Cameron Grimes and Angel Garza could be huge stars.

    8. bardia safai


    9. Tom Ray Marin

      dexter looks like bryan from tekken, mixed with heidenrich, and a bit of early steve austin looks

    10. Chaotic aF

      Dexter Lumis looks like and has moves like a created superstar from the old wwe games before 2k

    11. Doob

      Lumis is money

    12. Adair Murray

      Possibly the two most NXT names ever

    13. Keshu Rao

      Like for Lumis

    14. steve2275


    15. Theocharis2 arkopelos

      dexter lumis vs brock lesnar summerslam 2019

    16. Mega Mijit

      wtf are those awful names??

    17. Matthew McGlaughlin

      Is that one of the competitors Samuel Shaw from TNA

    18. Alexander Weston

      I'm enjoying the dexter character just maybe change the entrance music sounds too much like stranger things.

    19. frikendo09 /ayrton sena

      SAM SHAW ❤️

    20. Khan Cerbero

      Dexter Lumis !!! I support that !

    21. Danielle Cowell

      dexter look like samuel shaw

    22. Srijith Menon

      wwe has got a huge talent in dexter lumia.Just dont blow it.With paul heyman in charge of raw,i see great things in future

    23. Arnie Hopson

      Pretty sure this match was meant to give Bronson Reed exposure and put him over but god damn Dexer Lumis is something special..

    24. Alan CordoBa

      Samuel Shaw .... errr .... Dester Lumis fn rules.

    25. Imrose 1

      The next top heel in nxt dexter lumis

    26. Jeff Wellington III

      Dexter Lumis look like Christian Bale from American psycho

    27. Muhammad Yusup

      Where's stokely??

    28. EquanoxMvz

      "My Career Mode" Debut

    29. easy pc tutorials

      I want sam shaw to wear TNA attire ( full sleeve t shirt ) and use his old TNA theme . That theme was awesome


      Is that Samuel Shaw ???

    31. Brian Ly 2202

      Lumis is solidified future NXT champ! And has a POSSIBLE chance of making it on the "main roster"

    32. Brandon Plaza

      Dexter lumis ❤❤❤

    33. Ethan Sutton

      Jonah Rock

    34. mth1022

      I need more Dexter Lumis in my life. Short showing but absolutely enthralling from the moment he made his entrance (without blinking the entire way down the ramp!).

    35. Jhonki Gonzalez

      A Breakout Tournament would be nice for Raw and SmackDown...

    36. Jacob Tolai

      For some reason, him and Velveteen Dream could have a great feud if booked right

    37. Mitch Colburn

      NXT's commentary is awful. Ranallo and McGuiness are especially irritating

    38. Mercio Filipe Jeque Junior

      Samuel Shaw is around🔥

    39. Jimmy Dang

      Hopefully Dexter will get a creepy push in the near future. He got more characters and moves in his arsenals. Just you wait

    40. مصطفى اورتن

      Dexter will become big star trust me guys

    41. Mr. Noob

      i'm like dexter cause my friend always just grabs my head and smashes my head into concrete :P

    42. Timothy Torres

      They should sign both guys. One's the King of Australian Strong Style, and he other looks like a serial killer gimmick.

    43. Alex A

      Dexter Lumis was my choice to win the tournament.... well I love WWE then

    44. ReallyNotMateo

      Dexter Lumis reminds me of the villain from Split

    45. Black Panther

      *Samuel Shaw!*

    46. Emanuel Gc

      IMPACT Wrestling = NXT

    47. Nate Rose

      So we gunna act like Lunis don't look like Choze from one punch man!?

    48. TheRedX

      This Reed guy has "bull dempsey" written all over him. Dexter Lumis could be actually interesting.

    49. Pritam Mondal

      Samuel Shaw !!!

    50. I am FallenStar65

      Dexter Lumis looks like the preset attire CAW in an older WWE game 😂

    51. Martin Georgiev

      Ditch Bronson and give Dexter a push, he is FAR more entertaining than this boring Aussie. Dexter lost but we all became his fans.

    52. MisterPotatoBag

      whos the fat one ?

    53. Guitar Anime

      I want to see Dexter Lumis vs Adam cole as soon as possible.

    54. shortboypinoy

      Lumis looks like he came straight out of King of Fighters. A hybrid Rugal/Haggar

    55. kristopher sherfield

      It slipknot time only me ok

    56. Orwell Galilei

      I thought Dexter Lumis was a discount version of Bryan Fury from the Tekken Series.

    57. Wrestle Shrine

      Dear WWE, jeans is not wrestling gear. I can guarantee you this guy will not go far if they are putting him in jeans

      1. Imrose 1

        @Wrestle Shrine nope, its ur opinion,not facts

      2. Wrestle Shrine

        @Imrose 1 I speak facts

      3. Imrose 1

        U r really dumb

    58. A WrestlingFan

      Too bad Lumis didn't bring Britney(aka Santana Garrett) to be his corner. :-D

    59. A WrestlingFan

      Both men in this match had impressive showings

    60. John Matthews

      lumis is like tenken

    61. A WrestlingFan

      Great seeing Samuel Shaw on NXT

    62. Arya Asylum

      Samuel Shaw is a better name..


      Wrestling in jeans not good idea

    64. Valeria Lee

      His face looks like a younger Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    65. Roll The Dice -Warriors Hall

      Lumis was amazing, just dont make him talk during the match because he loses his Aura.

    66. Wally & Tony !!!

      These names give zero indication of what character they are. These NXT guys have their names changed so much it's hard to get behind them.

      1. Lemony Liam

        Dexter Lumis is drawn straight from his serial-killer type character's inspiration -- the show Dexter, and it's lead character Dexter Morgan. "Lumis" may draw from Halloween's Dr. Loomis.

    67. KillerAnime

      Look like reed make a splash in his dabut match haha get it a splash cause he won the match by a top rope body splash

    68. Goldeadly Rexptile


    69. Henri Hilario

      Dexter Lumis looks like Cable from Deadpool

    70. Andrew

      Dexter loomis. I wonder if that is supposed to be like dr. Loomis from Halloween. Michaels doctor. I think hes got a good look. But i think ive seen him before.

      1. Andrew

        Also just realized. His gimmic is dexter from hbo dexter the serial killer. And loomis. Doctor loomis. I love this guy. Please push him.

      2. Andrew

        Just realized. Hes the sam shaw from impact. Yeah i like him. He was good. Hes got the insane wrestler gimmic down now. He needed work in the ring back then. But he looks good now.