Bruce Almighty: Prayers Post-Its HD CLIP

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    What’s happening in this Bruce Almighty movie clip?
    Bruce (Jim Carrey from The Truman Show and Yes Man) needs to answer people’s prayers. Since he has a lot of them, he wants to find an easy way to organize them. First, he organizes them in files. However, the shelves take too much place in his living room. Then, he tries Prayers Post-Its. But it’s still not a good solution. He finally finds a good way to keep all the prayers: the internet.

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    What’s the Bruce Almighty movie about?
    Bruce Nolan’s (Jim Carrey from The Truman Show and Yes Man) career in TV has been stalled for a while, and when he’s passed over for a coveted anchorman position, he loses it, complaining that God is treating him poorly. Soon after, God (Morgan Freeman from Million Dollar Baby and Invictus) actually contacts Bruce and offers him all of his powers if he thinks he can do a better job. Bruce accepts and goes on a spree, using his new-found abilities for selfish, personal use until he realizes the prayers of the world are going unanswered.
    Credits: © 2003 Universal Studios
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    1. Captain Howdy


    2. Koop

      There was a much better system. If you can just will things into existence, why not will some angels to identify and evaluate the prayers on your behalf by order of reasonableness and the virtue of those making the requests?

    3. GrifMoNeY

      My solution to this is always some variant of "clone myself a few thousand times and divide the work, and every few days compare notes and experiences to refine my moral system, then start again"

    4. Slorch Man

      Crtl+A saves the day.

    5. Brian Vaughn

      A minor indirect trick. I've been praying to "the universe" or whatever cosmic power / entity may be listening since I was a kid. The prayer has been the same, every night, since I was a boy. Increases the chances of my prayer being heard and answered by Brucie boy.

    6. Nathaniel Stover

      Prayer: "God, make me stronger than you." Bruce: "Yes."

    7. Why 51

      Discord’s mods be like

    8. johnstjohn1987

      "Will you create a Virus that takes over the whole World and sends everyone into Quarantine and wear Masks?" Bruce: "YES"

      1. Captain Hindsight

        You're beating a dead horse.

    9. Jojo490

      Couldn't he just pause time and go through them all in super speed but actually read them?

    10. Hei Darkfire

      One of the best things about this movie is that it does a great job of showing just how much God must go through on a daily basis to deal with us. Anyone who could do that day in and day out and still not get tired of us has the patience of well... God.

      1. Hei Darkfire

        @Captain Hindsight I got that. Doesn't mean it's not any less insulting.

      2. Captain Hindsight

        @Hei Darkfire I do the same thing for kids who think monsters are real.

      3. Hei Darkfire

        @Captain Hindsight Yeah, nice try. I'm not here to crap on anyone's beliefs, but at the same time, I ask you not to insult mine. Yes I know this is the internet, but still. Everyone is allowed their own beliefs.

      4. Captain Hindsight

        @Hei Darkfire I was implying the story of God and Santa Claus have something in common. Neither are real.

      5. Hei Darkfire

        @Captain Hindsight Never saw that movie. So I have no idea.

    11. Drain Droid

      3:18 first time I’ve noticed that he’s turning water into wine.

    12. 8andahalfby11 EndOfTheEarth

      Hasn't discovered mail filtering. Omniponent my arse.

    13. Olu Fasoro

      You know, you would think he'd just speed this up himself...

    14. Samuel Animates

      Prayer: I want a virus to happen in the year 2020 and that will last awhile Bruce: yes

      1. Captain Hindsight

        @Samuel Animates that was uncalled for, I just wish there was more to talk about than covid.

      2. Samuel Animates

        @Captain Hindsight I’m just trying to make people laugh 🙁

      3. Captain Hindsight

        You're so original. 🙄

    15. James L. Anderson

      1:11 1:12

    16. Spencer Klay

      A Windows Heaven computer????

    17. The Game Master

      Fun fact: The typing scene was done by Jim typing at normal speed, and drinking coffee incredibly slow

    18. Dynasty 22

      Me- Give me an IQ of 700 Bruce- Yes Me- 🤯

    19. Animator Aoi

      This man prob giving the actual god a lot of troublesome work and clean when he give up on those power.

    20. Ironic Animations

      *yes to all* Anxiety: *skyrockets*

    21. Ahooda

      I'd like to imagine all the prayers are hosted on Amazon web services

    22. Juan Sebastian Borja

      As a Colombian, I’m proud of that

    23. Morse Code Stutters

      Damn that Yaweh sequence made me feel the early 2000's so much

    24. Androo Gnoix

      Dear god, how do I love people I have trouble liking? YES

    25. Joe Manni

      This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one.

    26. Vito Marr

      If you don't ask you don't get

    27. Tungsten Dragon

      I came here for the origin of a rapid typing meme In the words of Dante, What the hell is this?

    28. K9 Boltic

      If he can move that fast on a computer I bet he’s cracked like my friend Justin

      1. stone

        Apparently how they got it to look like he is typing fast while drinking coffee, he typed normally while drinking very slowly

    29. Mark Fuston

      You know, I wonder..what would have happened if two prayers contradicted each other?


      I saw "No homework"


      We bless! No Mess!!

    32. IPlayzForDayz DX

      I paused at 2:09 to see what some prayers said. And this one sounded like he was asking God to give him money outta Gods own Pocket and it made me chuckle

      1. Captain Hindsight

        If you slow the video down, it's shown like 10 times.

