Brutal Toyota MR2 SW20/W20 Compilation - Turbo/2-Step/Launch/Antilag



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    Brutal Toyota MR2 SW20/W20 Compilation - Turbo/2-Step/Launch/Exhaust // We personally love the Toyota MR2 SW20/W20 here at Shift//Dawgie, it's a seriously cool car that has a special place in our hearts! It's actually one of our dream cars! Check out the video and find out why!
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    toyota mr2 turbo burnout // // Toyota MR2 Turbo SW20 HKS Exhaust Flames GoPro // // MR2 V6 Turbo Drag // // Mr2 Jamaica 2 step antilag // // Quick mr2 2step // // Mr2 3sgte wheelie launch // // Mr2 burnout ❤ // // 91 Toyota MR2 Straight Pipe Exhaust Sound // // MR2 SW20 Turbo Berk Downpipe/Top Speed Performance Exhaust // // Johnsquickie MR2 Gen3 Berk full exhaust . // // Toyota SW20 MR2 NA Japspeed Exhaust // // Mr2 turbo brutal launch // // MR2 launch test for drag // // Toyota mr2 turbo omex launch control // // fastest stock turbo MR2 in the world! // // Mr2 2-Step!! // // mr2 launch // MR2 Turbo launch and spitting flames // // MR2 turbo hillclimb launch // // MR2 Bee R Rev Limiter Test (5SFTE) // // Mr2 berk ct26 //
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    1. Pod

      0:43 sounds exactly like the noise nfs uses for 4 cylinders

    2. musical ADHD

      I neet to know what exhaust these guys are running to get flames

      1. Sonac

        Nothing to do with the exhaust. The stock ECU is too efficient and barely dumps any unburned fuel into the exhaust.

    3. SeraphimZGaming

      The MR2 is spirit animal

    4. Jinn Tao

      @0:31 That's the best. ^^

    5. Alex

      Do they have leaky T-Bar seals doe

      1. Sonac

        Everywhere but teh T-Bar seals leak on mine. I got water coming in the tops of the windows on both sides into the footwells. Triangular window behind the seat leaks water in. The trunk fills with water. T-bar seals are bone dry. When I got the car they leaked but I just took some hand cream and massaged it into the seals every day for about 4 days and now they are soft and don't leak.

    6. Jimmy Xiong

      sounds so much better than a K-swap...

      1. Banjo Castro

        @Sonac The fuel consumption is actually pretty good for what it is. It's more fuel efficient than the stock 3SFE in our RAV4 to be honest hahaha!

      2. Sonac

        @LewisMR2 Yeah but thats motorway. Every car gets amazing mpg on motorways. I see around 25-24 mpg driving around normally. Which is definitely not bad as you say for such a high powered car. But there is certainly more efficient ones around with the same power. 3SGTE is a fantastic engine though and I love every minute driving my mr2

      3. LewisMR2

        @Sonac Bad fuel consumption? I get 30-35mpg on the motorway. I wouldn't call that bad in a car running 300 bhp.

      4. Sonac

        The 3sgte is a pretty over engineered engine. It has a lot of torque, but pretty shit fuel consumption. You can pretty much hit 300bhp in a MR2 without any modifications, just turning up the boost. Over 300 you need a metal head gasket. But these engines can take serious power on stock internals. And hey if you wan't to modify the internals, all you need is stronger valve springs, stronger cam and a dry sump. Then they'll rev to around 9k rpm.

    7. TrashBtv

      I want either one of these or an fd rx7 so badly

    8. Dylan Wilson


    9. Toyota4Life

      SICK. Little beast. One of the best JDM cars ever made