BTS (방탄소년단) - ON [Music Bank / 2020.02.28]

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    BTS (방탄소년단) - ON [Music Bank / 2020.02.28]
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    1. •Andy• Suga bb

      Los comentarios: jsjsjsjsj si dibsjs worl hoseod jimin puro inglés jsjsjiwuta kaka lachimolala Me: no merga no se ingles jajaja 🤣🤣😅amo a bts neta

    2. Soyeon eat vegetable Lmao

      Am I the only think that their outfit are worst and ugly especially Jim, Jimin and Jhope's outfit? . They should be given better outfit tho since their company are rich. Thank God they they're so talented with their stage presence and performance are awesome makes the audience dont focus on the outfit.

    3. Billie johnsons

      Are the backup dancers wearing Virus Protection?

    4. nazirazhumabayevna


    5. Peace of Bangtan

      Keep going ON Army!

    6. Kabyo Gaming

      3:03 OMG... Junkook voice😍😍 So,damn cool

    7. Azra Aydın

      3:55 thank you my bro

    8. Madee Alojado

      Can we appreciate the backup dancers, please because they really made the choreography and performance awesome. And let's give BTS the biggest thank you for giving our lives meaning and making the performance amazing with their energy, dance and voices.

    9. yasmin sifa

      Oppa seokjin😍😍😍


      Que lindos los tambores

    11. Rona

      가사 너무 좋다 방탄소년단이 어떻게 이 위치까지 올라왔는지 그 고통 그 아픔들을 고스란히 담아냈네. 더더 올라가자.

    12. syafira syaiful

      Love jimin and tehyung ❤️ please like meee 🥺🥺

    13. Taekookphs

      Pls taehyung don't do that to me

    14. SNEHA DAS

      Very nice voice of jungkook

    15. SNEHA DAS

      So cute jungkookieeeeeeeeeee

    16. Agus Suryanto

      My name is azka I love BTS ❤❤

    17. Luli Suarez

      Like si quites ir a Corea del Sur

    18. Dennis Candia


    19. priscilalove solis

      No sé enamoren

    20. Nafea Amri


    21. Danny Sullivan Music

      *Glad I survived long enough to see this drop*

    22. Ashley Morgan

      i swear on the bible BTS👏CHANGED👏THE👏GAME👏

    23. Silva Sayyidah

      "Naui gotongi issneun gose naega sum swige hasoseo. My everything my blood and tears got no fears i'm singin' Ohhhhh" I'm dead

    24. suman Murasing


    25. o o

      Quisiera estar con ellos

      1. o o


    26. Flower Power

      Taehyung killed me and gave me life.

    27. 얼레kim

      Who is the winner؟?

      1. Peace of Bangtan


    28. DAR NOC

      they look so good, all of them!

    29. Celia Insfran

      amazing wardrobe!!! I love JK💜

    30. Tyler Beauchamp

      3:04 there’s your replay

    31. we are bulletproof

      Jimin is my source of happiness

    32. we are bulletproof

      I think a week before this was done, in an episode of BTS Run!Jimin said he was working with his vocal coach on stability because it was getting harder and harder for him AND LORD JESUS MY SWEETY SANG SO STABLE DAMN HE IMPROVED SO MUCH SO FAST THAT CHANGE WAS DRASTIC. MY LITTLE MOCHIS VOICE WAS ALREADY PERFECT BUT NOW HE IS ABLE TO BE STABLE WHILLLEEE DOING THOSE MEGA DANCES AND MANAGE HIS BREATHING!! JUST TWO WEEKS AGO HE STRUGGLED WITH IT. IM SO PROUD!!! He also sid he won’t starve himself anymore and will eat when he wants and what he wants! I’m so happy. BUT I CANT GET OVER HOW STABLE LIKE REALLY WOOWOW

    33. Scarlet Heartfelia

      Started with just knowing their names..ending after watching every live performance till date!

    34. Emmah Sundberg

      Owwoao bts lav

    35. sugarxtea

      WHO EVEN IS MAH BIAS? *jimin* *jungkook* *tae* *suga* *rm* *hoseok* *jin* WHO IS MY BIAS

    36. Luana Beck '-'

      They look like they came from tatooine lol

    37. Ricardo Ilha

      Does anyone know where I can buy Jimin’s sweatshirt ?


      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening all the time This performance is lovely 1:38 💞🔥❤ 👇👇💞

    39. Karwan Faiq

      Bts song

    40. simran chawla

      Jin is looking like some Greek god with the sculpted beautiful face and broad shoulders in this outfit..