    33. Yang Ke

      ML/AI would solve it now.

    34. jason bishop

      jim carrey net worth% : roots can do this? as in this film!#$

    35. jason bishop

      whats die ah beat ties? 1 2? its carp!

    36. jason bishop

      wf? %

      1. jason bishop


    37. ghariiscool


    38. Dorian Nguyen-Pamatmat

      Yo Jwan just showed up

    39. No1Guy

      Massive Buffalo shout-outs in this movie.

    40. Thomas van Kampen

      here's what i would do: create an algorithmic computer that answers all prayers for me 24/7 and only says yes or no to prayers based on what my judgement would be if i were reading it.

    41. Nico hadad

      The unkempt rainbow certainly command because fisherman energetically slip during a ugliest show. second, utopian hyacinth

    42. HighAces

      Lol one of the prayers are: Dear God, I need money to pay bills and debts. If you would kindly give me $50,000 I would be most grateful.

    43. Alchemist372

      just realized the comment bruce says, "welcome to the revelation super highway", is a Easter egg from the movie "The Cable Guy"; kinda cool.😎

      1. Captain Hindsight

        It's a reference.

    44. EliteProfessionals KillingAmericans

      Hardcore Absolute Fact: NOT all prayers can be executed! Most humans on Earth ask for sinful prayers! God is too HOLY to execute such filth!

    45. Red

      Fun fact: Yahweh is another name for god

    46. Liam C

      what's this krispy kreme diet u speak of?

      1. EliteProfessionals KillingAmericans

        No such thing! Just another profit making scheme and more obesity by trickery!

    47. Treasure Roberts

      "You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near." James 5:8. KING JESUS CHRIST is returning. REPENT and seek Him!

      1. Captain Hindsight

        No, he's not.

    48. Colonel Pepper

      If you put playback speed at .25 and pause frequently, you can read some of the prayers. These are fleshed out prayers, the creators didn't just put nonsense in them.

      1. wow isnt it an amazingly amazing thing

        @Charlie Jenkins tbf thats kinda real life too. There's bound to be people looking for the same things like good health or good finances stuff like that

      2. Charlie Jenkins

        Though they repeat after awhile unfortunately

    49. GMG

      Lol, I still find this shit hilarious.

    50. paperclip95

      I love that the email messages are looped, there's only like 6 variations on those emails.

    51. Alyster Vain

      he is only answering the same 6-7 prayers over and over again! :(

    52. MC Mark Markson

      What a bunch of whiners this is gonna take up all my life XD

    53. ファニーマンジェイ

      Discord Mods When They Start Moderating 2:03

    54. BeanieBo1

      What I would've done in this situation is conjure up a super computer with an ai that automatically reads each prayer with a predetermined criteria of my values so they would be judged and dealt with accordingly. It would also have the highest computing power in all off creation so it could go through billions of prayers in a matter of seconds. I like watching these thinking of what I would do if I was in his shoes lol

    55. Satan

      2:45 what's gonna happen to that deer who prayed not to get eaten and the cheetah who prayed to get that deer at the same time? Whom did you favor, God ?

    56. Turtlemaroon

      Lol only now i realised he is changing water into wine.

    57. ThatAnthroGamer

      3:15 I did not notice till now, he is turning water to wine.

    58. billygowhoop

      I wonder how it would effect the global economy if every company suddenly doubled in value. I can only imagine that wouldn't be good for inflation.

    59. Nick Jim

      the water to wine thing is something i took 20 years to notice.

    60. hillary clinton

      Prayer postits

    61. Evan Dori

      This whole movie could have been resolved if he said NO to everyone instead of yes.

      1. EliteProfessionals KillingAmericans

        That is not HOLY either! Some prayers are genuine , authentic and pure of heart !

    62. Dankium Zed

      If I were in Bruces position, I would answer "possibly" to all. So that way I answer everyones prayers, but the chances remain the same.

      1. LCabin


      2. Adam Owens

        If I were in Bruce's place I would both answer all prayers and try to help the world a little more

      3. EliteProfessionals KillingAmericans

        That is Deception! God is absolute holiness so the word possibly does not compute as that word is not an absolute variable nor holy!

      4. Ricky Jenkins

        Or being that he should have been all knowing, he could have answered all prayers for present and future in “no time”

    63. Ng Jeremy

      The wiry nic covalently suit because geology pathomorphologically nod apud a nostalgic degree. dangerous, damaged atm

    64. Black Samurai

      Fun fact if you pause to where he's typing yes to everything look at the prayers there's no way he can do all those in one 🤣🤣

    65. Babybebop

      I loved this movie

    66. Lukas Mendevi

      He needed to input a command that made it so all the prayers were given an opportunity to do the prayer and made its obviousness based on the ease of the prayer

    67. xSENSEIx xPARKERx

      Has anyone thought about him answering "yes" to ALL PRAYERS? What if there's one person could have prayed to kill someone?😐

    68. The Orange Wizard

      Stop me if you’ve seen this comment before “Why didn’t Bruce do (X) instead”. While most of them are great ideas, the point is that Bruce isn’t a good God, he’s a self adsorbed idiot who learns to improve. That’s the point of the movie.

    69. Hi Im Ryan

      Is the quarantine ever gonna end? Bruce: *No*

    70. Hi Im Ryan

      wow there are actually prayers and not random letters