      Don’t come at me but why does it kinda look like they are wearing potato rags 😭😭

    42. Guuud Mooorniiing!

      The legends you are today BTS i‘m so proud of you hardworking boys

    43. Laii Adachi

      BTS: *Does anything in the comeback* Me: Haha I'm in *danger*

    44. CrisXplaze

      Take the t out of bts

    45. Itz Melody

      Coronavirus got the backup dancers like:

      1. rayfoxsnake

        BTS is corean ,. You ignorant

    46. fishyboompkins

      Me:wanna look at this? Namjoon: LoOk At My FeEt

    47. Britan Sndi

      My love You bts❤❤❤🤣🤣🤣

    48. Kookie Pulu Langthasa

      Jungkook's voice doesn't even bring me doubt that they're performing.... His hotness,his voice,his energy,no words to describe ❤

    49. Sylvia Jkanindra

      i really appreciate how the camera-man work!! respect!!! 💜

    50. 권유정

      정국 카리스마

    51. Jhovana Sanchez Arellano

      LOS AMO BTS NO PUEDO DECIR MAS PERO ESPERO QUE SE CUIDEN DEL CORONAVIRUS NO QUIERO QUE MUERAN LOS AMO A LOS 7 ESPERO QUE ESTO LO HAGAN LLEGAR A BTS SI NO QUIEREN QUE LOS PASE ALGO LIKES 😢😷😱😲😵😥😧💝✌💖💕💞💜👍 POR FAVOR SI LLEGAN BTS A ENFERMARSE CON ESTE VIRUS MIS ULTIMAS PALABRAS SON LOS AMARE POR SIENPRE BTS RM;JIN;SUGA;JHOPE;JIMIN;TAE Y JUNGKOOK LOS AMO BTS LOS AMO 100 0000 MILLONES CON TRISTEZA SI LLEGAN BTS A ENFERMARSE LOS AMARE HASTA EL FIN DEL MUNDO LLORO POR USTEDES😭😩😥😦😞💜💖💞✌😷😷😷👩que esto llegen a ustedes y a sus CORAZONES quiero que llege a corea asia ustedes los amo 💖😷👩 como no tengo dinero ni voy a sus conciertos por la falta de dinero solo los veo detras de esta pantalla quisiera que llegen a mi casa Perú departamento ancash los amo bts ni los e visto en persona y me preocupo por ustudes ✌💖😷👩💜💞😭😥😩😦😧😵😲😱😢😅😰💝😞😢

      1. rayfoxsnake

        No hable mierda como se atreve a decir que si se mueren no sea estúpida eso no es amor además en asía el coronavirus ya está controlado , así que el coronavirus no los afectará nunca directamente enfermandosen , los afecta al no poder ASER su gira de este año.

    52. saw sen

      Jungkook bridge appreciation 💞💞💞💞

    53. Ramin Mutalibov

      Klasicc music on the s teacher

    54. Jack Dawson

      What is wrong with their clothes? It doesn't match the background even the backup dancers

    55. เอ จันที


    56. mickeyjin 101

      Ya'll talking about Jungkook, V, jimin etc.. But can ya'll talk about Jin? Like damn he looks fire with his long hair. And every one of them looks PERFECT

    57. Sara Ibm

      ليش محرم علينه نشوف وشم كوكي 😢

    58. Ana Conta

      taehyung deadass is more handsome than most models ive seen,asian and non asian ones. tall,lean,absolute out of the world beauty,elegant but sharp moves. he truly was born to be shown to the world.


      Check our bts DANCE COVER from INDONESIA 😂👍👍❤❤❤🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    60. Kpop addict chim chim angelic voice

      Honestly, I like it better when Jimin sings high notes. Coz he's the one who makes high notes sounds easy and simple and great with his sweet voice 💜 No hard feelings 😍😌

    61. Mrs. Jackson /Kim

      Why nobody's talking how much Jin gets better in singing and dancing moves?:( LIKE BRUH HE NEEDS ATTENTION, IM SO PROUD OF HIM

    62. Cinnamon

      Why is Yoongi so underrated?:( He literally does a lot for this comeback, im pretty sure that he composes a great number of songs, and also he is cute as hell, whyyy? Big Hit, please, can u show not only jk, jimin or v, but also other members such as jin, rm, j-hope and suga?:(

    63. valqentinemal

      Namjoon is capturing my eyes so much and hoseok is making me rethink my whole bias list

    64. R.M. Dimples

      Legit still can't get over that this is a live performance

    65. عصر السلام .

      Kim taehyung

    66. k pop S•U

      Jimin's voice is as sweet as angel and at the same time it is very sexy. We need to talk to his parents and ask what they made him eat that made him this much adorable. Love you chim chim.

    67. Hanna Entretinga

      The rap line...RESPECT

    68. Thắng Đinh văn

      I Love U BTS

    69. Lara Kim

      I probably moving along and bouncing with heart eyes while my mom just staring at me hard....

    70. Акмарал Уланбек кызы

      Jimin is 💖💞❤️💘❣️💓💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